About Rosalind

About Rosalind About Rosalind

The Traveler: Places I've Been

The Traveler: Places I've Been The Traveler: Places I've Been

My Online Real Estate

My Online Real Estate My Online Real Estate

Always Mixing Pleasure with Business

As a freelance writer / blogger / Super Affiliate marketer --- work is fun and having fun earns my keep.

Do you need help with your online business? Are you a writer with wanderlust? Do you have a deep-seated desire to quit your J.O.B. and start living your life to its fullest?

I can help you put your game plan together. Peruse my training and consulting services --- I'm always happy to help!

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Personal Notes

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Mental Fits the Bill

Get home from a week in Toronto trying to sort out Mom's home (getting folks in to buy what they want and get rid of non-saleable items) and trying … [Read More...]


Do NOT Do this with Bear Spray

I was relaxing in the 'upper' bedroom of our 5th-wheel when I heard Ed yelling and felt the unit start to rock. On opening the bedroom door to the … [Read More...]


My Beautiful Backyard in Penticton

My neighbours call it 'the park'. I didn't really appreciate my backyard as such until just this year --- when I put the house up for sale after 10 … [Read More...]


March Break at Lake Havasu

OK, yes, it's now early June and it's taken me this long (months) to get over the shock of camping at Lake Havasu during March Break. :-) Actually, … [Read More...]

Stuff I REALLY Like


Staying Motivated with the Garmin Forerunner 10

I am a slug by nature and like to obey Newton’s Laws of Motion — especially that part that states that a body at rest will remain at rest unless an outside force acts on it. The ‘outside force’ in my case now is time. I’m at the point where I’d better ‘use it or […]


Lost Item Protection Service

Do you put your home or hotel address on the luggage that you check at the airport? Has it ever occurred to you that by doing so, you are TELLING burglars that you are AWAY from home on a trip? Egads! Fortunately, for those of us that travel a lot, there is a new service […]

Happy Customers


Followed the advice to the “T” and had major success!

Just got notice of this post on Joel Peterson's Facebook profile... "[HAPPY JOBLESS ANNIVERSARY] 9 Years ago this week I walked out of this … [Read More...]

More Testimonials



The world’s largest consulting session?

I’ve been asked to sit in on what promises to break all records for the largest “group consulting” session ever conducted…and I want to invite you to … [Read More...]

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