February Blogging Challenge Results

Back at the beginning of February, I announced that I was going to challenge myself to post an article each day to my dating review site, 101Date.com — a site that had been sadly neglected in terms of content publishing for a very long time.

Well, here’s what happened over the month with my blogging challenge.

To produce the content, I:

  • Created 6 new articles
  • Resused 2 old articles
  • Re-used 2 polls, created 6 new polls
  • Used 2 merchant articles
  • Used 3 press releases / news articles
  • Used 2 posts generated by a shopping plugin
  • Used 3 PLR articles

And contrary to my original plan, I used no spun articles.

Did I post every day of the month?

If you added the numbers above together, you know the answer is “NO”.

My general excuse is that my brain was addled by allergies here in Arizona, and somehow I missed publishing on the 11th, 26th and 29th. For the last day of the month, I totally forgot it was a leap year. :-)

To make up for the leap day ommission, I posted on March 1st.

Were the results benefical?

According to my Aweber stats, the overall results were mixed. Readership declined by almost 2% over the month. On the other hand, subscriber complaints declined from .12% from the original broadcast on the 1st of February to a mere .04% by the last broadcast.

My take on that was that “they’re getting to know me again” and “it’s GOOD to cull the non-responsive”, especially when one pays for each subscriber! :-)

Traffic Generation results were very positive.

Increases / decreases from month-to-month were as follows:

  • 12.05% increase in visitors
  • 10.47% increase in unique visitors
  • 5.81% decrease in pageviews
  • 5.57% increase in time on site
  • 19.68% decrease in the Bounce Rate
  • 2.71% increase in New Visits

Overall REAL Results

The best results by far, however, were in terms of affiliate commission gains.

I more than doubled my average monthly earnings from the site.


What did I learn?

Creating a challenge for oneself is good for increasing both productivity and earnings.

It makes you much more aware of how people respond to what you publish, and to produce more of that to which they respond positively.

Not only that, but the positive results energize you to do more of the same! :-)

I also asked you to join me in the challenge and a few of you responded.

So… how did your February blogging challenge work out for you? Please leave a comment below!




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    I did something similar January of 2011 on WarriorForum. I was a member of the forum for a number of years but only had about 20 posts so I decided to give myself a challenge; reach 1000 posts by the end of January 2011 with a full 400 plus word article every day.
    The result was over 1100 posts and over 30 articles. With this under my belt I took the Ezine Article challenge of 100 articles in 100 days. I finished with over 120 articles by the end of the challenge.

    What did it show me? That I could do whatever I want if I put my mind to it, but I stand a better chance of completing the task if I take it on as a challenge to myself.

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    Ros, I’m going to test this theory out for myself. I have not been blogging in a 3 months and I’ve been looking for something to do with my time. Blogging does work so I just need to work it!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

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    Hi Ros,

    I did manage to get 30 blog post done. Now, some of these (75%) went to my sites, some to others for backlinks. While I wasn’t so lucky to double my income, I did increase it by 28.5% over the last month. So I’m very Happy! Keep on Blogging!

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    Believe it or not,i am redoing some of my articles on my website.The ones that aren’t getting much readership.After doing only a few i found that my site is doing a lot better in Google.I am also going to write a lot of new content this year.Which shopping plugin did you use?Shoppingpages by chance?

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    Thanks for the update, Ros. Very instructive.

    The nicest part about doing such a challenge is that the benefits keep on coming for at least another month or two – EVEN IF you do nothing else!

    And of course, the SMART thing to do is build upon the momentum by blogging on a more regular basis – and multiply the impact over the months to come (which I’m sure you’re planning anyway).

    My results paralleled yours – especially re the boost in income :)

    Thanks again for sharing your experiences with the blogging challenge.

    All success

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    Hi ros,
    Great results! I added a Ton of Content to my Mac Site but didn’t promote the posts because i wanted more Content First. I also reorganized the categories and increases the adsense earnings. I did the Same for my digital scrapbooking Site – visitors increased, affiliate commissions as well 😀 so i guess i simply keep going for some months

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    Hi Rosalind,
    I am glad a friend pointed me to your blog. I have a few blogs that have been neglected and have challenged myself to write every day as well. I am anxious to see how things turn out by the end of March.

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    This was a great post, a nudge I’ve been needing.

    I’d been ill for awhile, then hospitalized last month, and now having a difficult time getting back into the swing of posting.

    Your results reminded me why it’s so important.

    Thanks a bunch Ros


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    Hi Ros,

    Well, I did some extra blogging which was great traffic-wise. I didn’t do as much as I had planned though.

    I do agree that getting moving does re-energize alot. I also accomplished some badly needed organization which in turn re-energizes me too. If I don’t tackle paperwork, filing and that kind of thing as well, it tends to paralyze me, and then everything suffers.

    Thanks Ros, your post was my motivation in more than one way.

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    Following your advice, I too started blogging again regularly in February. Traffic has definitely upturned and my visitors responded positively to it. You can also blog anchor links to different sections of your pages to draw more attention from the SE’s.

    Although I didn’t get a blog posted everyday, just blogging a few each week really helped. Thanks for reminding us how the tools we’ve learned to use can help us even MORE if we use them regularly! Have a great day Ros! (My allergies are giving me a fit this year too so don’t feel alone:o) Achoo!


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      Hey Carolyn,

      Good for you and great points, especially about cross-linking your posts. That always helps your readers go deeper into your site… and Google loves it. :-)

      Take care of your allergies and keep posting!


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