Affiliate Promotions on Craigslist

Well, I’ve just come across another example of an affiliate marketing coach who charges through the nose for training that takes people down a path leading to nothing more than a waste of time and effort.

In this case, the affiliate ‘coach’ teaches his students how to place ads for Clickbank products on Craigslist.

If you’ve come across this advice — request a refund and leave the program now!

Under Craigslist’s Terms of UseSection 7, subsection k, you must agree

… not to post, email, or otherwise make available Content that constitutes or contains “affiliate marketing,” “link referral code,” “junk mail,” “spam,” “chain letters,” “pyramid schemes,” or unsolicited commercial advertisement; …

Obviously, that includes posting ads that link directly to Clickbank products, which is exactly what he advises.


Perhaps, that’s something that worked for him in the past — but teaching it as an affiliate marketing method to new students of the topic is just wrong… especially when the lesson is part of his “Quick Start” series.

Seriously, if he’s teaching this crap, how can you trust any of his other advice?

So, like I said before, if you see this video in your training package, just cancel that $200 per month subscription and join a REAL affiliate training program – Rosalind Gardner’s Academy – (shameless self-promotion of my own product).

I specialize in sharing REAL, honest promotional methods that work (and don’t abuse Terms of Service) — but only if YOU work. :-)


  1. says

    It’s all over sites such as Craigs List. Every “free” classified ad site gets spammed to death with the same kind of junk (I run one). It’s a never ending battle to remove those types of things and when you close one hole, another one is found.

    The sad thing is the number of people that actually fall for it.

  2. Online Marketing Consultant says

    More and more people are coming on line looking for business opportunities. I think that it’s great that you are providing information to help people who are just starting out. You’ve made some excellent points.

  3. says

    Hi Ros,

    I think I personally would like to know what the disadvantages (or not) are if one does tend to use static websites with regular articles and recommendadtions. My site mentioned above has been going for a year now and I still havent made any money. Having said that the traffic is building up nicely now and I am starting to get comments about the good content. Busy trying to build backlinks so that the SE find me even easier. I have stuck with one affiliate program until I can go back to CJ and the like showing traffic volume. I get confused about whether WP tags should be used on static sites or not. I think categories serve blogs better?

    I think generally it would be nice to be re-assured by someone like your self that there is no difference in approach between the two mediums or am I totally wrong and am I missing something for the website route. I have always liked Allan Gardyne and Joel Comm’s writing as well but my SAH gets updated every time you update it!
    Take care and thanks,

  4. Brian says

    Great one again Ros!

    You have no idea how many of us newbies fall for this kind of stuff and eventually get so demoralised (and broke) that we walk away from IM. I have tried a few because i have wanted to go the website route as opposed to the blog route -shows how much I still have to learn – but I think the basic principles are the same. I will never give up though – although I still have to earn my first $

    If you one day have the time it would be if you could perhaps do a post on what – if anything – one should do differently?

    • says

      Hi Brian,

      Actually, I think I do have a good idea how many folks get scammed and it makes me madder than mad at times.

      I’m always open to article ideas. If you could clarify what you’d like to know, I’ll do my best to write about the topic.


    • Michael says

      Want to ethically sell affliliate links on craigslist?!

      simply ethically PRESELL via a free report on the Free Stuff section!

      this way you WILL NOT brrak TOS…you are simply providing strong content that is immediately useable and also predictable to the reader, gaining trust (short term if you do not have a retention program) due to you giving predictive results for free!

  5. Phil says

    This is NOT a warning UNLESS you tell us who it is.

    It is a worthless post that makes you feel good, but actually does very little for your readers.

    Either tell us who it is or delete the post. There is no integrity in shouting out ‘There are scammers out there!’ When you refuse to tell us who it is you are referring too.

    In case you hadn’t noticed the internet is a big place! Is everyone supposed to guess?

    You make a good point yourself:

    “Seriously, if he’s teaching this crap, how can you trust any of his other advice?”

    How is anyone who is following this guys advice about Ebay or Amazon supposed to KNOW it is him from your post?

    You have also bizarrely backtracked on Ewen Chia.

    Two days ago his products were pieces of junk.

    Now when he sends you a message saying ‘That wasn’t very nice’ you suddenly change your mind and think his products are great after all?

    Make up your mind. If you want to ‘expose’ dodgy dealings then do it.

    “I have taken too much flack for that post” is another way of saying “I would sooner my readers suffered and got caught out by scammers then ACTUALLY tell them who to avoid, because those nasty scammers are sending me hate mail and I don’t like it”.

  6. says

    Hi Ros,

    You’ve been on a tear lately. Respectfully, I post this with some hesitation since you have cut down a few trees lately.

    Not that long ago, if i recall correctly, you promoted 101K Blueprint. I bought this based on your recommendation…I was not impressed to say the least.

    The product, which included endless videos by some lame soul, basically said to produce a bunch of Adsense based sites. These got slapped big time with Google Panda update. I was so unimpressed by the quality I questioned why you ever promoted this. This is so 2002 ish…

    In short, how is your endorsement of 101K Blueprint (really not much better than what these others are promoting) any different. Again, I only say this since after sitting through this course I couldn’t help but wonder “Is Ros any different from the rest?”



  7. says

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and ideas. I am a newbie. I’ll take note on and watch out so that I will not fall into that crap.

  8. says

    Hi Ros, while I haven’t yet purchased ABP, the first book I ever bought on internet marketing was the SAH, which I purchased over a year ago and still refer today a needed.

    My question for you is, I see a lot of products from so called Internet Experts, some I have heard of and some I have never. A lot of products say within a month you can produce $500, $1000, or even $10,000 a month with their automated system that involves no article marketing, no keywords, no SEO. This seems to go against everything I have learned from you. So with that do you recommend staying away from these “automated” programs that drive hundreds of leads to your website with what seems to be little or no effort? Seems a bit fishy to me. Thx, Ken

  9. Dacia Stuckey says

    Thanks for the info. I have seen many online scams but not as ridiculous as this one. This makes me wonder how can these losers sleep at night knowing that they are ripping their customers off. Oftentimes, people are willing to spend their last for Information Products that’s promised to make them money. There should be penalties for this type of practice. Until then we can only ask ourselves “What are they going to do next?”

  10. says

    Of course calling the person ‘he’ and not ‘she’ makes people extra eager to know.
    I think a comment like ‘I have seen…’ etc. should be enough.
    BTW… maybe to react against someone in order to promote one’s own stuff (shameless…)
    could lead to a path downwards.
    We all appreciate your integrity. Untill now…

    Leo S.

  11. says

    I recently left a membership program where the guru had a 90 day program to “success” and every single day, one of the to-do items was to post to Craigslist multiple times (for new affiliates to join his program). Then he had the nerve to complain that members were spamming HIS board with affiliate links. Most every thread on his disorganized forum was filled with members trying to figure out how to get ads posted that didn’t get flagged.
    It was crazy.
    I’m glad there are people like you that teach success through integrity!

  12. says


    How refreshing it is to see someone with the gumption to reveal the crappy stuff being put out by so-called “gurus” out there. Yuk, these people must be pretty desperate!

    Please continue…:-).

    All the best,


  13. Phil says

    So who is it then?

    There is no point in ‘outing’ people unless you actually tell us who they are!

    • Ron says

      Hey Ros,

      I agree with Phil, there’s no need to attempt to warn us, if your not gonna reveal who it is, does us no good.

      They probably promote other junk as well, and no one will know tell it’s to late. Have some backbone and expose ‘um, just like you did Ewen (Cheater) Chia. I know I sure would and will.



    • says

      Sorry Ron,

      I’ve taken way too much flack for that post, so will only give the really obvious points:

      1) problem
      2) advice (get out of program which does have a guarantee)


    • says


      Sad to hear that you are losing steam on the fake gurus and their overpriced products,
      sure a lot of hard working people who have no clue what IM is all about
      would be happy that the bad ones are exposed so
      these newbies need to learn the hard and expensive way.



    • Michael says

      sorry but YOU PEOPLE ARE D**BA***S!!!!!! QUOTE ME!!!

      did you not hear roz saying she will NOT NAME-CALL?!

      there is a DAMM GOOD REASON why roz should not do this!!!

      i suppose you who want to NAME AND SHAME are also going to FINANCIALLY SUPPORT her if she ever got caught in a LEGAL DISPUTE over DEFAMATION OF CHARACTER, right?!

      it makes me mad that GROWN UP PEOPLE do not understand the world roz lives in.


      you want drama? watch CSI!!!!!

      why encourage this brilliant teacher in affiliate marketing to reveal names at her FINANCIAL RISK??!

      WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!

    • says


      If the case is about a legal dispute,
      then Ros should also delete all the comments from those people
      who jumped on her bandwagon in support of her Ewen Chia blast.

      Unless Ros is going to help all those commentors in case of a legal dispute? 😈

    • Michael says

      @steffi i rest my case! again restrict the personal aspecs, stay on the truth. i have no problem naming names IF the unethical aspects of the marketer is without question.

      also, i HATE push button automated software gurus who promise £3,000 a day bullcrap!!!

    • says


      I like a rose all in the garden and I hate any event shark who promises £3,000 a day cowlobster. :-)

  14. says

    Shameless self promotion, with a no questions money back guarantee:
    me like :-)

    And when it comes to teaching
    then I repeat what I already said in unisty:
    the results of students say alot about the teacher.

  15. says

    Thanks for sharing this Rosalind, it is a shame that people promote this type of information. Obviously they are flat out in this to take money without helping their students achieve any type of results.

    Glad I know who to follow!

  16. says


    I see these offers all the time, it’s really just polluting (er, even more) Craigslist and giving affiliates a bad name.


  17. john b says

    how do you feel about outsourcing article writing and using them on a blog? is it a good idea?

    i’m only just getting started doing the blogging thing, and not very good with the writing.
    thats why i was thinking of going with outsourcing article writing for my blog.

    john b

    • says

      Many, many people do exactly that – and more outsource articles for posting on other peoples blogs – guest posting. I see nothing wrong with it, so long as the original idea for the story is yours.

  18. Online Marketing Consultant says

    Great post I must say. Straightforward however nevertheless entertaining and engaging liked reading this post!

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