My First Ever Issue with YouTube

UPDATE: I’ve remade the “How Affiliate Marketing Works” video.

You are going to find this hard to believe.

My “How Affiliate Marketing Works” video was removed from YouTube because:

The following video(s) from your account have been disabled for violation of the YouTube Community Guidelines:

* How Affiliate Marketing Works – (rosalindgardner)

Your account has received one Community Guidelines warning strike, which will expire in six months. Additional violations may result in the temporary disabling of your ability to post content to YouTube and/or the termination of your account.

The YouTube Team


57,000 PLUS views and cited at the BEST explanation of how affiliate marketing works by more than one industry luminary and it is REMOVED?

Anyway, I sent them the following email…


Did anyone at YouTube view this video before it was removed from the system?

I have no idea how this video could possibly be removed for spam or any of the other reasons cited.

It’s a purely educational video by me… Rosalind Gardner … one of the leaders in the affiliate marketing industry. (i.e. author, regular speaker at industry conferences and consultant).

I would appreciate if someone actually looked at the video and then cited the individual who reported it as abusive, ’cause removing it is detrimental to those who actually want to learn about our industry from someone with integrity and REAL knowledge.

If you’d like – I can report 100 spammer affiliate marketers who have videos posted on YouTube in exchange for re-instating this video.

Thank you,

Rosalind Gardner

P.S. You can see me speak about affiliate marketing at the Affiliate Summit West conference on THIS video (1:50)

OK, yes, I poured it on a little thick, but I was upset.

Anyway, I’ll let you know how it goes.

If anyone wants to support the video as worthwhile, educational and informative, please contact YouTube through their link at

Thanks folks!!!!


  1. says

    Call me sick, but I am glad I am not the only one whose videos have been getting banned. I thought they were just picking on me.

    I had 20+ “how to” videos in the affiliate marketing niche. The video were geared towards making me money via affiliate links in the description box and I was making $150/week with this then YouTube came and started deleting them and gave no reason. (started towards the end of March)

    I hate the way they do that, just ban first and then think later. They think they own the f’in internet and seem to be persecuting the very people who made their website so big in the first place.

    I am sick to death of that Google/YouTube/Blogger cartel. And as i right this the videos are still in digital purgatory :(

    Ryan ;(

  2. Patricia says

    Helloo, Has the video been reinstated Roz? Where is it now? I still think neither Facebook Google nor Utube care one way or the other ,As the forums are free space and they have far more than they can cope with with new comers arriving everyday minute of everyday Your dealing here with the faceless interent operators. click click click.going going gone.Well that’s my theory anyway I am still waiitng to be proven wrong.
    Has anyone ever been reinstated by Adsense for instance I would really like to know?.

  3. says

    I wonder of the complaint came
    from another spammer affiliate marketer who wants to knock you down.Keep on them until the video is reinstated. You have some of the best training material of any AM today. Good Luck!

  4. says

    This does not surprise me. About 2 years ago YouTube went on a “suspend account” spree and a very legitimate internet marketer that I know (who only had informational/tutorial type videos) had his account suspended and removed entirely. He had absolutely nothing that resembled spam or anything scammy. He later found out that a lot of other legitimate internet marketers/affiliate marketers were having the same exact problem. Emails went unanswered. It has also happened time and time again on Blogger. People with really lovely sites that spend months/years on them woke up one day and they were just GONE. Again, emails go into a black hole. At that point, I decided to stay off all 3rd party sites, including YouTube. I did not want that to happen to me.

  5. says

    Has anyone ever heard of anyone who has been axed by either Google Adsense or Youtube being reinstated?The trouble is on the Interent there are always more coming they coldn’t care less.The volume must be staggering.

  6. says

    It is quite daunting to know people don’t even care to watch before removing a video. I know even Shane Dawson got flagged once and he missed his whole demographic through it. Perhaps they should discuss the video with the owner once it happens.

    I guess time is not really on any of our sides as there are so many videos and obviously many issues. I don';t think they even read your response and is lost somewhere in a folder with a gazillion emails.

    • says

      How do they get the staff to address that and what is more pay them?As videos keep coming by the droves? Well is it cost effective do you think?
      PS. I apoligise that my post came up so often.My sign in didn’t seem to be working
      One last word .I sympathise Roz you are the best.You did alright before You tube and you have a big following,you will go on with or without Youtube.

  7. says

    Hi Rosalyn, Quite frankly that is amazing but not surprising. Youtube will often allow such nonsense for videos but real educational stuff like this they just delete.

  8. Patricia says

    I think the problem is that Youtube now owned by google hope to increase paid advertising.They probably think that after a certain point one gets enough free hits and publicity so they simply delete.

    There was some altercation regarding Susan Boyle’s phenominal millions of hits and they wanted BGT.and Simon Cowell to pay up.It cost youtube a lot of money? They don’t seem to mind the rubbish that created the interest on Youtubes at the beginning but maybe they havn’t decided yet what to do about that.

    I doubt you were reported by anyone Roz.It’s just their way of dropping you without saying straight out you’ve simply had a good run and as a successful internet person they expect you pay for advertising.As others have said here when they started getting a high volume of clicks they were dropped too.It sort of adds up that that is whats going on with Youtube now.

  9. says

    Hi Ros,
    Taking off your Youtube video is unbelievable. I’ve been with your Affiliate Blogger Pro for several months and it’s been invaluable to me. I’ve learned a ton and you made it easy as well. Plus it is not full of hype. It’s started a whole new world for me.

  10. says

    I remember the controversy with Simon Cowell over Susan Boyles phenomenal success and number of hits on Youtube You tube wanted a financial pay out because it had actually cost Youtube big time all those hits on broadband .Now Google took it over they are pushing paid advertising I suspect that anyone who reaches a threshold of a certain large number of hits and gets free publicity viz public exposure without paying for any ads, Is automatically cut off.Nothing to do with paranoid theory.Just business as usual.

  11. says

    Hi Ros, Sometime this video sharing websites have to be really educated to what spam is and what it’s not. I wonder what they think it will profit you, in spite of your reputation to post a spamming video online. I’ll write straight up to the YouTube support team.

  12. says

    it looks like a copy of the video is here

    this might be the original url

    and it says the reason it was removed is because:

    “This video has been removed as a violation of YouTube’s policy against spam, scams, and commercially deceptive content.
    Sorry about that.”

    Bummer Rosalind, I hope they reverse the decision.

  13. says

    Sorry to hear about that Ros.

    Hopefully they will figure out they goofed up and leave you to work in peace. They really should have checks in place to protect the legitimate business owner from flag crazy people with nothing else to do, or the competition with a vendetta.

  14. says

    Sorry to post again, but I was just reading more of the comments. I too have had an account removed from YouTube and never understood why. Yet I see so many violations on their site and personally tried to remain within their terms of service.

    Even though my account was removed, I still had channels on other video sites, so all was not lost. Whenever you’re using someone else’s site, you have the chance of losing your data. Always best to diversify, which I’m sure many of you have done.

  15. says

    Youtube dont care at all. I had videos with 30k views about my niche. When video get high ranking in youtube or search engine, they just delete. Since google owns youtube they dont want to competition.

  16. Tony says

    I have had issues with competitors tring to cause me problems by making false reports about everything imaginable. I had some sites shut down because someone complained I was spamming them with emails from those sites, even though I never used email for the sites and had no list! I think Google is catching on to those false complaints though and hopefully can find a way to eliminate it.

  17. says

    I’ve had the odd issue with YouTube and a few of the other video sites too. Either they attached a notice on the video page or even removed the video for copyright issues which is pure baloney since I shot all these videos myself and any background music I used are from the freebie jingle tracks that came with my Macbook. I have the feeling that some automatic system there detects that if certain audio was used in videos by other people already, then it incorrectly flags it as a copyright infringement. Another example of relying too much on tech perhaps.

  18. says

    Yes as soon as google takes over you have no come back, Personally I think it is because it must be manned by hundreds of dumb bunnies doing routine jobs and tutored with idiot sheets much like some call centres.Just to save money.One day one arrives in with a headache and it’s good bye Mr Chips no questions asked.Because it is all tech stuff and automated from there it’s a brickwall.No body cares because all they know is to press buttons like automated clones.They have no authority or knowledge to change anything.Bit scary really.

  19. Fransoise Louis-Jacques says

    hello Rosalind,
    I am a new recruit, I joined your team last Sunday and I finally found the training that I needed and looked so hard for since 2001. You are the only generous and unselfish Expert in the field to brake the code of silence and mystery surrounding the online industry.To me the “Super Affiliate handbook” is the * Bible* of the industry and you are being penalized for that….

    You need to realize that there is a pack of money hungry THIEVES online called Gurus who have been scheming on You Tube and now feels threaten by your approach in publishing training books and marketing techniques that are creating smart online marketers in the field that they can no longer suck up financially…and in their vendetta these morons went after You Tube to discredit and humiliate you by boycotting your video clips there.

    You don’t have to scoop down to their low life level by pointing the fingers at them…You Tube is their recruiting ground and your presence there is creating havoc to their many schemes costing them millions…you should take a class action against YOU Tube…

    Your grateful Affiliate

  20. says

    Hey Ros,

    How are you? Been a while since we spoke.

    Hope all is well with you these days.

    This issue does not surprise me at all!

    To coincide with a new affiliate training vehicle my partner and I are working on, we started looking into Video Analytics pretty heavily.

    We liked Vimeo but their TOS explicitly says – cannot be used for business and certainly NOT GET RICH QUICK (which upon review we figured affiliate marketing would be classified as such).

    We checked out TubeMogul (called them and they said – yea we dont like affiliate marketing and wont allow it on our network).

    Same with Viddler.

    I asked each one of them if they had ever heard of Amazon, eBay, Walmart, BestBuy,

    The reply was not positive.

    Looks like the video marketing solutions are being slowly taken away as they are taken over by heavy handed people with Fascist ideas.

    Strange though when Youtube is owned by the big G who has their own Affiliate network.

    I hope you discover some resolution to this and in the meantime, someone with a brain at these companies starts to get rid of garbage videos and not ban intelligent, how-to marketing info from those in the know.

    Wish you the best Ros,

    Marc Goldman

  21. says

    I cant belive they have taken this video off, probebly because they dont people to learn about affiliate marketing. I will sure look forward to how it goes down. Hopefully they will restore your video and take the warning out.

    Good Luck

  22. says

    Hi Ros ~

    I was sad to read your story — there are SO many spammers and bad people out there… I can’t believe they’d actually tag you as one of them. As you already mentioned, I seriously doubt that a real person even viewed your video before removing it. I think your letter to them was GREAT. (I doubt I would’ve been so… ummm… controlled! LOL) Good for you! I hope they pay attention and put your video back up. You help so many people!!

  23. says

    I think Google is trying to eliminate Affiliate Marketers! They recently suspended my Adwords Account for violations – and I haven’t run anything for 8 months! They told me that in order to get out of suspension, I had to re-do my web sites – even the ones I didn’t want to advertise anymore – Even the ones that were listed in my DELETED Campaigns. It’s soooo unfair. Affiliates got them to where they are, and now they are killing off their food chain because they have the big sponsors now! I’m about ready to see if there others would like to do something about “Unfair Business Practices.” Certainly there is a greedy lawyer out there who would like a piece of that. . .

  24. says

    I’m having the hardest time trying to find WHERE to contact YouTube/Google to complain about your video being removed. I KNOW that you are one of the most reputable IM people out there and you keep us in the KNOW about the issues to look out for from a reputable viewpoint. I cannot believe that someone as honest, authentic and TRANSPARENT as you would have a video removed from YouTube. Even though the support area says that they don’t remove videos for being flagged — it appears they do!

    Like with other Google-run sites, looking through HELP and SUPPORT is like taking a ride on a merry-go-round and if you are LUCKY you will find what you are looking for. Why do these conglomerates make it so hard to contact them? Oh, I get it — they don’t want to be continually flagged. Kind of funny, don’t you think?

    I’m persistent and I will state my opinion to them.

    Thank you Rosalind. Thank you.

  25. says

    That really sucks. Just like one of my sites was banned/blocked by Akismet, making it impossible for me to place comments on WordPress blogs that have Akismet enabled (and there are lots and lots of them). My comments would immediately be shunted into the spam box where in most cases it would never be seen unless the webmaster checked their spam box and most don’t bother. I can assure you I’m no spammer and actually hate spam. What really sucks is that virtually anyone, including a jealous competitor, can cause this.

    Pretty if any out there can explain affiliate marketing better than you. You preach what you practice and practice what you preach. And we know you are no spammer.

  26. says


    I’ve long suspected that YouTube does not actually look at these videos before removing them, especially for them to remove one of YOUR videos. It seems that they could and should come up with a better way.

    This industry is full of people waging smear campaigns against others and the fact that YouTube helps them is just wrong.

  27. says


    Unfortunately, there are a lot of haters and cyber bullies on YouTube. If they don’t like you, or what’s in your video, they will simply flag it. Somethimes people with “nothing better to do with their life” spend hours on YouTube for the sole reason of flagging videos and trying to get accounts terminated. I guess it gives them a feeling of power. I doubt YouTube even looks at why? Once they see the flag, they just issue you the warning(s). After your 3rd warning, they will just terminate your account with no explanation. I have had three (accounts) terminated by them. They give no reason for their actions and I seriously doubt anyone from YouTube will answer your email so it does you no good to even write them. This has been going on for quite some time. It makes no sense but that’s the way YouTube operates and it doesn’t look like they are willing to do anything to change it. Sorry that happened to you. You are a Giant in the Affiliate Marketing industry.


  28. Edward says

    Some of these online “businesses” and yes, I’m especially including YouTube, are run by clueless kids enamored with making as much money as possible with the least bit of individual customer consideration they can get away with.

    Squidoo is one of the more flippant and will dump your ‘lens’ without replying to “why?” other than a generic “guidelines” issues statement. The anonymity of it all is really frustrating at times, isn’t it?

    I’m sorry to see you run over by yet another childish, unprofessional and out of control process.

  29. says

    With this happening, and in light of one of your most recent posts re IM niches, how ironic this happened. So many of us have become numbed to the ever-increasing useless scammy and spammy stuff that’s out there for us to view, and we rely on a select group of established, trusted and honest leaders in this industry for guidance.

    Hope it get’s straightened out.

  30. Stan says

    I sent a query to YouTube Support as to why they pulled it. Maybe if others will send their query, someone at YouTube will actually look at the video.

  31. Stan says

    Good luck.. I have had an issue with their “Places” “Maps” with wrong info even though I had edited it and corrected their mistakes for almost a year and they have yet responded to my request for help. I guess when you think you are King you can get away with anything.
    Best to you and anyone that has to ask help from Google.


  32. says

    Hopefully they see your angle and take heed to what you have advised them in your email. So true about there being a tonne of spam affiliate marketers on youtube that will most probably never get there videos taken down.

  33. says


    trust google to **** it up.

    you should see what they have bee doing over at blogspot…

    deleting left right and center – you can put in a reconsideration request – which just becomes available again after a few weeks – so i presume it is never read….:)

    (i created a little niche blog with directory content there about two years ago to see how well it helps to build my list – and it did well, until they deleted it a few months ago. when u put in a reconsideration request, they acknowledge receipt – and then the option simply becomes available again after the review period expires…)

    and then of course there is the adwords circus – i understand that you need to enforce rules, but just banning someone for life while his company spends millions with you annually?

    come on…

    and then of course there is the old joke of “we can’t tell you what we want on your website because you might abuse it if you know….:)”

    with google in charge, it was bound to happen some or other time…

    there is an expression….

    “absolute power corrupts”…

    it seems to be holding up

    just my 0.02c


  34. says

    I would have been upset too. Of course this is the heavy hand of Google at work. Although I have not seen this particular video, I’ve seen a few others done by you and fail to see what they could find offensive.

    I wish Bing/Yahoo would hurry up and produce some real competition.


  35. Pete says

    Hi Rosalind

    I think you wrote the perfect letter to them. I hope the people or team in charge realise who (among their team) did that to you and, although you may be just one among their million users, they have caused hurt nevertheless.

    This is disturbing – especially when people like us supported YouTube (or any other once-budding company) in their early days … then when they grow big and famous, they employ robots (yes, real and virtual “robots”) to over-rule by some abstract “terms and conditions” and get impersonal.

    ps: your existing list (includung me) will definitely be on your side if that’s any consolation … but what about the rest of the internet (people) who look for a good proven sincere mentor huh :-)

  36. says

    Hi Ros

    Soory to hear of your difficulties- the thing is now I REALLY want to see the video – is it hosted anywhere else?



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