Affiliate Marketing: How Long Does it Take to Make Money?

How long does it take to make money as an affiliate marketer?” is a question I get asked almost every day.

Rather than spell (type) everything out in an article, I decided to make a video to try and answer that almost unanswerable question. :-)

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    At someone who tells the truth. I started building my site at the beginning of the year and with all the google stuff happening just beginning to see some returns. Steer clear of people claming they have found a little trick to the rich list

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    Just wanted to say t hank you for the insight. It brought my frustrations back down to a level where I am able to focus and keep trying. Thanks again.

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    Thank you for this informational video. I started a blog recently and understand that it is a lot of work. I enjoy what I do and know that it isn’t a get rich quick situation. I have so much to learn about blogging and making money online. Thanks again!

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    Hi Rosalind. I enjoyed the video. I’ve had a blog since 2006 but have been trying other methods to make money online. Your video made me think that the best best would be to work on the small number of subscribers I have from my blog, grow the list, and use my blog to generate some income. Hopefully it won’t be as bad as starting from scratch.

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    Thank you. This is the advice every blogger or entrepreneurs should have taken, and be refreshed the moment they got lost. Investment is not magic. It really depends on how much time, effort, money and dedication you put into it.

    Just keep up the hardwork/working smart and one day, you will be surprised that you reap everything you sow.

    Thanks Ros.


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    The best line in the entire video (other than calling out the scammers) is this one ..

    “It takes a little investment and a whole lot of effort”

    That is so true. People get blinded by the thoughts of untold riches, want to make tonnes of money but have no idea of how much work is involved.

    After 17 plus years of running a successful business offline, I moved online! I’ve never worked harder in my life! It’s a constant battle from many fronts. With that said, the hard work does get rewarded!


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    Your honesty is refreshing in a world of hype and inflated numbers.

    How long before you start making money?

    You may never make any money if you try to figure out everything on your own and you pick the wrong topic.

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    Hello Rosalind, I’m a total newbie at this and I really thank you for your video for giving a TRUE picture of internet marketing. I have just begun my first WordPress blog and that was a huge deal for me since I didn’t even know what the term Affiliate marketing meant just 1 month ago. So I think I am learning this fairly quickly, which is great, but I still have a LONG way to go… I was starting to feel discouraged lately at the idea that I couldn’t make money on line with the economy as it is and all the competition out there, the Google Slap, learning how to get traffic, etc. I was hoping to start making money in about 3 months, but your comments seem accurate and refreshingly true. Thank you for that.

    Also, I wanted to promote a great product from Canadian Tire on my blog (which is how I ended up on your site…) but I don’t know where to go to find their affiliate program. Can you help me with that? I would be very grateful.

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    Hi Rosalind,
    I found out about you from my husband, who has always been interested in internet marketing but never got down to doing it. He spends most of his time working hard to bring home the dough, so he couldn’t afford extra time to sit down to really do it. As for me I am a mom of 3 kids and I guess since I have more time to spare I got around to finding out more.

    This is one question that I’ve always asked, and in fact I googled it and found your video!

    I know it takes time, I’m a impatient and eager sort of person. And hearing this from the “real deal” really motivated me!

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    I am a newby and thinking of what great way to earn money online. I’m doing an affiliate marketing project as of the moment and just want to ask if making money with revenue sharing is just ok. Which is better, affiliate marketing or writing for revenue sharing sites?

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    It’s encouraging to hear stories such as this. I think the first time I received my affiliate payment it made me just realize how your hard work suddenly starts to pay off.

    People think that because you work “online” you’re not really working. This shows the true nature of this business and how dedication pays off.

    Thanks for sharing Ros.

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    hahaha.. 1st of all you’re really correct on this one. Great video. my online friend invited me on some aff mark.. and he said all you said on the scam mode.. Thank you for sharing.

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    Thanks for sharing this one. Tried it for sometime but I think Its not for me though. Took me for some months but nah!! I failed to earn from it but the luck came in and brought me to the world of forex.. Thank you again.

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    Thank you for this real and honest approach. Scammers are a dime a dozen.People are looking for truthful advice. fabulous.

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    Ty Ros, I started 3 blogs over 6 monthes ago and have not made any money.
    I have been laid off for a year and spend every day trying to learn this business.
    Unemployment will soon run out and I am going back to job searching for anything.
    I appreciate your honesty.


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      Hi Sharon,

      You’re welcome. BTW, I checked out the blog you linked here. I would suggest that you pick one topic and work it… instead of trying to build 3 blogs at once. Google likes fresh, valuable content.


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    Hi Rose, I read your Super Affiliate Handbook, started my Online Business and Its yet to pick up. That’s about two months ago. Sadly I’m at that low point of feeling like giving up but I know I will not. Its only temporary, I just need to find that energy that I had when I started and discipline myself to be more consistent. And then the sun will shine :)

    Thanks for your advice, I admire your sincerity.



  17. Tamie says

    I have actually spent some time studing your book and other peoples stuff reading over 40 books and watching 100’s of videos i know I have spent to much time learning but I have everything in place and ready to go…but i am so tired of people sending me stuff saying that all that time was worthless that you need to know the latest new thing for anything to work… many people out there saying tis is the way to do it and I will build 100s of websites and tomorrow you will be making money…….And most of all I am tired of people asking me when am i going to make money they don’t believe this is real and think I am just going after a get quick rich scheme but I figure I got a college education in affiliate marketing….and even so I thought 1-6 months sounds v ery realistic if you apply your self I have been doing my church website for free and in the first month we were on the front page so i know all this education has paid off….
    I really wish people would post there experience with affilate marketing how long it took them and how much they like it now that they have there sites up and running……

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    As an example of scammers, you can see LOTS (and I mean LOTS of them, but NOT all) at W*****r Forums.
    Visit that forum and look at a random signature. Trust me. They’re spawning everywhere.

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      Hi Dan,

      As much as I enjoy those forums, I agree… you really need to carefully assess whose information you are reading. There are a lot of IMer’s posting in there for the simple sake of promoting garbage, not for the purpose of helping others.


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    Couldn’t have said it better myself Ros. No such thing as get-rich-quick. I was attracted to all of those scammy pitches early on, but I have learned that unless you are willing to roll up your sleeves and work HARD on your site day in and day out, you will not succeed in this business. You may experience a jump in income but it will not be sustained. Best approach is the sit down, get busy and start providing value-added content that creates a following. Only then will you be able to make CONSISTENT income.

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    Dear Ros,
    I am stunned and horrified I wont make $2 zillion by 4pm this afternoon for a mere $97.00 investment in this latest push button ripoff Sorry I meant system.

    I have been in online marketing doing it my way with input from yourself and a few other trusted sources for a while and I am running at a profit after 12 months.

    As far as I can see there are two ways you can make money via internet marketing – minisites that can be put up in about three hours that are ideal if you are selling Whey protein and are looking at a straight commisison or a website/blog put up usimh WordPress / Xsitepro that you can use to provide content and capture names and followers. The money is in the list people.

    If it was easy we would all be rich – I have now stopped buying and returning the latest shiny toy as they are all variants of the first course I every studied – written by a canadian gal called – Super Affiliate Handbook’

    There is no quick and easy way to riches despite what the 15 year old girl working two hours a year in her bedroom on her iphone will try and tell you.

    If you are trying to build a business on the internet its the same as building a business on Main Street it takes time and perseverance.



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    Hey Ros!
    Cool video, was showing this video to some friends wanting to start blogging, I keep telling them it takes some time and work to build up a following :)
    Anyway I’m coming from Australia to speak at Affiliate Summit on Sunday! Hopefully catch you at ase11 in NYC this year :)

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      Hey again Dave,

      I don’t go to Affiliate Summit East. Way too nice at home at this time of year… so I usually opt for the West version in Vegas in January.

      Best of success with your speaking gig, though!


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      Hi Ros thanks! Flying to New York tomorrow, anyway may catch you at the Vegas one! I remember seeing a bit of your roundtable discussion last time :)

  22. Celeste says

    I liken many of the “get rick quick” products to learning a trick: if you learn a trick pitch, does that make you a baseball player? If you learn a couple of trick shots, how will you do in a basketball game? As with any other complicated activity, a trick may get one started in IM, but it’s probably wise to develop more rounded skills to create an actual business.

    I sound old school, but having wasted too much time and money on “newbie-friendly” tricks, I’d rather focus on IM fundamentals and learn what I’m doing first — tricks may be profitable and fun once I know my game and understand where they fit. Best of all, if I already have an IM infrastructure, I have a shot at implementing & testing the trick before the product guarantee period expires!

    Thanks for this tough love video. 1-6 mo of consistent effort (not set and forget) sounds about right.

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    Thanks for the great video. I think 1 to 6 months to make money online is a very short time. I like that you give honest yet encouraging info to people.

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      Hi Cee,

      I’m glad to hear you think 1-6 months is a short time. I do as well, considering most brick and mortar ‘client’ businesses take 3 years to become profitable.

      Best of success to you!


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    Hi Ros,

    A great video that tells it like it is, and all of it so very true.

    Considering the fact that I had limited funds, didn’t know a darn thing, working full-time and my learning curve was so choppy because of all of that, it took me awhile on my first site to see a “cheque” that was substantial and quite the big moment for me. It paid a mortgage payment, and I just can’t describe that moment and the feeling. It was the reward for the endless hours of trying to understand and apply what I had learned. Your book was one of the things I was studying among other things. Also, it was on your
    site that I wrote my first guest blog; thank you for the opportunity. I remember being incredibly nervous about that!

    Anyway, I get so irritated with those people I know, who want to retire overnight with this. When I talk to them about “learning” they say “oh no no…I just want to throw up a page and be done with it.” Not saying it can’t be done, but my response is “well, good luck.” I just don’t know how to respond to them after that.

    As you said, maybe the scammers get away with things, (hey, I would love to retire tomorrow, but it’s not happening yet.) but I need to live with myself.

    Maybe “offended” is more realistic of how I feel about those who want to quit or are so disappointed they didn’t get rich in 24 hours. I know… who wouldn’t love that? What I see though, is that they don’t want to learn anything. For me, I needed to understand what I was doing and how things work. I think that’s pretty important. How can it not be? And in the meantime, I just like to envision where will things be in years to come as I plug along. That’s good enough for the moment.

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      Hey Jane,

      Thanks for sharing, and I’m so glad to hear that your first big check paid the mortgage. That’s absolutely awesome!!

      And you shouldn’t be shy… you can link to your article on the site! :-)


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    Anything worth doing, and doing well, takes time. I agree with the reality of what you’re saying, Roz. This is a long-term business, and like any business requires an investment in time and effort. But the potential is real. I’ve been a ABP student for about a year, but life has gotten in the way of my executing. Have fallen victim to the paralysis of analysis, but am finally making forward progress! Looking forward to meeting you one day at Affiliate Summit!

    Your determined student,

    Paula Brownson

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    Since the idea is to make profit, then the question is:
    -what do you invest (time is also money)
    -what is your return

    Is the Return On Investment worth your while,
    or are you better of taking a daykob where you can start a blog :-)

    Set a target time and profit target, if IM is a secondary income stream that you don’t know anything about yet, then I suggest: $100 profit in 6 months.

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    Too soon old, too late smart? After practically filling my hard drive with useless junk, I have finally become very particular about who I listen to, and who I buy from. Even the self-proclaimed gurus feel the sting of my “unsubscribe button seeking mouse”. The point is Ros, your everlasting frankness will keep you (and most of us) in business for a long, long time :-). Many thanks for another great video!

    All the best,


  28. mustapha says

    hi ros
    it’s a great video,i have set up a blog on wordpress and no have a traffic yet.
    all the best!

  29. Bianca says

    Great video; I have already learned so much from you ebook! I love your honest advice, there are ever so many scammers out there, looking to make a buck by misleading honest people who want to get into this field. Thanks again for being real!

  30. Dee says

    Thank you for your honesty, Ros! You first mentioned a blog to get started then you stated website several times. Do you recommend a blog or website? THX!

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    I would have to say your answer is really accurate. I made my first real commission after about six months. It felt great, but I have a LOT more work to do to build this business. There is so much to learn, but learning opens a whole new world.

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    hi ros,
    thanks for the great video – i love your honest approach – i´m not sure how often i´ve fallen for these 2 days to make 400$ per day sheets, i mean not that i don´t enjoy reading about affiliate marketing but i agree, it´s just not true.
    i´m student of ABP and i´m just happy to be there to get some support and not just to hear how quick i can make money. as all businesses this takes time.
    but i´m super happy to announce that from monday on i´ll be a full time internet marketer – not just from affiliate marketing but also, special thanks to you for that :-)

  33. Stuart says

    Hey Ros, thanks for the video – you look really well 😀

    After reading your book while I was on holiday, I had an idea for my first affiliate site – and that was two years ago!!!! I started creating my site, working on it from time-to-time, but it still isn’t finished yet. Unfortunately other priorities have gotten in the way.

    But I’ll do it. And your posts keep my motivated and interested the subject.


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      Thanks for this video Ros,
      it came at a really good time for me. I have started feeling discouraged regarding my affiliate sites, but I need to remember that I had no easy access to the internet for the first 2 months. (I was living in the Alberta wilderness at a fire tower.) I also have a disability that prevents sustained concentration at the computer. I’ll keep on going because I know this will work. One of my sites is at the bottom of page one so far. That’s something. Thanks again for the video.
      Cheers Janet

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