Can Facebook Ads Affect Paid Search Marketing?

facebook-adsFacebook Ads… it’s cool enough, and I think one of the popular strategies that keep marketers switched on! At first, it was not a popular thought. People got it wrong as they took Facebook Ads as a way to hyper target to their desired demographic on the biggest social network, Facebook.

Well, there are reasons why people do not like Facebook Ads. If you are equipped with improper insights and strategy, then you will waste hundreds of dollars. However, to crack more revenue you have to get on with a little research and practice designing a successful Facebook Ad. In this post, we want to talk about a new finding that is going to add juice in paid Facebook advertising.

Seeing question (???) marks around! Let us untwine the questions. Here we go!

Facebook Ads can affect paid search marketing by 30%, says a new research from Kenshoo (a digital marketing business). Their folks conducted a study around 2500 plus store retailers. They analyzed with the retailers search results in which certain segments of the targeted US audience were exposed to paid search and Facebook Ads.

In the white paper, Added Value: Facebook Advertising Boosts Paid Search Performance four key findings prove Facebook Ads as the high performance-driver when run beside the paid search.

  1. The audience segments of US exposed to Facebook Ads and paid search yields about 30% of higher returns on the advertisement compared to search-only segments.
  2. Paid search and the Facebook Ad segments bring about 24% higher average order value as customers exposed to social advertising are considered as high-value customers to retailers.
  3. The findings further say that click-through rates for paid search groups and Facebook Ads moved as high as 7%. Nevertheless, it still suggests that social advertising has a positive impact on growing consumer awareness and perceptions on a brand.
  4. The CPA (cost per acquisition) for both paid search and Facebook Ads was 4.5% lower than the CPA of search-only segment. In this tough economic condition, this factor is important for the marketers operating presently.

Paid search affect the conversions or sales figure near the bottom of the marketing funnel, where people are more likely to press the calls to action button and buy the product or gain the service offered in the Ad.

While announcing the results of Kenshoo’s Survey Report, Facebook’s Attribution Measurement Manager Rob Creekmore says-

The research done by Kenshoo focuses on the aspect of how Facebook acts as a discovery platform and boosts the performance based on paid search metrics. The 30 percent increase as a return on the Advertising expenditure is something that marketers will find exciting. The research makes it clear that if a SMB pairs up Facebook marketing with Paid Search marketing it will lead them to customers who are ready to open up their wallet anytime to make sales.

The survey and their finding further add ups comment from Kenshoo’s Director of Marketing Research Josh Dreller.

He says that the findings are going to help the advertisers to capitalize on what they feel the best. Facebook Ad and Paid Search are the two important digital marketing channels that help to discover the best customer through search intent and continued conversation via social networks. He compares Kenshoo’s study as the tip of the iceberg, which can add up actionable insight to marketers in order to optimize the performance across channels.

Paid search marketing when combines with Facebook Ads create one or two punches that can generate higher returns on the ad spend, with high average order value, somewhat better click through rates and slightly lower cost per acquisition.

The advertisers have to understand the basic thing while they start their ad campaigns at Facebook. What are they trying to promote – Brand details or specification or sell a specific product

If you are clear, then you need to set the right target both inside and outside the Facebook with paid efforts. The customers will grab the attention of your Ad more than others will. Hence, creates a coveted top of the mind awareness for brands.

Marketers do lament as social media does not earn them a lot ROI, but it can affect the channels that actually drive in sales for businesses. It is not just about how to channel performance in silos, but marketers must know how to apply insights of one channel to other. Search is a demand signal, so take the product to your Facebook Business Page to get better performance.

If you have not fallen for Facebook after reading this post, then you are missing the season’s best bump.

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