Resale Rights: How to Make Money Online Reselling Other People’s Products

Earn 100% from product sales as a reseller…

You don’t have to be an affiliate marketer to sell other people’s products online.

You can actually make more money in some cases by buying a resale rights licence to a product and then reselling it to other people. Because you are selling the product directly, you become the product merchant and are entitled to 100% of the profits.

For example, in February 2002, I bought a package that included 9 ebooks about selling at online auctions called the “eBayTM Power Sellers Package” for $29.97. In addition to the ebooks, the package included a sales page for each individual product, a main sales page for reselling the package in its entirety and master resale rights – which meant I could pass the resale rights licence on to my customers.

Rather than sell the books individually, I chose to resell the package in its entirety, so the only thing I had to do was customize my order links, thank you page and download links; and then get the pages up to the server.

Because the eBay affiliate program paid a fee for new users, I included both banner and text messages such as “Sign up for an eBay account Right NOW. It’s FREE” that linked to eBay’s registration and home pages.

Order processing was done through Clickbank and PayPal, as Clickbank didn’t accept PayPal payments at the time.

I set up the Thank You page as a name and email capture page that triggered a ‘Thank you for your order‘ message through my Aweber autoresponder account. Once the client had filled in his or her name and email address, they were taken to the product download page.

In addition to a link to the download page, the Thank You message included another affiliate link to eBay’s registration page. A follow-up message was sent 2 days after the customer bought the product with the title “[firstname], Did you receive your products?”. The second message included another link to the download page, a reminder to sign up for eBay and a link to sign up for my newsletter for webmasters.

I promoted the package through both my newsletter and pay-per-click advertising, and not only did I make the $29.97 back with my very first sale, it paid for itself thousands of times over, through both selling the product and making commissions from the affiliate links.

More specifically, in one month, I earned just shy of $12,000.00 in affiliate commissions from eBayTM for new user registrations and other eBayTM fees.


The only disadvantages that I’ve come across as a reseller are that products get stale after awhile and need to be updated or let go; and that as a merchant, you need to be ready to provide customer service to your clients on a timely basis should they require help with downloads or other assistance.

Other than those considerations, reselling is a great way to increase your online earnings when you follow the tips included above.


  1. Lori says

    Dear Rosalind,
    I live in Hong Kong and I’m a full time teacher here. Recently I’ve been reading articles about this. I have this idea starting up an online company and call it ‘The Bootlegger’s Pantry’. I had a small home business several years ago in which I made food products made out of some kind of alcohol such as; wine jellies, beer mustards, liquored cherries, etc. I sold these at food fairs,shows, gourmet shops. They were a huge success but time got the best of me and, new state laws were getting in place with labelling and such not to mention to need to do an over hall in our kitchen. My idea would be to set up a website for the customer to order the item and I would have a supplier in place that would actually ship the product. I’d also include lots of other food items with the commonality being it would be alcohol related. Can this be done? Can you advise me in any way? Thanks for any input that you may have. Sincerely, Lori

  2. ruben carter says

    hi in was just wondering if youm could give me some more advice on purchasing licences to resell and where i could get hold of them , do you know the best places to get hold of these things. I would be sincerly greatful i9f you could help me with this m,atter.

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