Affiliate Summit West 2011 Wrap

Affiliate Summit West 2011ASW11 (Affiliate Summit West 2011) started for me on Saturday night with the Canadian Affiliate Meetup held at the First Food and Bar at the Palazzo. The event was arranged by Peter Koning of Affiliate Software Review with munchies sponsored by AdCanadian. Other than a group of five who stuck to themselves and then left without paying thair bar bill (how unCanadian), the get together was great.

Excellent in fact, considering the gathering was supposed to go from 5 – 6:30 and we ended up staying until 11 talking about affiliate marketing. No surprise that I later met quite a few folks who asked to be “honorary Canadians” at the next Affiliate Summit.

What I discovered that first night was repeated throughout the entire Summit — the bulk of new affiliate marketers with whom I spoke are professional people who either have chosen affiliate marketing to enhance or supplement their incomes, or have had their jobs eliminated during the recession and are using their skills to build new online businesses.

How refreshing to speak with newcomers who aren’t dewy-eyed with the ‘get rich quick’ dream, but know that success will take time and work. Like music to my ears, to be sure.

The best part of the conference for me always is meeting old friends, making new ones and meeting folks for the first time with whom I’ve done business for years.

During this Summit, I had the great pleasure of meeting my Rosalind Gardner’s Academy business parter, Justin Scott Parr, for the first time – as well as one of the Super Affiliate Handbook’s most enthusiastic promoters, Super Affiliate Lynn Terry of ClickNewz. Justin and I hashed out a whole plan for ABP in 2011, while Lynn and I had great fun sharing personal and business war stories over tasty treats and beverages. :-)

Both Justin and Lynn attended my Ask the Experts rountable on Monday afternoon and contributed highly valuable information to the discussion, as did 2 of the industry’s most extraordinary and fun characters – Tom Bell and Dave Taylor. It was also a treat to meet up with a some of our Rosalind Gardner’s Academy members – special mention to Boots Gibson who attended the roundtable and told us about her very cool product for travelers – smart lady!! I really enjoyed doing the roundtable – a much more intimate and IMHO a more productive and informative session for the attendees than when I give a lecture. (Were you there? Your comments appreciated!)

Special thanks go to those Super Affiliates who took the time to find me to let me know that they got their start with the Super Affiliate Handbook.

The only ‘con’ that I experienced with ASW11 was in the exhibit hall. I would suggest that with SO many people in attendance (4600 at the conference), that exhibitors pay more attention to the lineups forming at their booth and attend to those waiting in the order that they arrive. When I wait 10 minutes at your booth to get more information about your product and am then passed over for someone who just arrived – YOU lose any chance that I will ever buy or promote your product. Sound harsh? First impressions count. Disrespect my valuable time and I won’t trust you to respect my referred customers.

One last point. Affiliate Summit venues are HUGE and it takes at least 10 minutes to walk from anywhere in the hotel to meeting rooms and the exhibit hall. So, wear comfortable shoes or get a foot massage like I did (see pic above).

Better yet, do both. :-)


  1. says

    Hi Ros – Thanks for mentioning the Canuck meetup and hope to see you soon in KTown. Here’s my summary of the Canuck meetup in my link above.

    I’m working on a recap… but am not as fast a blogger as you.

    For me the cons were:
    * the WIFI – it went downhill pretty fast – after I tweeted how great it was :)
    * some panel sessions didn’t really engage the audience much, and that new process for asking questions by tweeting etc. was too slow/clunky so wasn’t followed

    I loved the networking and it paid off for me more this year than previous ASW’s – I think it’s because I had some actual goals/profiles of people I wanted to meet.

    For me the value of Aff Summit is the networking – so many top notch internet entrepreneurs in one place who “get” the idea of performance marketing.

    • says

      Hey Peter,

      Hmmm… interesting about the tweeting questions bit. You need to share that with Shawn Collins and Missy Ward if they haven’t picked up on it already.

      I’m down south for the rest of the winter now, but will hit you guys up when I’m back in the OK Valley. Say hi to the place for me! :-)


    • says

      Hey Peter –

      Sorry about the wifi – we purchased the maximum capacity – it seems hotels aren’t scaling fast enough for the demand.

      Please tell me more about what you didn’t like with the process of asking questions. Every time I tested the system, my questions appeared within 10 seconds.

    • Peter Koning says

      I think the main issue with the question process was that people weren’t used to using it. I think we just need to stick with it – and put the instructions on those feedback forms for each session, as I suggested in the new affiliate summit forum.

      Re wifi maybe the hotel can post a performance bond :)

  2. Jacqueline says

    I was there in Vegas last week on scholarship pass. Sorry I didn’t get a chance to meet you Rosalind; maybe next time.

    In any case it was my first Affiliate Summit and I loved it. The atmosphere and the community in general is laid back, open and just plain fun. I’m so glad to be a part of it. In the meanwhile, I’m working to be successful in this industry on a shoestring LOL. I am going to start recording it because I have a feeling I may want to show it to others one day.

  3. says

    Hey Ros –

    Great to see you, again. That’s a really good point about some exhibitors being inattentive in that way.

    I have done a first timers session for the past two conferences to help attendees make the most out of it – perhaps it’s time for a similar thing for exhibitors who just don’t realize that they are alienating people?

    • says

      Hey Shawn,

      Sorry to take so long to get back to you.

      A first timers session for exhibitors might be the answer. Or, even something as simple as the speaker’s guidelines that you send out – which are GREAT, btw. I always appreciate the refresher! :-)


    • says

      Thanks Ros –

      I think we’ll give that first time (or tenth time) exhibitor primer session a try.

      Maybe a set of guidelines and best practices, too, but probably a lot more would listen to a quick session, but never bother to read.

      Take care,

  4. says

    It was such a thrill for me to meet you, chat a little about Jasper, and talk about business. Also enjoyed meeting many “new to me folks” at your session including Tom, Justin, Dave, and Lynn. Loved all the ideas–so much to learn, so little time!

    The whole conference was great–this was my first, but I highly recommend to anyone looking at (or struggling in) affiliate marketing to make plans to attend at least 1 Affiliate Summit per year. Get those brain juices flowing–the information exchange is amazing! They announced early registrations are already being accepted for the A. S. in New York in August 2011–save big bucks by registering early.

    Thanks soooo much,

    • says

      Likewise, Boots. I really wish we could have spent more time together.

      Next year, we’ll definitely do a get together for ABP members during the Summit.

      Thrilled to hear how much you appreciated the Summit and all that you learned. I think your point about ‘get those brain juices flowing’ is spot on. I always come away from the Summit feeling so much more energized about this business.


  5. says

    I can not stress the shoes thing enough! I wore a pair of dress shoes that I only wore briefly at a wedding previously and they tore up the back of my heels so bad I could barely walk.

    That hallway had to be 2 miles long! I’ll be wearing slippers for the next week…but totally worth it!

  6. says

    So glad everything went well for you at the Affiliate Summit in Vegas. We had previously met when I spoke at the Affiliate Summit East in New York. This was the first time I missed the Vegas Summit in quite awhile but I am just so busy, I could not get away. Shawn and Missy do a wonderful job helping affiliates by producing these conferences. When it comes to affiliate marketing, you are still cranking out some great content, Rosalind, and I really enjoy Lynn Terry as well. Take care.

    • says

      Hi Steve,

      You give me too much credit. :-) The real value they lost is that I could have introduced their product to SO many MORE affiliate marketers, like you.


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