Affiliate Marketing is Never THAT Easy

Here is a question that I receive all too often.

Hi Rosalind,

Have you heard of

They offer a completely set up affiliate advertising site for $25 or so.

I’m wondering if you would recommend it or not.

Thank you,

My response…

Hi Pam,

I hate to burst your bubble, but $25 cannot possibly buy an internet or affiliate marketing business that is going to be successful.


Sure, they may have a site set up to sell contact lenses, vitamins, acai berry or whatever the latest and greatest marketing trend may be, but THEIR pre-fabricated site isn’t going to make YOU money.


Selling the pre-fabricated site to you is what makes THEM money.

If YOU want to make money selling the latest and greatest trending product, YOU have to build and market YOUR own site… not some copycat site that will be sold to hundreds of others.

YOUR site has to be completely original.

Moreover, you must be HONEST in giving product recommendations.

Only then can you hope to garner Google’s attention and therefore the attention of those who might actually buy the product.

Making those recommendations takes time, patience and commitment.

Otherwise, you’re just wasting $25 on a marketing trend.

I suggest that you find a product or topic in which you are VERY interested. Do you have time to invest over the next year to blog about that topic frequently? Do you really want to talk about that topic that often?

If so, you may be on to something great.

If not, wait until you find a topic that interests you that fully AND has a viable market.

In the meantime, do NOT waste your money on silly schemes.


P.S. If you want to learn to blog and do affiliate marketing properly, visit I’ve been a successful Super Affiliate for almost 15 years and teaching others how to do the same for more than a decade.

It may not be as easy as buying a $25 pre-made site, but success is NEVER that easy.


  1. eddie says

    Amen! I had a friend who bought a pre-fab website even after I gave him your advice. That was 6 months ago. Guess what he hasn’t made a single dime and I told him he won’t. I have even been told that affiliate marketing is dead. Imagine that, a billion dollar market just dried up and died. However, if I joined his coaching he would show me how to make money with affiliate marketing because he was the only one who had privy to the stuff that the (gurus) were using but not sharing. If the gurus knew he was offering they would disown him.

    Isn’t that the biggest crock of crap you have ever heard? I laugh out loud every time I receive one of these emails. But, it is also the last one I get from them, because I UNSUBSCRIBE from their list. The reason I have remained on your list is because of your honesty and integrity. Thanks so much for that.

    • says

      Hi Eddie,

      Thanks for sharing and sorry to hear that your friend got scammed despite your advice.

      As for being straight up… my pleasure! I’d rather make less and be able to sleep at night. :-)


  2. says

    So True Guy’s,no matter what they say that affiliate Marketing Is The Easiest Way Of doing Internet Marketing,If You Do Not Know they how to concept it can also be a nightmare!

  3. says

    Hello Ros

    Thanks for this post, but I may have to disagree with you slightly (only ever so slightly lol).

    One of these $25 websites could be beneficial to someone starting out in affiliate marketing. It can give them the boost they need to get started.

    Sometimes it is much easier to work on and improve something that has already been built rather than starting from scratch.

    The problem with these websites are unrealistic claims, and unrealistic expectations. They won’t you an internet millionaire overnight, but what they can do is help you learn about how websites work, and how to market one.

    Yes, they still need to work at it.
    Yes, they still need to edit the content, and add their own unique articles or reviews.
    Yes, they still need to take time to promote the website.

    I wouldn’t say that that initial $25 investment will NEVER EVER become successful.


    • says

      Hey Clare,

      You are always welcome to disagree as you see fit.

      And I agree with you in part – HOWEVER, most folks won’t do as you suggest and improve the existing site. They will believe the crap line handed to them that they can make $X in X number of days with what they’ve been given.

      So, while you are right – I shouldn’t have said ‘never’… 99.9 is probably close to the truth. Sadly.


  4. TTBoy says

    Hi Ros,

    Nothing will substitute determination, dedication, devotion and desire! Doubt it? Count the numerous success stories throughout history- H. Ford, H. Keller, B. Franklin, A. G. Bell, T. Edison, R. Gardner and the list goes on. How bad do you want “it”? Thanks, Roz.

    Your friend,

  5. says

    Hi Rosalind,

    I have been reading your blog for a long long time, but this is my first comment!

    I wish I started a blog back when you did, but I did become a VERY succesful affiliate using nothing but free techniques to grab free traffic.

    I think affiliate marketing is only going to grow as new products, new merchants and new technology comes to us. I agree that anyone who has made it knows that this is just dam hard work. We make it look easy to people just starting out, but we “super affiliates” know deep down that we went through tvery ough times to get to the tasty fruits 😉

    Keep up the greak work here. We all appreciate what you do :)


    Johnny G

    • says

      Hey Johnny,

      Thanks so much for getting in touch and sharing.

      And yup… the only way to success is hard work — which to my mind is always kind of fun. :-)

      Congrats on your success!!


  6. says

    Hi again Ros

    If I could add a further question to my earlier comment/request:

    Do you subscribe to a keyword research tool such as WordTracker in order to aquire good keywords for building organic search traffic?



  7. says

    Hi Ros

    Have been following you for some time, and years ago I purchased the Super Affiliate Handbook, which was very informative. I am on your e-mailing list.

    A couple of questions.

    (1) Is it advantageous, or in fact necessary, for the average affiliate marketer to actively Tweet and post on FaceBook in order to build traffic?

    (2) Does your new Handbook have a lot of new information, including perhaps details on how to have dedicated domain hosting rather than having a site on a sub-domain such as Blogspot?

    Keep up the fine work — I enjoy your blog.

    Best wishes,


    • says

      Hi Dennis,

      Thanks for getting in touch. To answer your questions…

      1) I personally find Facebook very helpful, whether I’m posting / replying on a personal or business note.

      2) The Handbook was updated late last year and has always specified having your own domain. I’ve never recommended using Blogspot.

      3) Yes, I like a number of keyword tools, including Wordtracker (which are discussed in my book).

      Hope that helps.


  8. says

    I do follow your blog and from time to time, comment the stuff that is written. Truthfully, affiliate marketing is a lot of work especially in the beginning. As someone who has just recommitted to IM, I can understand the lure of BSOs ( Bright Shiny Objects ). The key is to stick with the experts that really do the work, and do your due dilligence. Two questions I would like to ask, Rosalind, do you have a site / do reviews for IM programs, such as Google Sniper and Bring The Fresh ? And between Affiliate Blogger Pro and, which one would you recommend to me ? Fyi, I have been doing affiliate marketing on and off with varying degree of success since 2009. Thanks.

    • says


      This site is my IM recommendation site and no, I’ve never reviewed Google Sniper or Bring the Fresh… sorry.

      As for my own products, I think Affiliate Blogger PRO brings more value in that it has video and offers group / membership sharing.

      Hope that helps.


  9. says

    Years ago when I was VERY uneducated abt affiliate mktg I would have fallen prey to such a website. Having learned alot from you and staying informed by you I know that that particular website wld have been a waste of time and money. I’m thankful for having found you and becoming a member of affiliate blogger pro. Thanks for being an honest AM. There are so many dishonest ones out there.

    • says


      Seriously? Have you not read the testimonials? I could shout out a bunch of ‘big names’ in the affiliate marketing industry – all of whom have benefited from reading my book.


  10. says

    HI Ros,
    The one thing I have learned is there is no silver bullet especially in the range $7 – $47 these are mostly sold by huckster who are relying on your shiny object syndrome to make money.

    During the California gold rush who made the most money – people selling picks,shovels, tents and claims….

    Two more observations if I may….
    If it seems cheap to begin with it WILL damage your cash flow later on.
    Success always follows effort – Check the dictionary of you don’t believe me :-)



  11. says

    O goodness that question brings back memories from years ago with my own stumbling entry into online sales! It looks and feels so exciting – to get your very own website so people can buy stuff from it or click the ads.

    Fact – there is a learning curve and lots of work to be done!

    Then you CAN succeed online. It is the same as any other business in that regard. Yes the barrier to entry is lower for an online business but not that low!



  12. says

    If the price is only $25, that is not too bad. Not much lost.

    The real problem is people spending $300 or $1,000 or $2,000 on programs on Internet marketing, writing books, multi-level marketing, etc.

    A lot of time these people have been sold “false hope” simply because they are not made aware of how much work is involved and the fact that only a small percentage (less than 1 percent) of people ever make money at it.

    I found that this quote applies:

    “It easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.”
    — Mark Twain

    I signed up for a marketing course by Ryan Deiss on how to create “your publishing empire” with Kindle ebooks.

    I got my money back when I learned how little value it had. But I still have access to the group and I am amazed at how many of the 5,000+ people who signed up for the course are unaware of all the other important factors that are necessary for having bestselling books.

    Again, “It easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.”

    Ernie J. Zelinski
    International Best-Selling Author
    “Helping Adventurous Souls Live Prosperous and Free”
    Author of the Bestseller “How to Retire Happy, Wild, and Free”
    (Over 175,000 copies sold and published in 9 languages)
    and the International Bestseller “The Joy of Not Working’
    (Over 250,000 copies sold and published in 17 languages)

    • says

      Hey Ernie,

      Good to hear from you… hope all is well with you and yours.

      Love the Mark Twain quote. As for ’empires’, I run away when I see that word. :-)


  13. says

    Great advice, as usual, Rosalind.

    It’s people like you that will keep this industry doable for others by telling the truth and not letting people believe all of the hype spread around out there.

    Thanks, Ros.

  14. osman A. says

    Hi Rosalind,

    Thank you for sharing this.

    Your answer is very clear and your advice will always be remembered.

    Osman A.

  15. says

    Hi Rosalind,
    It is nice to hear from you again.
    I have a question for you. Is it true that affiliate business is slowly fading? More difficult to start a new business and it is harder and harder to compete with big boys if you are in business already. Keyword selection and other SEO tricks do not work, you have to pay Google in order to be in good position. No free cheese anymore.

    • says

      Hello Ashot,

      I wouldn’t say that affiliate marketing is fading by any stretch of the imagination.

      What IS happening is like you suggested… the ‘tricks’ don’t work and I guess the tricksters are the ones who are fading away. That would be my hope anyway.

      I do believe that anyone with passion for a topic that has related products that can be sold, can still be very successful in this industry if they work hard at it.

      As for paying Google – with social media, that is far less necessary as well.


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