Case Study: A Step-By-Step Strategy to Accelerate Your Google Rankings

What’s the most important strategy of getting your blog to the number 1 spot in both Google and Yahoo and keep all the search traffic to yourself? Definitely the ideal answer is proper keyword research and building authoritative backlinks.

In this blog post you will learn how I used Google Insight tool and press release service ( to accelerate my Google rankings to top 4 within 3 days.

The use of Google Insight Tool was to generate highly profitable keyword with considerable search traffic and the purpose of using press release was to generate authoritative backlinks to my blog site.

How I nailed down the top 4 spot in Google within 3 days

The main reason why i decided to push my blog site to be on the top spot in Google and Yahoo, was to generate highly targeted long tail keyword with commercial intent.

The reason why I am advocating for long tail keyword, it’s because they can convert results into sales and hence generate more business for your service or product.

How did I use this strategy to be on top 4 spot in Google?

It’s simple and clear: I used both Google Keyword tool and Google insight Tool to generate narrower long tail keywords.

Below is a step by step procedure of what I did:

Step 1:

I went to Google Keyword tool and I started with the main keyword and I selected a narrower search term which had a global traffic of 300,000 monthly search volume. The niche I selected was ”Greek Yogurt” as below:

Step 2:

I took the narrower search term from step 1 and I put it on Google Insight tool. The results were as per below screen shot:

Some of the example of narrower keywords that I found were:

  • Recipes with Greek yogurt (Monthly search 22,000)
  • How to make Greek Yogurt (Monthly search 9,900)
  • Greek Yogurt nutritional facts (Monthly search 4000)

Based from the above keyword analysis I managed to settle with recipes with Greek yogurt as my main keyword.

Link building strategy that accelerated my Google rankings

As we all know quality content and authoritative backlinks will make Google deliver results to your business. One of the strategies that I used to build high authoritative links was with the help of press release service.

I took 3 good months to learn how to write a press release that will be of high interest to the media and journalist. My first objective was to make sure that my blog site has all the required information such as high quality content, resources and links.

I wrote a powerful top notch news release that I distributed via press release service ( and after 3 days my blog site sky rocketed to top 4 in Google and it was as a result of high quality links that I received from the press release service.

Below is a screenshot of the news release that was distributed with the help of

After 3 days I managed to get the below results:

From the above results my blog site started to get more attention from the major search engine and other referral sites. If you plan early with the right mind set, i can really assure you that will achieve the same results that I did.

From my own experience, I really don’t think you need any Degree or Masters or any special software. The real truth is that you can follow the above simple steps and then replicate my results.

Do you have any results that you have achieved based on the above case study?


  1. says

    Ok I have one more question on this topic, do you think that the same things that rank affiliate websites also will rank videos? I am in the process of trying to learn video SEO, so I thought maybe you could give me some pointers.
    Be Blessed, Doug

  2. says

    I really enjoyed the article, and I wanted to ask a question. I have seen your Super Affiliate book advertised lately, and I wanted to know if it was still possible to use the strategies in that book to become a super affiliate?
    Any feedback would be appreciated.
    Be Blessed, Doug

  3. says

    Hi Ros,
    I have been a fan for years now and finally have got my butt into gear and have done my own blog site. I have not finished it yet, and I was just looking to see if you had any tips. I love all your tips- there is no hype just straight forward HONEST ideas. Isn’t it amazing when one searches for webhosts etc. to set up the website how all these internet marketers come out of the woodwork trying to sell you this and that. I am stringing some affiliate stuff into my site as well and am using it to promote my own products. THIS IS NOT meant as an ad for the site. I am a bit proud of what I have achieved thus far, I did I think purchase one of your books but since then we have updated computers x 4 times so it has long gone because the computer actually crashed, and is now well and truly recycled. But , that’s my loss. I am also a spelling freak, like you mentioned in one of your posts, and I also get very annoyed when people do not put the right words in, But thank you for being here for us newbies, and oldies and old newbies- ( I am retired!), Just THANK YOU! VERY MUCH!!!

    • says

      Hey Wendy,

      Thanks kindly for getting in touch and happy to hear that you appreciate what I share. That’s my goal. :-)

      Keep up that good work and have fun doing it!


  4. Candice B says

    Hi Ros! Just found you and subscribed to your newsletter…so far, so GREAT!…I’m fairly new to Affiliate and Internet Marketing and one major thing I can’t figure out the correct way of doing is deciding the best way to choose profitable keywords I can rank well for…some “gurus” say to search in Google Keyword Tool with quotes around your phrase to find phrases with 1000-5000 optimized results(competition) max, some don’t search their phrases in quotes like this above example, so, can you please list your ranges of searches, traffic, competition,etc for selecting profitable keywords with a great chance of gainig page 1 ranking? Thanks for all that you do!

  5. says

    Dear Author,

    The sites cited on i.e. etc. do not exist?

    I enjoyed your post though. Thank you!

  6. says


    I was introduced to google keyword by a friend who does seo however, I’ve never heard of google insight before. I’ve been writing articles, advertising and attempting to follow all kinds of seo advice since I launched my site in October of 2011. For about one week I was on page one of google. Then, I fell to page 8 and beyond. My seo friend called that the honeymoon period. I truly appreciate your no fluff post. Often blogs that have promising titles are just hooks and lead-ins to try to get people to go to their money sites. I’m a guy who has been driven to try to make it in the online world as a means to provide for my family in this crazy economic time so, any tidbit of information that ‘works’ is information that I will gladly look into.

    I’d love to know how PRWEB works out for you. Hopefully you’ll be posting a blog about that someday too.

    Until then, I’ll head on over to your blog and see what else I can learn, this being the first article of yours for me.

    Thanks again!

    • says

      Hi, Johnathan wow! thanks for your feedback. Right now am working on using and once i get results i will definately publish the results.

      For prweb i have already signed with their popular plan of $200 and i have not submitted any press release coz iam using the but i will definately show the results. Thanks.

  7. Joe M says


    Google recently made changes which lower search engine placement for lighter sales sites, instead favoring sites with in-depth content. Can you comment on how this changes the approach you mention in your ebook about how to publish ebooks – where one strategy is to put together just single page sites to sell the ebooks?

    • Joe M says

      Oops mixed up two replies. The person who wrote the eBook about publishing eBooks is not you. sry.

    • says

      Hello Emaka the best way is to find your passion and develop some deeply intrest on it, But the best way to start i would recommend you get Rosalind ebook about Affiliate Marketing. You will learn alot from there.

    • Katharina says

      Like Emaka, I want to learn Affiliate Marketing but after getting too much information now, I am feeling overwhelmed and almost afraid to start. I have Rosalind Gardiner’s book and joined her Affiliate Marketing Pro programme just recently. I work full time but want to be fully self employed within the year if at all possible, but there is a lot to learn, obviously, while trying to get a business off the ground. Is this a realistic expectation if I totally commit? I do write fairly well, and have written some good sales copy (which I really enjoy doing but have had little training in) that has brought good results to the few people I have given it away to, so am really keen to grow and utilize that apparent ability. It’s now or never and there is a lot at stake for me. Obviously I have to keep working; however, as I write, I am answering my own question – nothing ventured, nothing gained and yes, I think I have found gold in this programme and all the support which seems to be available.

      PS I’m not young, either, at 64. It’s been one long struggle since my husband passed away while my youngest of 4 children was still only 8, so it really is “now or never” to achieve a lot financially. From everything I have read, I am thinking this is the only way for me to go. I also enjoy creative writing and I expect the two endeavours would naturally complement each other?.

    • says

      Hi Katharina,

      Thanks kindly for sharing.

      Fully self-employed within the year as an affiliate might be over-optimistic. But as a good writer, you definitely have a good head start. I would suggest that you seriously keep in mind the possibility of writing a book while you are in the process of blogging as an affiliate.

      Keep us posted and I’ll see you in the Affiliate Blogger PRO community forums!


    • says

      Thanks Monja i hope the content will help you to stay up-to date with Google updates. Cheers!

  8. kelly curtis says

    This is all very well,but i have asked several times for people to show actual proof of earnings that they have in their bank accounts!

  9. says

    Hi BillyBoy – very interesting post. I wouldn’t risk it myself, but cool that it worked.

    How do you plan to maintain your current position for the long term?

    • says

      Thanks Daves, my plan is to continue to write and distribute press release after every 3 months. This time round am planning to use PRWEB.COM and see what the outcome will be.

  10. says

    Oh I’m glad this was not witten by you rosland because BILLBOYS dates don’t match up

    aug17th 2011…..straight up miss leading. if you didn’t write this I’ll keep your emails.

    I’m sure this will be deleted…How about I just give away your ebook..I’m upset, I looked up to you.

    • says

      What’s the date of the webWire article ? is Aug. 17 of 2011

      Now look down to your report Date 2/13/2012

      Yet you, he says in 4 days I ranked as”I don’t add up”

      What issue with the date do I have? There are 2 dates look at them, are 4, 5 or 30 days apart? no they are months Ros.
      Tell me I’m upside down on this and I’m missing something, Please I want to be wrong.
      You said what’s my issue with the dates, There are only two, you looked at them.

    • says


      It doesn’t matter if Billy Boy’s article was written 1 day, month or year ago, good SEO techniques always work — Penguins and Pandas aside.

      That’s the point.


  11. says

    Ros, I’m a little confused. You made this press release and in 3 days you are ranked high on google…. Why is the date on the press release AUG. 17 2011….?

  12. says

    Thanks Ros for posting this article by “BillyBoy.” A nice and clear process to follow to getting the most out of a press release.

    • says

      Hey Jane thanks for appreciating the content i hope it will motivate internet marketers who want to drive traffic to there blog site.

  13. says

    It’s been awhile since I received my last post from this site. Good to see you’re still pushing tips through (even if it’s not written by you).

  14. says

    Nice reading, Ross!
    It all seems so logical, but yes, many of us underestimate the need
    (and the power) of the right order of the elements.
    And where you know: ‘A picture paints a thousand words.’, your
    post leaves nothing to guess about.

    Thank you so much!

    Leo S.

  15. says

    You are the only one whose blog posts I read. Your posts are full of information. Others always try to sell one thing or the other. The current post “A Step-By-Step Strategy to Accelerate Your Google Rankings” is excellent. I learned about Google insight and also about writing press release.

    Thanks for the informative blog post.

  16. says

    Thanks Ros,

    I’ve always wondered how to write a good quality press release and the resource you mentioned will be a big help.

    Ian McConnell
    Western Australia

  17. says


    You have been one of my favorites for a long time. I’m reading the post looking for “for a limited time only…”. Nope, just more good stuff – no fluff.

    Have a great one!

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