Better Business Bureau Scam Emails

BBB ScamDo you sell a product online?

Would you be alarmed if you received a complaint notice via email from the Better Business Bureau?

I was… for a about a nano second until I got to the ‘bad English’ portion of the message. A quick Google Search confirmed my suspicions that this was indeed a spam message.

Here is the message that I received.

Attention: Owner/Manager

Here with the Better Business Bureau would like to inform you that we have been sent a complaint (ID 18537343) from a customer of yours related to their dealership with you.

Please open the COMPLAINT REPORT below to obtain more information on this problem and inform us about your opinion as soon as possible.

We hope to hear from you shortly.


Fernando Grodhaus

Dispute Counselor
Better Business Bureau

Council of Better Business Bureaus
4200 Wilson Blvd, Suite 800
Arlington, VA 22203-1838
Phone: 1 (703) 276.0100
Fax: 1 (703) 525.8277

If you get one of these, trash it. Do NOT open any links or attachments.

BTW, all I did was search for ‘Fernando Grodhaus’ and Google responded with a page full of complaints about this ‘complaint’.

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  1. Nathan says

    Thanks for the info. I have been getting these (and many other) email scams for quite some time. I am getting quite good at spotting this sort of thing as it happens daily. The real BBB is also a dodgy company anyway! Would be nice to locate the source of these and all other email scams. Wonder if it is possible? If they were emails of a terrorist nature, then I am sure governments would do something!

  2. says

    Thanks Ros. I did inadvertently click the link and realized the error a nano second after I did. I did an immediate virus scan of my computer and it did find 1 infected file which was removed.

  3. says

    Thanks Rosalind for making others aware of this kind of spamming. I haven’t received that particular message but I have received similar. I don’t sell a physical product but I provide a virtual secretarial service and I am appalled that spammers use my domain as in ‘support’ or even ‘’ and more than that – ‘theirname’ I really do fear as to what these people will do next.

    Please continue your great work Rosalind.

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