Make Money with YouTube: The Rules

I just went through the process of submitting my video for revenue sharing consideration and discovered the rules and process for making money with your YouTube videos — and I LIKE them considering how much time I spent dealing with copyright infringement issues…

Here are some of the basics.

It’s NOT OK to use someone else’s material even if you…

  • edit together or “mash-up” other works.
  • alter it by 10%, 20%, 30%, etc.
  • only use 30 seconds of a song or video clip.
  • found it on the internet.
  • nobody sent you a copyright notice.
  • paid for it.
  • give proper attribution (credits).
  • are only singing the words of a favorite copyrighted song.

This is copyright infringement and your video will be deleted!

How to monetize your video

  • After reviewing the Agreement you will be asked for some information about your video.
  • Any information you can provide about the source of the music or visual images used in your video — and whether they have been included in your video with the permission of the source or person appearing in your video — will help the process move faster.
  • DO NOT submit any TV shows, music videos, music concerts, or commercials without the express permission of the producer, unless they consist entirely of content you created yourself.
  • Only eligible videos in your account may be invited for revenue sharing.

Processing your video can take time. Please be patient!

Once processed, one of the following will happen:

  • If approved, advertising will appear with the video.
  • If rejected, the video will be deleted from YouTube. You will receive an email notification if your video is rejected.

How and when you get paid

  • After you link your YouTube account with Google AdSense you will be paid through your AdSense account
  • You’ll be paid when
  • Your earnings reach the payment threshold
  • There are no holds on your account
  • You remain in compliance with AdSense policies, YouTube policies and Community Guidelines

Simple, commonsense stuff — for MOST of us! :-)

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  1. says

    I am wondering how to apply for the revenue sharing thingy ?

    New to all of this ? wondering if it is even worth the effort ?


  2. says

    Great blog and thorough information.

    However, Youtube is dropping off the radar for me. Not because it doesn’t work it’s just that it is time consuming, I mean TOO time consuming. Videos work great, but the rejection rate is also very high. And nothing sucks more than putting a hour or so into a vid and then you get the google email of defeat!

    IMHO I am directing focus to twitter and facebook. YEAH I know some say twitter especially is a fad, BUT what isn’t :)

    May as well ride it until the wheels fall off. I have burned bridges and destroyed countless accounts in order to explore the learning curve that surrounds facebook, twitter, myspace and youtube. I feel you cannot be truly successful without doing this. I have found that the easiest way to make money on twitter, youtube and facebook is by referring people to affiliate sites. It is especially helpful if you have some type of automated twitter or facebook software installed like friend adder.

  3. says

    I’ve been notified by YouTube that a few of my videos have been pre-selected to join in on the Adsense action. The problem here is that although I was the primary person in these videos, I’m not the only one. For example, I have a scuba diving video where video footage was taken of me during a dive. However, there are other divers around me and I don’t know who they are. I’m afraid that YouTube will say that I didn’t get permission from those others to be in the video and will end up deleting it.

  4. Björn says

    I’ve got to tell ya, this really is what I would call a good blog. I read it few times a week, and I always stumble across good content. Don’t you dare stop blogging! Haha.

    I’m a bit surprised YouTube won’t even let you use 30 seconds of a video clip. I think that is too hard rules to play by…

    Anyway, don’t let me waste your time. All I wanted to say was keep up the good work! I’ve subscribed to your channel on YouTube AND your RSS-feed for the blog.

    Big hugs all the way from Sweden!

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