Get More Buyers Course: NOT Another Bogus Review

Get More BuyersWere you completely bombarded by emails urging you to buy Michael Rasmussen’s new “Get More Buyers” Video Course on Tuesday?

Ya, me too.

What really got me was the sheer number of so-called ‘reviews’ that contained exactly the same wording.

(Here’s a tip… regurgitating merchant copy word-for-word is NOT how one becomes a Super affiliate.)

Suffice to say that those marketers probably didn’t bother to watch the course in its entirety — if at all.

I did.

But before I tell you what I thought about the course and just in case you think email marketing / list-building isn’t where it’s at when it comes to making money online — I sent out 2 emails last month in one niche and bought an RV with the proceeds — and I don’t do everything that Michael suggests in “Get More Buyers“… yet. :-)

Just 25 seconds into the videos, Michael discards the entrenched marketing theory that ‘the money is in the list’. From the perspective of an avid and successful email marketer, Michael’s assertion grabbed my attention and kept it throughout the rest of the course.

Pretty remarkable, considering I have trouble sitting through some 2 minute video tutorials, and “Get More Buyers” took a couple of hours to go through as I paused the video a few times to make notes.

So, the video was well produced and the content captivating, but will his course really help YOU get more buyers? Well…

Get More Buyers

Considering how well Michael does in some JV sales contests, I know that his approach works extremely well.

For instance, having already won one prize (and hoping for another), I was sitting pretty in a top spot a few days into one contest when Michael came out of nowhere to end up in the third position and won a giant prize for his efforts.

If I implement just a few of the tips that I picked up from his videos, he’ll have more competition from me down the road. You hear that, Michael? :-)

But will Michael’s 10 strategies work for you?

Well, that somewhat depends on the markets in which you work.

For example, a couple of his suggestions are completely irrelevant to picking up more buyers in dating niche. Too, it might be very difficult to make his strategies work if you affiliate only with big brand name companies. OR, if you’re a ‘lazy’ affiliate marketer – someone who just wants to drive traffic to your offers with PPC then take your commissions and run – Michael’s strategies probably won’t work for you.

Too, I’ve tried one of the more specific strategies in ‘Get More Buyers’ and found that while it generated a mountain of subscribers, they were ‘garbage leads’ or ‘freebie seekers’ – not buyers. Then again, I probably didn’t work hard enough to cultivate those particular leads – a subject that is covered in one of Michael’s Fast Action Bonuses, ‘Making Your Buyers List Pay Off‘ report. Note: This bonus is only available until November 4th at 9:00pm PST.

That said, what Michael recommends will work particularly well if you promote products in the business opportunities market OR if you promote information products in almost any other niche. Affiliate marketers would do well just to listen to Michael’s 16:39 introduction for ideas on how to expand their businesses. And if you put in the effort to do as Michael suggests (re creating funnels, partnerships, added value, etc.), there’s no doubt that you’ll be able to build big fat lists that are filled with buyers, and he gives you a raft of good ideas on how to simplify your workload.

Is ‘Get More Buyers‘ worth $77.00?

To figure that out, calculate the value of your typical buyer. If a buyer is worth $10 to you, you’ll have to make 8 sales to recoup your cost. If your leads are worth $50, then you’ll only have to make 2 sales. It’s all gravy after that, and if you follow Michael’s ‘Get More Buyers‘ plan, you will add hundreds, if not thousands, of buyers to your lists.

In summary, I say Get More Buyers is worth the price it if you want to grow your business and make more money from building bigger buyer lists.


  1. Matt Kuehnert says


    First, I wanted to say that you’re Super Affiliate Handbook is great. I had heard of Affilate Markeing before
    but wasn’t aware of all the income streams that you cover. Great job, excellent book!

    I have Michael Rasmussens’ Get More Buyers program, but was also interestd in Derek Gehl’s Insider Secrets to email Marketing. Would you say that Get More Buyers is a “rehash” of Insider Secrets?

    Many Thanks,

    Matthew Kuehnert

  2. says

    Hi again Ros,

    Before you can answer my previous post, I already made the decision to purchase your course. I can always get Micheal’s course on list-building later (at a higher price I am sure). I reasoned that it is more important to have a proper foundation laid for my business, than to build a list with no direction.


  3. says

    Hi Ros,
    This may be tough for you. I have recently become an affiliate of an investment information course. .My problems are lack of money and time.
    I saw the reference by a previous poster about the course you offer.
    I was also looking at “Get More Buyers”.
    Would you recommend your course on affiliate marketing, or, Get more buyers?
    I don’t presently have the funds for both, so I must make a choice.


  4. maudie says

    Hi Ros,

    What do you think Of PCCAffiliate as I am a newbie, I am finding this quite expensive to keep up with it, as nearly everytime I get the emails, it’s always about this new prgram that comes out and next minute you know you got to buy pay for something else to be able to make money, I am finding it expensive. Do you think it’s a good program for very new, newbies to be in?


    • says

      Hello Maudie,

      I believe you might be refering to the PPC Classroom course, which although I recommended very highly, is now closed to new students.

      For ‘very new newbies’ who want to save money while they build their business, I suggest that instead of buying every course that gets promoted, take a step back to the basics. Do your market research using free tools and build your own website / blog (easy to do using Bluehost & WordPress) as I detail in the Super Affiliate Handbook. Use free marketing channels like article and social marketing sites. Peruse forums like the one here at NPT and ask questions… you’ll get good answers from people with experience.

      Starting an affiliate marketing business doesn’t need to be an expensive venture — you just have to put in the time to find low-cost tools & resources.

      Best of success to you!


  5. says

    I would like your truthfull answer to the following question. Are any of these courses etc. worth while. I read your book and It’s great. Since then I have looked for help in area’s other than affiliate marketing and found nothing even close to your writing. I guess it’s true that 90% of everything of the money makeing formula books and courses are just plain bunk. What do you think?

    Bud L

    • says

      Hi Bud,

      Thanks very much for the kind compliment about my work. I try. :-)

      I wish I had more information about what you mean by ‘area’s other than affiliate marketing’, eg. selling on eBay? Internet marketing in general? dropshipping?

      Although I agree that a large percentage (maybe not quite 90%) of materials released doesn’t warrant the time of day, there are definitely some GREAT training products available in each online business channel.

      For instance, the first course that I bought was ‘Insiders Secrets’ which has constantly been updated through the years and is still an excellent product that I continue to recommend.

      If you would like more info, but prefer not to divulge your niche or interests, feel free to drop a line through our Support Desk.

      Hope that helps!


    • says


      That was a fast reply. I am not trying to hide my niche currently I am working in 2 of what I consider niches but the result is very little business. I have and am still using list marketing and a blog and I am also working with article marketing. So far the site show result but only around holidays and even then not enough to call a success. The blog I have no results from and the same with the mailing list. If I give away an e-book they will take it but that is it. I am aware that people pay you for coaching and I am not asking for that free, I’m just frustrated. I’m so close and yet I can’t put my finger on what I’m missing. I’ve read a lot of the books such as yours and one you co authored “moonlighting on the internet”. They are great but I still can’t seem to take the information and put together a successful plan. If you have any more hints that would be great because I don’t intend to give up. I know it works and I’m going to make it or bust trying.

      Bud L

    • says

      Hi again Bud,

      I’m glad to hear that your attitude is so positive… hallmark of a successful netpreneur in the making.

      There are however a number of issues on the Buffalofoods site that need to be addressed, including design problems include alignment (extends off page to the right on a 1024 display) and a broken ‘about us’ link. I also see a spelling mistake in the first sentence. There are irrelevant (BANS) links and banners on the pages. I also think the domain name might be misleading… I thought I was going for buffalo burgers, which I love, BTW. :-)

      To get more feedback, I’d suggest posting a website review request in the NPT Forum or we can do a one-on-one consultation to get you on the right track.

      Most of all… keep plugging!


  6. May Mickelow says

    And therein lies the problem with sharing your list or even getting your name added to someone’s list, thereafter your mail box is overloaded with the same offers from one and all. I spend loads of time every day deleting the same offers from about a dozen people who simply copy and paste and don’t even bother to read their posts or their e-mails before they send them out to their lists, the sad part is they all contain, not only the same old information, but also the same spelling and typos as the original and some even offer the same tired bonuses too. Ugh! And if I feel like that, how do customers feel about receiving the same tired old thing for two weeks from a hoard of marketers?

    Thanks Rosalind, I didn’t even read through the first one that I opened from someone that I had received other good offers from because I was tired to death of seeing very little effort and absolutely no consideration for me the customer from these guys. Now that I have read your excellent review, I will go have another look at this product.

    So pay attention, everyone, read Rosalind’s review, keep a copy along with one of the others that didn’t impress you or cause you to buy or even read to the end of the offer, and take notes on how to promote a product of any kind! Well written, thoughtful, offers some new information, Short, and produces results. Best of all, Rosalind’s review didn’t waste my time and I learned something new which isn’t probably what Rosalind intended but hey, I have learned loads of things from Rosalind that I’m fairly certain she doesn’t know she passes on if one is paying attention.

    Thanks Rosalind, as usual, you raise the bar.


    • says

      You’re very kind, May… and I do know that you know that…

      Sometimes I like to drop ‘between-the-lines’ info and see who picks up… and apparently you DO. :-)


  7. says

    Being a nembie and trying to learn, your comments on Michael Rasmussen’s Course “Get More Buyers“ are real helpful to me.
    Thank You.

  8. says

    Thanks for the honest review. It’s very hard to sort through all the courses out there and find the right one(s) for me. I mainly work with the big-box comapnies and I’m glad you gave your honest opinion about this course.

  9. Chris Prakoso says

    Thanks for the review. It helps me to make a decision to go for it or not. I wish a lot more people do this kind of review and not just send the email copy verbatim.


    • says

      Hi Chris,

      Well, they MIGHT start writing better reviews if they just read and followed the instructions in my Super Affiliate Handbook. Sometimes I feel like I’m talking to the wall. :-)


  10. Matthew Kuehnert says

    Ros…you’re right on this one! I received about half a dozen “regurgitated” copies of the same content…With the exception of the above great information and a few others.

    The good thing is that you can actually “see” which ‘promoters’ are worth paying attention to.

    Thanks again for the review and heads up!


    • says


      And you’re absolutely right about being able to “see” which ‘promoters’ are worth paying attention to. Given that, you can also pick up very good clues on other successful methods that they use to promote.


  11. says


    Thanks very much for the review of ‘Get More Buyers’. I was vascillating on whether to buy this or not and your information has swayed me more towards the ‘buy’ side of the fence and I may just fall off on that side.

    Thanks again,

    Ron Barrett

  12. Jane says


    I’ve been following your blog for quite a while and this post peeked my interest. I am a JV for Get More Buyers and I agree 100% with the fact that too many affiliates and JVs take the easy way out to promote a launch and just copy the swipe files.

    What kills me is that they all know that many of us are on multiple lists. When I receive e-mails for a launch I almost immediately delete the ones that repeat the same subject line and intro. as the previous 10 I just received.

    There’s nothing to capture my interest to go to the page when I already know what it’s about just by reading the subject line. In addition…I feel that marketer (JV, affiliate) has not even thought about his list and what benefit the product will bring to them. He’s just copied and pasted…BIG DEAL! (Are you really thinking about me?)

    My e-mails for this promotion were all 100% my own. Michael’s swipe file assisted me in writing my own e-mails, but I spent the time to make them my own so that my list would feel like I truly cared about them (which I DO!)

    I do wholly support Get More Buyers (especially since I wish I would have been made aware of many of these strategies when I first started). Michael always puts out good stuff and it’s easy to see why he’s a top affiliate.

    I thoroughly enjoy your posts,

    • says

      Hello Jane,

      Thanks very kindly for your comment and thrilled to hear that you’re following the Path of the Super Affiliate. :-)

      And you’re right about Michael, he’s one smart cookie.


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