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SAH-300The Super Affiliate Handbook was published almost 11 years ago, in June 2003.

Since then, tens of thousands of folks have read it and either become a Super Affiliate or started an online business of their own WITH an affiliate program.

I have thousands of wonderful testimonials from all over the world about how my book has helped them.

These are folks in the Internet and Affiliate marketing industry that YOU have heard of making millions after reading my book… i.e. Allan Gardyne (, Allen Says (, Amit Mehta (PPC expert) and more.

So here is my request.

You LIKED the Super Affiliate Handbook, right?


Please do me a favor and leave a review on Amazon – where apparently MOSTLY ‘haters’ bother to respond… even those who admittedly NEVER bought the book are allowed to give voice, whereas the thousands of happy customers that I’ve responded to via email and posted their testimonials on my site count for little.

Please, make YOUR voice count.

Please tell Amazon what you thought about my book — I’m about to release it’s 11th anniversary edition and NEED all the help I can get.

Thanks… from the bottom of my heart!!

Those who DO leave a review WILL be recognized when the new Kindle edition is released in June.


Comments, questions or suggestions? Please leave a comment below!




  1. says


    Just wanted to say thank you for being a true inspiration along with Shawn Collins, Missy Ward, Allan Gardyne, Jeremy Palmer, Rae Hoffman, and many others in the affiliate marketing industry. You pretty much started around the same time Shawn Collins was making his internet marketing transition from day job to Affiliate Summit. You and the names mentioned are affiliate marketing pioneers that DrewryNews greatly respects, because you all had the spirit of determination within. Thanks again and have you ever thought of increasing your book sales by encouraging affiliates and bloggers to write reviews about your book and have the link to your book to purchase alongside their blog posts? :-)

  2. Shannon Perron (Thaw) says

    Awesome! I’ve been waiting for an updated SAH.

    How soon will it be available?

  3. says

    Hi Rosalind, Seems like your book is a good one, but can you please tell me – considering it was written so long ago, is the information in it still relevant to today’s marketing,algorithum changes and the like?

  4. Sue says

    I am considering buying this book, but if there is a newer version coming out this month I may wait. Will the new version be significantly revised??? Is the original version still applicable???

  5. says

    Hi there

    5 Stars to you Ros – great book, still have it — your book what the only one of its kind at the time and honestly I think it still is. What blew me away was when you updated the book and contacted all of us and offered a free update. Thanks for everything, not only did I learn a lot from you but was able to make sense of it all because of you. Lorry Lambert

  6. Jeff says

    Hi Ros, I just left you a 5 star review on Amazon (my Amazon handle is “Jiffy”). I bought your book online, not at Amazon, and it is just awesome. All the best with your anniversary edition and life in general.

    Btw, do I get an automatic update with the anniversary edition? I know that whenever it’s updated I’m supposed to receive the updated version.

    Thanks again!

    Jeff Trewhella

  7. Brian H says

    Hi Ros
    Bought your sah a few years ago and loved it often refer back to it,looking forward to the update
    will leave nothing but good feedback on amazon

  8. says

    As a follow up to what Nick says about SBI…I too, went the SBI route and LOVED it! I’m SO glad that you recommended it, and I do remember you recommending the 3rd route. I don’t think I would’ve been able to go it alone, and probably would’ve failed without SBI. I’ve got nothing but good things to say about SBI! Please don’t take out the referral…they help a lot of people!

  9. Nick says

    Wouldn’t consider myself a hater but I bought your book a few years ago and went down the SBI route as advised in the Super Affiliate handbook? It has been a complete waste of time effort and cash. SBI is garbage and losing clients left right and centre. Of course anyone who complains is shouted down and told they have the wrong attitude, not enough motivation basically whatever that creep Evoy tells them. Take the SBI stuff out and you may have a good product, Who knows? As it stands I couldn’t give you a positive review in all good conscience even though the handbook may well be sound in all other aspects. Still, I wouldn’t post a bad review to be fair to you.

    • says

      Hi Nick,

      I am very sorry to hear that you had troubles dealing with SBI! Honestly, this is the very first time I’ve ever heard a complaint from any of my clients who have used their service.

      In all fairness though, the Super Affiliate Handbook lists 3 site building options – hire a designer developer, get a packaged product (SBI!) and a DIY blog, the latter of which I advocate most strongly AND include instructions for doing so.

      I appreciate that you won’t post a bad review and I will definitely be going over that section of the new version of the book very carefully.

      Thank you for your feedback.


  10. John says

    Dear Rosalind,

    I bought your original “Super Affiliate Handbook” and several updates, and still say it’s the best in the west. And while several years and a good number of computers have gone by, the first thing I make certain is that I have ALL of my “Rosalind” folders forwarded, and a backup copy on my master computer downstairs in the office.

    Even with the numerous changes since Social Media came along, your book still covers the essentials, and is always within arm’s reach for my bigger Web Building and Marketing projects.

    Thanks for all you’ve shared!


  11. says

    Hi Rosalind, I have just entered a review for you on Amazon! Loved your book when I got it years ago, and because of you I was able to start my online business. Keep up the great work! You are one of a very, very small group of people who actually help others create a valid website, and I am so grateful to you for that.

  12. says

    Ros, I was one of the first ‘buyers’ of your book. I saw a commercial on TV for the book and purchased it almost immediately. I carried it around while I was reading it and considered it to be my ‘Online Bible’. Your book has helped me make thousands of dollars over the years and I greatly appreciate it! I buy stuff from Amazon all the time and would be happy to leave a review for ya! Cheers to your continued success Ros!



  13. Katy Zeelenberg says

    Hi Ros

    Now, after reading these reviews, I am more sorry than ever that I haven’t made a start yet; after buying your book. I have been worrying as to whether the book is still relevant in today’s internet scenario, but with an updated version on the way, and all these positive reviews, I feel free again to just jump in and give it a go.

    Sorry I can’t be any help with a Review as yet, but maybe in a few months time?


  14. J Paul Ott says

    Thanks for the opportunity to help YOU for a change! Your book is great Ros. I look forward to each new post and email from you. Keep up the positive mindset and great work. Already left another Amazon testimonial before coming back here to say thanks and offer a bit of encouragement. Wishing you all the continued success you can handle.

    J Paul Ott

  15. says

    In reading over the comments I have a few things to add, like James Samy I learned of and purchased the book after learning of it via Lynn Terry. I too voted down a few of the haters review.. It is both good and bad that reviews at least on Amazon are unmonitored and in any case anybody who falls for the tripe that haters are putting out won’t make it in the affiliate game anyway.

  16. says

    As requested I did a review. Think the “Super Affiliate Handbook” is a great book. It’s too bad that even in a niche like reviews there are “Trolls”.

  17. Archie Brown says

    Hey Ros, just posted a 5 star review on Amazon for your book. I bought it years ago (hard copy) when it first came out and still reference it. Great work from a super person 1st and great author/teacher 2nd. I still remember and have the (unsolicited) personal email from you with nothing about business, just asking about me and “how’s things going”. Never had that from anyone I bought a product from, ever. I’ll be on board for your anniversary edition.

  18. Stanley Roberts says

    Heading over to Amazon right now to leave a good post. Purchased your book several months ago and it’s helped me immensely towards starting my own online business. Thanks Ros for all your help.

  19. Joan says

    Love to help, Ros, but….. I bought your book years ago and it launched my internet marketing career. But I can’t figure out how to leave a comment as Amazon seems to limit comments to up to 90 days from the time of purchase. If you could email me how to get around this, I would be glad to leave a very positive comment. It’s a great book and I am glad you are updating it. –Joan

  20. James Hoag says

    Rosalind, I left a five-star review but I am not a verify purchaser, so don’t know how much it counts. I also voted down some of the lower rated comments. I’ve always considered your book one of the best and look forward to the new edition.

  21. says

    Hi Ros,
    Your book was the first one I bought when I started online. I would love to give a good review for you. I’m not sure I have an updated copy. I sent a request to customer support but did not see a response. I may have over-looked it.

    Has there been an updated version?

    • says

      Hi Monna,

      Thanks kindly for you help!

      There will be a new version for Kindle available on the 11th anniversary, which is in early June.

      I’ll make sure everyone knows as soon as it is available. :-)


  22. says

    It definitely opened my eyes to the life I could be living through an online business. Read it 7 years ago and am still going strong.

  23. says

    Definitely love to comment at Amazon. Your book touched many people and I would not have known it without Lynn Terry sharing.
    Thank you Rosalind Gardner for writing an amazing step by step book

  24. Teresa says

    Thrilled to hear there’s an update in the pipeline, every success with the launch.

    The original book was an inspiration to me, so I am more than happy to support you with an amazon review.

  25. says

    Hi Rose

    Your book was the first one I bought about the affiliate marketing and I cought the bug of learning marketing online. It was very good. Now I have my own product.

    Good luck with your Kindle version!

  26. says

    Would be happy to do this Rosalind BUT it would be on the UK site as I am a Brit living there! ALSO I assume you want it on the new edition as the most recent edition on Amazon UK is 2005 and I can’t see what benefit that would be in increasing the exposure of that edition when a new one is poised to shine! I have got that edition but agree with Karen J – it needs a Kindle edition and it needs a LOOK INSIDE I buy a lot of my books on Kindle now and as for physical books I always delve into them (via LOOK INSIDE ) before buying

    • says

      Hi Andrew,

      You are right, I will want comments on the new version as well, but I also wanted to boost the rating of the existing version before the new one is released.

      And yes, I will figure out how to do a LOOK INSIDE. Thanks for reminding me. :-)


  27. Fiona says

    Hello Ros,

    I am a big fan and have been trying to find the super affiliate handbook in stores in Australia and i am not having much luck I get strange looks and if they don manage to find it it takes 3-5 weeks to get it here so i don’t know what to do?

    I have read some of the reviews on that site and some of them say it is useless so i am not sure what to do? I rarely buy big books online because of the Costs to ship to Sydney Australia.

    Thank you for the great post!

    Take Care of yourself


  28. says

    Glad to help you! You have helped me and so many others that this was an easy review…almost as easy as SAH was in getting me started back then. I brought some important books here to Thailand when I moved. SAH is here now, and I still use it.

    Thanks, David Todd

  29. Karen J says

    Dear Ros ~
    I haven’t bought the book, so I can’t (won’t) leave a review or a rebuttal. Wish I could, because these posts are always information packed, even if I don’t do AM!

    I *do* shop for books on Amazon a lot, though.
    On first look at your Amazon page, I noticed immediately that you haven’t included any “Look inside this book” pages. Has that been a considered decision lately, or an option not revisited since Amazon first introduced it (well after SAH was published, IIRC)? I ask because I think it would help more shoppers buy the book, in spite of the many “Yes-helpful” votes for the more-negative reviews (which seems to be their primary guidepost for *featuring* a review).
    Also, some of the reviewers mention getting the e-book version, but SAH doesn’t appear to be available for Kindle., either…

    Good luck with your ‘bury the (very old, ta-boot) haters’ campaign!

  30. says

    I bought your Super Affiliate a Handbook many years ago. It has always help a position of authority and trust in my mind with regard to affiliate marketing. I’m glad you continue to publish and update it.

  31. says

    Hi Rosalind –

    I bought your book a few years back and loved it! I thought it was extemely detailed and offered excellent guidance for anyone willing to follow it.

    I have referred to the book many times when I had a question or needed some reference information.

    I found your book to be extremely helpful with excellent tips and advice. I’m really glad I read the book, and am happy to hear an anniversary edition is being released!

    Thanks for putting it out there!

  32. says

    Amazing that we still have haters for great products. The SAH got me started with my blogging before I know zilch about it…moving on to that Amazon review :)

  33. says

    Done – it’s easy when it’s a good product, and yours is one of the best Ros! Btw within 15 mins of me posting my review you got a sale, so people DO read these reviews and all this stuff matters people!

    “Your review helped another customer shop for ‘The Super Affiliate Handbook…”

    *always post what you truly believe in and only review what you’ve truly read :)

  34. says

    Ros, yours is actually one of the most detailed affiliate guides I have ever read. It’s no wonder the Amazon competition is jealous ,,, I would be too !

  35. says

    Thanks for reaching out to us Ros. With enough positive reviews, we can bury those haters, who are either trying to lower your scores to sell another book, or are just plain jealous of your success and the success of your students.

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