How to Live and Work Anywhere

Kayaking on Mendenhall Lake (10)Over lunch, a girlfriend recently asked me, “What would you be doing if you could do anything you wanted to do?”

I didn’t have to think at all before answering, “I’m doing it”.

I expanded a little by explaining that I love what I do to help others achieve their dreams and I do that while traveling around the world.

For example, right now I’m in the middle of a 5+ week long cross-country RV camping trip. I’ve met all sorts of new people, visited with family and friends and seen a lot of territory that I hadn’t seen before… even getting caught in a violent thunderstorm in Wyoming. Internet connections throughout the trip have been spotty, and so has my ability to work.

But that doesn’t affect my earnings as my business is set up to run even when I’m on the road and can’t get connected.

While we were staying in Toronto on this trip, I ended up having an hour long conversation with Karol Gadja, who had won a consultation with me through a charity auction. I was delighted that it was Karol (pronounced ‘Carl’) who won the auction as I’d worked with him in the past, but had lost touch with him in recent years.

He’d all but disappeared from the Internet marketing world… and during our talk I found out how and why.

Karol has been traveling far and wide – crafting a guitar in India, learning to cook in Thailand and then trekking in New Zealand. For the next 4 months he’s staying in Poland to visit family and work on his next online project.

I particularly enjoyed hearing about Karol’s disappearance from the IM guru ‘promote anything and everything’ scene to make oodles of money to a place where he’s happily doing exactly what he wants and making as much money as he wants, when he wants.

He discovered what I’ve learned as well – that you get where you want to be by doing what you want to do – not by waiting for the money to roll in or chasing money. The money WILL come if you are true to yourself and others.

Seems like a strange concept, but it works.

Karol has just written a book called How to Live Anywhere about how to make this lifestyle work — from the perspective of being able to live and travel anywhere while making money.

I could (and probably should) have written this book, but I didn’t. And I like that Karol’s travel perspective includes information on how to fly for free and how to get executive class tickets for free. He covers a lot of ground on how to save money while you’re making it… something that I’m still in the process of learning. :-)

In the “Money Module“, Karol offers a number of different ways to make money online without compromising your values (selling your soul to make a buck) with affiliate marketing and information product production. He also includes a detailed case study of how he made $1,542.24 profit in 24 Hours with an affiliate promotion.

If you want to combine travel, work and really living life to the fullest, then I highly recommend you pick up Karol’s “How to Live Anywhere” book.

By the way, Karol and I wanted to do a webinar for you this week, but because I’m traveling and can’t guarantee an Internet connection where I’ll be camping (because I never know where I’ll be next), we’ll do that once I’m back in B.C. near the end of June.  :-)


  1. says

    I Great post. I also love your book: “Make a Fortune Promoting other people’s Stuff Online”.
    It has certainly helped me. I will bookmark your site. Thanks.

  2. says

    Hi Rosalind,

    That is the beauty of working from home. You can adjust your schedule alot easier to take that time off where with a real 9-5 job you mus coordinate with your employer, supervisor and cant always get that time off if something important is going on at work. Thanks for sharing!
    Jeff Casmer

  3. paula says

    I would love to learn how to live anywhere. I am planning to leave my current country since I have been living here forever. Thanks for this articl

  4. says

    Kudos to you!

    I have been exploring online opportunities since I quit my job last January so I can be free from stress and finally have a baby. I have been married for three years and my husband’s on a shifting schedule so working from home seems to be the answer.

    I hope I find the right opportunity for me to be able to succeed in this path that I want to take.

  5. says

    Well, Kudos to you!

    I am just starting to explore online opportunities and other work from home businesses. I quit my job last January to be able to be free from stress so I can have a baby. I’ve been married for three years and having problems with my hormones due to work-related stress and the fact that my husband works in a shifting schedule which makes it more difficult to schedule some quality time.

    I hope I find the right opportunity for me so I can still earn even when staying at home and hopefully, nursing a baby soon! This is truly an inspiration for me that I can succeed.

  6. Simon Croft says

    Hi Rosalind,

    Providing you are doing what you want to do, when you want, I don’t think it matters if you make oodles of money, though it does help of course. The important point is to stay true to yourself, never compromise what you believe in, that is when the discontent starts to set in.

    Great post, many thanks,


  7. says

    Well, that’s what I’m doing currently, working from home and it feels great. While I don’t earn yet as much as I was earning during my daytime job, I am slowly getting there. And the lack of stress that was following me throughout my corporate career is simply worth doing it. So if you’re on the fence, I say go for it.

  8. says

    Hi Ms. Ros. Nice article. I can really relate to this one.

    @vantage – I totally agree with you. I’m a mother too and I’ve just started working online. No hassle in going to work and in buying business suits. So cool.

  9. says

    Hi ros! that was a very interesting blog. I am in dire need of a job but ended up with nothing because I wasn’t happy about the things I do while working.

    Now I came up to the same conclusion that living your life in the fullest – doing what you want can really lead you to a better place in life.

  10. says

    Having two young children at home still I have to admit I’m a little jealous of your RV trip, it is something I would plan to do myself in the future. I can just see it now, stopping off for a leisurely lunch at a beauty spot of our choice and doing just a little bit of writing to finish a wonderful meal.

    The Internet gives us this sort of freedom, and anyone who has the desire to live this way can do so if they are prepared to do what it takes and put in the effort. Enjoy your trip!

  11. tiramisu recipe says

    Nice post. I myself really want to be successful just like karol. I’m looking for opportunities and grabbing it immediately if its available. But some are really not that good. I’m not enjoying what I’m doing. Time came and I found the right job for me and field that I’m skilled. Yes, indeed its true that you’ll really be successful if you’re enjoying what you’re doing. I hope you can add more post regarding being successful in life.

  12. geld verdienen online says

    Confidence and knowledge enables you to work any can earn better if you have experience.

  13. says

    Ros…. you’re the BEST! I wish everyone could live the dream that we do, but too many people just don’t GET IT! They’re stuck in an educational system that says “go to college” and when you get out you’ll get a good job. You have a BETTER way to live.

    • says

      Hey Frank,

      First… I must admit and apologize for not calling you when we passed through your town in mid-May. My bad.

      But yes, you’re SO right. Self-employment is so much more satisfying for those who have both the juice and savvy not to believe or follow what is proving to be very bad advice, especially in these times.

      Hope you’re having a BLAST!


  14. says

    Well Well…

    Look at THIS!

    You are not going to leave a stone unturned are you?

    And what the God’s name are you doing in Wyoming?

    What if something was happening to you ha?

    Have you got the slightest idea of the responsibilities you have towards your readers?

    I guess NOT!

    N-O-T because you are ALWAYS travelling and puting yourself in danger!!!

    No foot at your doorstep as your mom would say!


    What is the point of having a home when is empty HAA?

    Well NO; unlike others I am not going to “Thank You For The Informative Article”…quite frankly I believe that you are creating a cult of some sort!

    Yes that’s right! A C-U-L-T! THE RAFH

    ~ Run Away From Home – while making half a million!

    …now THAT’s a title and a half!

    Geee I scare myself…I get goooood! :o)

    All my unconditional love
    Have a safe journey
    Regards to Ed,


    PS. Did you ever finish decorating that bathroom? Lazy woman!

  15. says

    I love to read posts like this. I remember buying your affiliate marketing ebook in 2005 and realzing that there was a way to have what I want. It was inspiring. Thanks!

  16. says

    “He discovered what I’ve learned as well – that you get where you want to be by doing what you want to do – not by waiting for the money to roll in or chasing money. The money WILL come if you are true to yourself and others.”

    Loved that Ros! I believe that too and teach my team that theory. My job travels anywhere I go and I help people all over the US. By giving and serving the money will follow.

    Natalie Jo

  17. Nikki Ritter says

    I’m happy to say that I am living this dream too. I am typing from my new camper and enjoying a nice cool mountain breeze. The camper was paid for in cash with money I earned as an Affiliate Manager. With a Verizon air card and a generator I have very few limitations on where I can go camping and still work. Since I prefer “dry camping” to campgrounds this is great news for me. Oh and did I mention that everything I know I learned from Ros? Yeah, she’s a rock start like that. LOL :-)

  18. says

    Thanks for sharing about your life and how it IS possible to have the life you want and make money even while you’re living your dream.

  19. says

    Hi Rosalind,

    Wish I was doing anything I wanted to do, you are very lucky.

    Right now I am doing as you said, being true to myself and others, trying to provide lots of value for free, the money is certainly not rolling in, but I am really happy with how I am progressing.

    I look forward to the webinar and hope you enjoy your camping trip,

    Speak soon, Sally :)

  20. says

    Hi Rosalind,

    Great post – I also have a love of travel and it’s great having my own online business that runs in the background while I’m away. I wish I could just persuade my husband to have an internet business too, then we could travel more often, or at least spend the summer somewhere with better weather than Scotland!


  21. says

    Funny how words can change you mood.

    I came down stairs this morning feeling very stressed and then I read your post Rosalind and everything felt a bit calmer – I think it was the bit about ‘crafting a guitar in India’ that did it!

    And then the beauty of your article was that much as I enjoyed it as a stand alone read, ultimately it is a sales pitch and I think that is truly masterful!


  22. says

    Hi Ros,
    I enjoy reading your travelogues and like how you mix in some biz stuff too.

    I look forward to seeing you again (possibly in Vegas), and do post lots of great pics once you’re back!

  23. says

    I also work online, I am from Ukraine and now I am living in France. It is amazing. If you want to see the Paris I can offer you some Ideas of good restaurants, museum..etc. I realized a flash website with these things.

  24. says

    I like your ideas. I am an Internet Addicted and I love my work too. I think it is very important to love what you are doing. I am working with flash components and I am fascinated about these things. Every day I find something new and interesting in my work.

  25. says

    being a mother of four, i always wanted to work even at home. that’s why i looked for jobs online coz i believe it would best fit my status as of right now. and it’s working!

  26. says

    My ultimate dream, and precisely what I am working towards. Very timely that I should find this, and thank for introducing me to another great blog.


  27. Peter Carr says

    The joys of working online, although i am not quite in the position to travel full time yet, i do spend a few months of the year in the Philippines and the rest of the time in the UK, where there is internet is were i will be.


  28. says

    Very inspirational. I am slowly getting to the point where I finally get to live this lifestyle. I am amazed though that you’re not bothered about having an internet connection for a couple of days. I would freak out!

  29. says

    Nice post. In new Zealand, they have what they call holidaymaker’s visa where
    a tourist can work while on holiday, such as apple picking during the month of January to May.

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