Quiz: Which affiliate banner has the highest EPC?


Please note: This poll is now closed — but DO check out the answers and the article below on how to choose the best affiliate banners. Which of the following affiliate banners do you think would be best to use? Submit your answer in the poll and then add a comment to tell us why […]

Facebook Poll


Social media marketing is getting more important and prevalent by the day. Despite my early misgivings about using Facebook and other social media, I’ve learned to love it and what it does for my business! I therefore find the results of this Facebook poll quite stunning! Comments, questions or suggestions? Please leave a comment below! […]

IM Education: How Much Have You Spent in the Last 12 Months?


While we’re on the subject of getting a proper Internet business education so that you don’t end up frustrated or spinning your wheels, wasting your money or worse, ruining your marriage, I thought it would be interesting to poll our NPT readers to find out how much you’ve spent on Internet marketing tutorials (books, courses, […]

Poll: What is Your Biggest Internet Marketing Challenge?

In order to more effectively help you build a better Internet marketing business in 2008, please take the following “What is Your Biggest Internet Marketing Challenge?” poll. Please expand your answers by adding a comment below. For example, if you checked “no website, no blog, no nothing yet”, please explain your difficulty with getting a […]