Overcoming Fear and Self-Doubt


The number of people who approach me with comments such as “I’m scared to even try” to build an Internet or affiliate marketing business is astounding and breaks my heart. And then there are those who assume that I was born to be successful, whereas they are somehow flawed and have no chance at success. […]

Successful vs. Unsuccessful People


A friend of mine posted this image to Facebook and I thought it was so true that I wanted to share it with you all as motivation for success in 2013. Listed are the characteristics of both successful and unsuccessful people. Successful people: Compliment Forgive others Accept responsibility for their futures Keep a journal Want […]

February Blogging Challenge Results


Back at the beginning of February, I announced that I was going to challenge myself to post an article each day to my dating review site, 101Date.com — a site that had been sadly neglected in terms of content publishing for a very long time. Well, here’s what happened over the month with my blogging […]

How about a 2-Hour Work Week?

Work the System Academy

Want to work less and earn more? I recently read a book that teaches you exactly how to do that. Sam Carpenter’s “Work the System” has a higher percentage of 5 star ratings on Amazon than Michael Gerber’s 30 million selling ‘E-Myth’ AND Steven Covey’s legendary ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’. Sam is remarkable. […]

10 Resolutions for Better Online Business in 2012


The end of the year is a fabulous time to set goals that will help you make more money online in the new year (and beyond). Here are a few New Year’s business resolutions you might want to consider adopting: Ask for help We often fail to achieve our goals because we don’t ask for […]

Why I Killed My Blog


Most Super Affiliate Handbook readers and Rosalind Gardner’s Academy members will be familiar with a personal blog of mine that was used as an example of an affiliate site until about a year ago. The blog was called Roamsters and I had a lot of fun building and working on it. It was the only […]