Affiliate Manager & Merchant Training

Disappointed by your affiliates’ lackluster results?

Wondering what YOU can do to help them improve their promotions and sell more of your products / services?

Awesome. I’m THRILLED to hear that you’re taking a proactive approach (as opposed to just hoping that things will improve!).

Having been on the other side of the business for more than a decade (since 1998), I have an extremely good handle on what you can and should do to kick affiliates’ butts into action… albeit gently. They’re a fickle crowd, as you well know.

Steve-KilbergSince 2001, we believe that the success or our company is based on continually striving to enhance the services and support we provide to our affiliates and advertisers. We work toward this goal by providing our affiliate team with ongoing training and education to improve their knowledge and skills.

We arranged to have Rosalind deliver a presentation to our team on the needs of today’s Super-Affiliates. Rosalind provided the team with a wealth of valuable insights that each affiliate manager can use to develop stronger relationships with their current and future affiliates and help them grow their businesses.

We were thrilled with Rosalinds presentation and look forward to working with her even more in the future.

Steve Kilberg

Depending on what your needs are, we can get on the horn and hash things out for an hour… OR, I can deliver a presentation for your affiliate managers that teaches them how to court those temperamental beings.

Either option is $495 per hour. (Add $100 for each additional person on the call.) Canadian merchants, please use the second “Buy Now” button so that we can remit our GST due to the Royal Receiver General of Canada, thank you.

Once you’ve placed your order, please contact my assistant through our Support Desk, mention your training order and he’ll put you in touch with me so we can work out a mutually agreeable timeframe.

U.S., U.K. and others Canadian Merchants

How many will be joining us?

How many will be joining us?