Clickbank’s New and Improved Marketplace Search Functionality

Well, halle-flippin’-lu-ya, Clickbanks new marketplace categories and search functionality have been in place for the past couple of weeks now and the improvement is phenomenal.

For example, affiliates who want to promote my book can actually FIND the product through a keyword search (see pic below), unlike before when they’d have to contact me to get their affiliate links, because they couldn’t find me on Clickbank, despite the fact that the book has been on Page 1 of its category since 2003.

Speaking of categories, the category search now makes sense. Vendors aren’t permitted to place their products in multiple categories, so those deserving of higher rankings within their appropriate category now receive them.

For example, I was surprised to see German, French and Spanish products show up on page 1 under Male Dating guides – the latter 2 of which are translations of “How to be an Alpha Male“. For a dating affiliate, that’s great information to be sure, that I would otherwise not have known using the previous system.

Thanks Clickbank, for making a good system even better!


  1. Valerie Mosso says

    Thanks Rosalind for being here! Very nice to see a Woman in such a male dominated realm. I will be looking forward to reading your posts and learning more from you!
    Best Regards,
    Valerie Mosso

  2. Mel says

    hi there, I am posting a question here as not sure where else too but need a little affiliate advice..
    Thinking to start a site on womens fitness and eventually sell related afffiliate products… vitamins,supp, small new trend exercise equipment making it a fun site for those who like to keep fit and healthy too not so about obsessive weight loss or fad diets but healthy living and covering things that us women come up against fitness wise. Of course I have to start small and build up to that but just wondered what your thoughts on the idea itself?
    Bit worried whether this is a saturated market for a newbie (fitness that is but i have the knowledge though) or whether I would be best starting first on my other interest aromatherapy/natural remedies.
    I KNOW you can’t tell me what I should decide but I supposed I am just hoping for a little guidance from an experienced affiliate marketer to a newbie as to which market(s) maybe (not easier) but more viable I suppose for a newbie with her first site who would like to make an income from this not just to be a hobby…or is it just the way I approach it that matters! I don’t want to be too blinded by my passion (fitness/health) but want to be sensible too as I do succeed at IM.. thank you for your time!

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