BizZites Review: All-in-One Affiliate Datafeed Store Builder & CMS

UPDATE as of April 5, 2011: Bizzites has been sold and the new owner will no longer be supporting it. They plan to take the site down in fact.

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I’ve been working with a BizZites affiliate store builder for the last couple of days and man, I am truly impressed!

But before I tell you more about BizZites, let me say that I’ve worked with a number of different affiliate datafeed tools including Webmerge, Popshops, Datafeedr, Goldencan and Pepperjam’s Store builder — just to name a few of those that I’ve found useful on my affiliate sites.

Those datafeed tools vary from software that you install on your computer to third-party management tools and plug-n-play code snippet generators. In some cases, use of the service means giving up a portion of your commissions, e.g. the 4th-click merchants at Goldencan.

While those tools spit out merchant product feeds in an attractive format (some more customizable than others) none of those datafeed tools actually builds the site for you. You still have to have a website / blog into which to import the merchant product data.

If you dread the thought of having to set up your own blog or static website or if you’re just tired of working your way through site setups and tweaking out a theme before you can get down to the meat and potatoes business of incorporating products and reviews, that’s where…

BizZites Reduces Your Workload

BizZites is a COMPLETE website building, datafeed integrating, content management system.

When you login, you immediately see how many departments, categories, products, and articles you have running on your Bizzite site, and the number of clicks you’ve received at the top of the store builder interface. It also specifies the theme in use.

The store building process is all laid out for you step-by-step by realistic step. I say ‘realistic’ because beside each step is an estimate of the time it should take you to complete the step — although I think some of the estimates are perhaps a little over-guesstimated, i.e. it estimates 15 minutes to change / edit the default video code if your template includes video. I say 2 minutes tops once you’ve got the embed code.

Themes, Videos & Pics Built Right In

Bizzite ThemeYou start by selecting a theme from over 50 beautifully designed ecommerce, blog-style and landing page themes with a choice of left and right navigation, as well as 3-column sytles (one demo sample shown to the right). Next, upload your logo. Don’t have one? No problem, their design team will create one for you for a very reasonable fee.

Then you set your default store options including the store’s name, tagline, description and so on… just like you’d do with any other site. Experienced WordPress users will note the structural similarities and also appreciate that the BizZites setup is more intuitive, not to mention guided.

Many features that currently require separate plugins or hand-coding in WordPress are built right into the BizZites interface such as rotating pictures and Adsense setup.

I LOVE the little warning messages such as “Don’t Change Until you know what you are doing” that I found beside Space Delimiter in URLs in the Video Code section. Good advice!!

On the other hand, if you’re an experienced designer / developer / webmaster, BizZites permits full-scale theme modifications.

Join Networks, Add Your Products

You can apply to the Affiliate Networks directly through the BizZites interface if you’re not already a member. Along with plans to add eBay and Amazon soon, affiliate networks in the interace currently include:

  1. Commission Junction
  2. Performics
  3. ShareASale
  4. Pepperjam
  5. LinkShare
  6. Link Connector
  7. ClickBank

Once you join, you simple plunk your ID into a form blank beside the appropriate network’s name and you can start building out your feeds.

Vendor names are listed with the number of products in the feed alongside in brackets. Click on the vendor name and it opens up a list of categories. You can choose the whole feed or just a category. Alternatively, you can search for products from all vendors or just one specific vendor by keyword using either broad or exact match.

The screenshot below shows the products in the Small Appliances > Food Processors category at Best Buy.

Bizzite Add Product

And if you have product feeds from other vendors not listed within the BizZites interface, you have to option to upload those feeds and work with them.

Overview of BizZites Features & Benefits

  • 40+ Million Affiliate Products to Choose from
  • Powerful and simple ajax enhanced admin
  • 3 Membership Levels
  • Proprietary Keyword Tools
  • Content Creation Services
  • Exclusive Back Linking Services
  • Built in Pinging and RSS Feeds just like a Blog
  • Custom Site Building Services
  • Vertical Market Analysis Services
  • Membership, Forum and 24/7 support
  • And much more . . .

Is BizZites the Right Affiliate Store-Building Solution for You?

I would HIGHLY recommended BizZites to you if:

  • You’re completely new to affiliate marketing, don’t yet have a website and are committed to building a full scale affiliate site that looks great and incorporated merchant datafeeds, or;
  • You’re a more advanced affiliate marketer who just wants an easier way to build out a great-looking datafeed site in less time.

Visit BizZites now and take them up on their 30-day FREE Trial.

Or, watch the BizZites video.


  1. Steve says

    Hello Rosalind! I have not seen any more info on Bizzites getting an Amazon feed. Was wondering if you new anything about future plans for this? I’m completely new to IM. I need a platform to start with. Do you think I should go with bizzites or is another platform better for a new affiliate marketer.

    I have info overload for sure! Need to start somewhere. Thanks for your time, Steve.

  2. Bart says

    After reading your article, I wanted to check out BizZites, but I’m kind of leery about giving out my email address without knowing what the prices are like. Could you possibly give us some examples as to what you pay for their services?

    • says

      Hi Bart,

      You get a 30-day free trial. There is a Set-Up Fee of $97.95 (Billed on day 30 unless you cancel) and the Monthly Fee is $147.95 (Billed on day 30 unless you cancel).

      I’d say check it out. You have nothing to lose with the free trial.


    • Nadine says

      Hi Rosalind,

      I signed up for Bizzites’ free trial based on your recommendation (you are the only internet marketer I truly trust). Worst decision ever. I was unable to get off the ground at all. I am now on day 28 and they haven’t even acknowledged my domain submission.

      Is this company still staffed? Support does not answer e-mails/tickets and there are no contact numbers for anyone. I submitted three support tickets to support at my-affiliate-site over the course of the past three weeks and despite the company’s claim that they will reach out within 24 hours, have not received a reply.

      I’m not alone. In the forum, there are dozens of people searching for a way to cancel the trial after similar experiences. The consensus seems to be that we have to cancel our credit cards to avoid being charged.

      Truly awful. I feel so duped.

    • says

      Hi Nadine,

      I’m so sorry to hear you’ve had problems. They were great to begin with, but I seriously don’t know what’s happened with them lately other than I think the company was sold. I will continue to try getting in touch with the owners, and will revise my recommendation if I hear nothing within the next couple of days.


    • says

      Hi again, Nadine.

      I just got in touch with Bruce Safran. Turns out that he sold the company and the new owner has chosen to close it. Bruce mentioned that he will do his best to resolve your issues in the meantime.

      Hope that helps.

    • Nadine says

      Thank you Rosalind for updating your readers on this issue. I’m currently disputing the charges with my credit card company. Oh well, onwards and upwards!

      On a lighter note, I purchased SAH in 2006 and was looking around for instructions on how to update my version to the most current one. Can you help?


  3. says

    Thanks for the write up on this, I may have to check out bizzites. I’ve tried Goldencan, Popshops, storestacker, and a custom wordpress plugin that imports datafeeds to this point to build sites. They all have their own problems, so I’ll take a look at this one.

    My biggest problem has always been how to make the site unique enough to not get dumped in the search engines. The sites do good for a while and then almost inevetibly tank. Duplicate content penalties?

  4. says

    that’s very interesting, thanks for the heads up Ros. It looks like a much more friendly version of Storestacker. Do you think that the articles would end up being seen as duplicate content?

  5. Affiliate Store Builder says

    BizZites is superb idea, really good work but have anyone of you seen another fantastic affiliate store builder with Amazon and Ebay at one place… I really found it fantastic all of you do check it, its really impressive…

  6. says

    I like the idea of a complete web store but the one thing thats holding me back is how to get traffic? Is PPC expected or is SEO the main source of traffic?

    I am assuming the Alexa page rank will depend on content once the domain name and a sitemap are submitted. Do you know anyone who has a Bizzites store or has a URL to look at?

    I am asking because my websites rank with Alexa from 14,696,567 to the best one at 2,415,545 and thats with PPC & SEO but maybe not enough backlinks and no article writing… which strikes fear into my heart! I can cope with site building and almost everything else but not writing on a blank page!

    My biz site is (Alexa 2,415,545)Only two conversions in nearly 2 years! Can anyone beat this!

    • says


      I’m not sure how to say this… but based on seeing your site, I don’t think you’ve read the Super Affiliate Handbook in which the need for an attractive themed website, full of good content, interactivity with site users, and an autoresponder signup form are all discussed at length. Those topics are also dealt with on this site. I highly recommend that you start with the book.


  7. SEF says

    It seems we can’t find out the post-free trial price without providing an email address. Can you tell us what the fees for the three membership levels are? Thanks.

  8. says

    Hi Ros,

    I’m quite overwhelmed! Unbelievable that you can find time to review all of such programs. You’re talking about a 30-day trial and 3 membership-levels. I suppose many of your readers should like to see the prices right here, not to mention your idea about those…
    Nice day!

  9. says

    Ros, Thanks for the heads-up. I will go view the video and visit their site. You mentioned that you’ve been using now for a couple of days, could you share in which of your sites you’re using BizZites so I can see what is looks like?
    Thanks, Romy

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