Do 2 Days Work – Take 2 Months Off

How would you like to take the whole summer away from posting to your affiliate blogs to play with your family and friends? Or how about taking an equally LONG winter vacation?

I do it and you can too!

Watch the video below to see how I set things up on different sites to free up most of my time during the summer. (That advance planning & work came in especially handy considering a recent family emergency!)

So, if you want to take a little time off, or make sure that your affiliate business keeps ticking right along when you have to be away unexpectedly – watch the video – and have a super summer!

Note: This technique works particularly well for affiliate publishers and bloggers who promote the same products consistently.

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  1. says

    how do you continue to do it? I have been watching you since like ’03 or ’04 maybe longer and you have not stopped providing great info, content and value. You are surely a person of influence, authority and knowledge. I always admire your work and will continue to read and implement your strategies.

    Jimmy R Williams
    The Methodical Marketer

    • says

      Hi Jimmy,

      Thank you so much for your kind comments.

      As for how I do it… I really do love doing this and I like to share. It’s great fun working with and for folks who are interested in learning about this business… and it all comes back in spades. :-)


  2. Ernest Contreras says

    Hello Ros , I am new to affiliate Marketing however I do understand the many means to produce income and I have done fair to this point ,I love putting together websites,but my problem is domaine,website style,and content all blending to attract more sales,I do not like just throwing in alot of banners and images,so I look to you for help,I have your book ,and I found your text link for contents Thanks ,also your phrase be carefull who you look to for professional help? well I am I look to you.

    check out this website I do not like it and today i am going to change to all new content ,and images as well as header. don’t laugh please.I have done alot of reading and research .

  3. Gordon says

    Hi Rosalind, how in the World do you get a category “HOME” on to be a .. static homepage that goes to your home page? I have a website that uses the lifestyle theme and I tried for probably an hour after seeing this video, and I couldn’t find anything or any website help on it?

    Any reply for a general direction would be appreciated..

    BTW, Very keen leveraging wordpress for your time :)

    Thank you

    • says

      Hi Gordon,

      I just coded a link to the homepage within the subnav bar as follows:

      <div id=”subnavbar”>

      <ul id=”subnav”>
      <li><a href=”<?php echo get_settings(‘home’); ?>”>Home</a></li><li><a href=””>ALL Sites</a></li><?php wp_list_categories(‘orderby=name&title_li=&depth=4&exclude=76,95&use_desc_for_title=0′); ?>


      Hope that helps!


  4. says

    Hi Ros –

    First of all, has anyone told you today how amazing you are? Well, you are! This is a great post and gave me insight on how to keep up with posting on more than one site – and also what to do with all that energy when I’m in the mood to write. Sort of like a backup for the slow don’t wanna write days.

    So, thanks for yet another great tip!

  5. says

    Hi Ros,

    Thanks for your response.

    I was really leaning more toward how you apportion which type of content rather than the actual writing or editing of it.

    Like if you’re looking at putting together a week’s posts in advance, what mix, resources, etc. would you use to accomplish that task.


  6. Ted says

    Hi Ros

    As always..a great post. Question for you – what, if any plug-in do you use to accomplish this. I have upgraded to 2.8, and have searched WP plugins to no avail. There have been problems with the install of 2.8 – is it a piece of WP or a plugin? Thanks! Keep up your great insights – they are invaluable!


    • says

      Ted –

      To schedule a post in the future just set a date for the post (on the right side in the little box with the “publish” button in it.) You can edit the date for the post – if you set it in the future, it will release automatically on that time and date.

      Is that what you meant? Hope it helps.

      – Pamela

      p.s. where’s your site?

  7. says

    It is not bad to try out and i am sure that this will really work if we give our total commitment and full dedication in it. If it really works i will definitely work for 2days night and day to enjoy 2months.

  8. says

    I see Carol Allen’s article there! I actually met Carol at Eben Pagan’s seminar – and signed up for her astrology articles. She’s a neat lady – great energy!

    And lady – you are posting some amazing content. I am glad to see you at 110%!

    • says

      Hi Kit,

      Cool that you met Carol Allen and sorry that I missed Eben’s event… next time, hopefully. Too, thanks for the kudo.


  9. says

    Hi Ros,

    Generating quality content is my biggest challenge as I’m sure it is for most bloggers.

    If you could put together a video showing you actually sitting down and putting together a few days or weeks posts, including how you mix your original,PLR,advertiser’s copy, etc. that would really be helpful for me in establishing a daily/weekly system.

    Thank you,


    • says

      Hi Jeff,

      That would probably be a really boring video to watch, me sitting down and reworking PLR and writing articles. :-)

      I think an article about publishing timetable strategies might be in order, however. Thanks for the question!


  10. says

    The heading seems quite interesting> I would love to work for 2days and enjoy for 2months if its gonna work. But i think that that is practically impossible. It is necessary to keep your eye on and see what is going on and about there.

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