April 2012 Challenge

Back in February, I challenged myself to blog everyday at 101Date.com and posted the results here.

After a month-long break, it’s time to engage in another challenge.

This month, I will:

  1. Post every day to at least one of my sites (here on NPT, WindingWay, 101Date.com and RosalindGardner.com)
  2. Walk for 2 hours a day (1 hour if I do an hour of yard work).
  3. Drink NO beer.

The objectives should be obvious. Make more money and lose more (some) weight.

So, who’s in? Or, what is your challenge for the month of April 2012?

Comments, questions or suggestions? Please leave a comment below!




  1. says

    Hm, not so easy ; my plan is too detailed…
    I’ll have to make some changes.
    This is because I recently started to add social networks and adding messages and connecting with people costs a lot of time.
    My question to all of you : how much time do you spend on twitter, facebook, etc…
    Do you automate this process with a plugin ?
    Thank you !!!

    • says

      Hi Ally, I don’t personally automate anything. Doesn’t take me too long to connect via social media and since I do it throughout the day, I’m not sure how much time I spend but I will tell you it’s worth it to me to be active on social media since it’s important for me to interact with brands for my blogs.

      When I publish a blog post, I usually make sure to share it on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc. I change up the wording on them so they are not automated.

      Oh and one suggestion, don’t link your tweets to Facebook.

      Hope this helps!

  2. says

    Hi Ros,
    Challenges, I make them all the time and often I forget about them afterwards. But nevertheless this time I’am in. This month I will
    write a blog or article a day for one of my websites.
    go one afternoon a week outdoor to make pictures.
    finish a presentation on herbs
    The drinking part is not so difficult for me: I only drink (Belgium) beer from time to time in the summer!

    Furthermore : I like your comments on facebook!

  3. says

    What a great idea !
    I’ll make a plan this afternoon. I really have to, because I always start working on my blog at 2 o’clock in the afternoon till 10 in the evening, and my only plan is to finish it someday…
    Thank you for this tip ; time to start planning now !

  4. says

    My challenge for April is to To finally take some action and get of my butt and improve my financial situation, by finally getting my business up n running. On and off, I’ve been trying to make some money online, for couple years now. Various things have slowed my progress, such as having a ft job, lack of focus,procrastination, fear, the list of excuses goes on and on.
    Anyway it’s now time to break through those and to stop learning and finally start earning.Anyway heres to a productive April for us all.

  5. says

    Hi Ros,
    30 day goals are great, I am revamping a number of my sites to be completed by the end of April and increasing the amount of unique content.
    Definitely not giving up the wine… A glass of red is good for the heart. 😉


  6. says

    Setting a goal/commitment to make a post every day or every other day is a wonderful idea! I can see myself doing this and feeling like I am growing in my business as an online entrepreneur and possibly helping more people who is looking for my type of information.

    Thanks for the inspirational challenge!
    Rene’ Michelle Floyd

  7. says

    I’ve noticed a drop in traffic on ElderCareCafe.net over the past few weeks, but I’ve also not posted as much. I’m committing myself to post every week day, and post to my niche sites at least twice each on a weekly basis.

    Personally, must pick up walking pace and frequency – aiming for once a day, 7 days a week.

  8. says

    Good day Rosalind,

    I am grateful to Lynn Terry for leading me to you in her sharing or not I will never know who Rosalind Gardner is .. lol.

    I come often to enhance my knowledge and love to read your post too. It has been nearly 5 years since I read about you and sorry to say I just started to move myself n do things online last year.

    My challenge this April is
    1. To write on my blog 3 post per week
    2. To lose 4 kg
    3. Write guest blog ( hoping someone can give me an opening to start)
    4. Declutter my room … lol.

    Thank you all for the inspirational comments
    Nice knowing you Rosalind

    PS . My wife is also Rosalind but not Gardner, she is Rosalind Mary. Best wishes from Singapore

  9. says

    Hi Rosalind

    coincidentally Just joined a Gym 3 days ago, as at 56 and doing nothing sportively for 30 years, thought need to lose a good 7 kilos (15 lbs) as glued to my seat isn’t good :). i have survived the first 3 days hehe.

    not drinking alcohol isn’t a problem as don’t drink but did decide to drink no more Coke at home, switched it for water and the most difficult NO chocolate. oh dear must have been ill when I made that, one of my promises :)

    And best of luck on your challenge although I’m sure you will succeed as I note you use I will, not I plan

    seeya Ian

    • says

      Hey Ian

      Hope the gym activity continues to go well. I need to lose almost twice as much weight as you do – but gyms and I don’t get along. I’d rather walk, hike or do yoga.

      And you’re right about the “I will” vs. “I plan” difference. Everyone should learn that one.


  10. says

    Hi ros, i’m in.
    No Beer is no Deal for me, i’ll Post on my Mac Site every Day, so some Social Media for it and keep posting to article directories – will be enough for me :-)
    Good luck everyone with their challenges

  11. says

    Hey Ros, your timing is great! Just this morning I was thinking about your February challenge and decided that I would challenge myself to post at least twice a week on my two neglected blogs and do something at least each alternate day to drive traffic (article submission, blog commenting etc). The chances are that I wouldn’t have gone through with it but now that I’ve made the commitment here for all to see I don’t have much choice, do I? 😉

    The exercise is a different matter. I’m not sure I could find the time to do two hours a day and I certainly wouldn’t find the energy. But I’m older than you, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it! I sell on eBay and walk to the post office several times a week, that’s around a mile and a half round trip, but I’ll commit to also walking at least a mile on the days I don’t go to the post office.

    I seldom drink alcohol of any kind, so that’s not a problem for me. My weakness is food, and I have a sweet tooth. There’s not much chance of me giving up chocolate with Easter only a week away so I think that will have to be my May challenge.

    Good luck, everyone.
    Lynn (UK)

    • says

      Hi Lynn

      Physical activity is not about having the time, it’s about making the time! As people get older, they should do at least 30 mins of moderately intense physical activity everyday. Your walking to the post office counts on those days (you can find the time to do that….and it’s not because you have to do it, either) :) If 30 minutes straight is too much, break it up into 3 lots of ten minutes and slowly build it up to 30 minutes. The hardest part is getting started. Just do it! No excuses!

      We spend more money and time looking after our cars to make sure they can get us around instead of looking after the most important vehicle that we live in 24/7!

      Do something fun and social….take up line dancing, cut loose and have a giggle at a Zumba class (there’s also Zumba Gold for the older active adult or those new to physical activity!)….there’s plenty to do and it doesn’t have to be boring….musical things are always fun, plus you’ll meet new people.

      I love computers and websites and used to spend most hours of my days working on them, but after a change of direction due to major natural disasters over the past twelve months, I’ve started studying to be a personal trainer and working in the fitness industry (loving it!), so my blogs have been a little neglected for the interim, but my fitness levels have improved out of sight!

      I can tell you…..make the time. You’ll be glad that you did…..and then you can enjoy those beers knowing you’ve earned them!


  12. says

    Its funny that you should send this out just now. I have just made a 90 day plan for my website business and one of the daily tasks is posting to my gluten free products review site . I started out really great (its a new site) and posted about 15 reviews to it, and then got sidetracked. So I am starting today and will be writing one new review per day, or posting one cute video on living a gluten free lifestyle. I read somewhere that you normally don’t see the results of posting daily (for a new website) until after day 45; and that’s where most people fail to make money online because they stop before then. I have a list of other things I want to do on a weekly basis too but if I can just stick to the one review a day I will be very happy with myself.

    • says

      Hi Cat,

      You are absolutely correct about not seeing “the results of posting daily (for a new website) until after day 45″ … especially with a new, or long-ignored site.

      Keep up the good work and I hope you’ll post your results!


  13. says


    You are right to incorporate both work and leisure and I will commit to one post each day, I had already scheduled my leisure activities to 2 half marathons and three 10K which I am now half way though.

    The one thing that I had planned in for the end of last year was to right on Kindle but I did not achieve and I would ask if you have written or have a strategy for this format?



    • says

      Hi Alan,

      Interesting that you should ask about Kindle… was discussing just that with a friend the other day. Will likely publish something on that subject soon. :-)


  14. says

    Wow! Thank goodness I still have a few more hours cuz I’m heading to town for pizza and beer shortly!

    But – after that Ros – I’ll take you up on your challenge too. I’ll match you with the no beer, post to each site daily, the 2 hrs of cardio, and perhaps throw in an hour of strength training?

    Going to need a drink come May :)

  15. says

    Written goals and objectives have always been important. My objective (in the next few days) is to get my Mothers Day site up to date. I’ll have a beer or two to celebrate after that’s done.

    – Neill


  16. says

    I always read about your challenges AFTER the fact, and am envious of you going through with it and hearing about your success as a result. I think I am going to bite the bullet and try it. But I agree, the no beer thing is just too harsh. Life is short, and one little beer should be cherished!

  17. says

    No beer? That I could do. But yes, a Gin & Tonic would have to be in there somewhere.

    Actually, I do in fact have an April challenge going. It involves posting, but on a bit of a less
    than usual frequency. Time to get down and dirty with some other daily web chores that need attention and have been neglected.

    Secondly? Not looking at any web stats for a month. This will definately be a challenge, as it is so much a part of daily ritual and sometimes more than that. I am addicted. HOWEVER, a bad stat day can sometimes put a severe damper on my motivation and next thing I know the day is shot. So, I am going to be unaware for awhile, and maybe get some work done.

    • says

      Hi Jane,

      No web stats for a month is a great idea!!

      If you get more web work done, you will see improvement at the end of the month.

      Enjoy that gin and tonic!


  18. says

    Hello Rosalind:

    Great challenge… I am trying to follow one challenge for my blog by posting one post every other day. But I noticed one thing….. search engine traffic dropped…. not sure if Google is playing some game again…. :(

    • says

      Hi Victor,

      Search engine traffic shouldn’t drop because you’re posting more often. Make sure that you are keeping things relevant to your main topic though.


  19. says

    Let’s see…..

    I’m still working on my goals for April but I do know that every week day I want to work at least 30 minutes on a product a partner and I are putting together so we can have it ready by the middle of May.

    Other than that, when it comes to personal stuff, I already workout 5-6 times a week but food/nutrition is where I struggle so I’m thinking of keeping a food journal again and cooking at home more often.

    I turn 40 this Sunday, April Fool’s Day so I need to make my birthday month count!

    Are you still planning on going to Blog World? Lynn Terry and I will be there and I really look forward to meeting you, finally!

    • says


      You’re making the rest of us feel bad — working out 5- 6 times a week indeed! :-) WOW!

      Happy 40th tomorrow! Life starts at 40. :-)


      Re BlogWorld… won’t be able to attend due to schedule conflicts. Blame my family.

    • says

      Thanks! I’m excited about turning 40, not worried about getting older that is for sure. Having too much fun!

      We’ll miss you at BlogWorld.

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