Rosalind’s copyNprofit Review

copyNprofitLance Tien and Jamie Lewis approached me a couple of times to promote their copyNprofit program – the overall premise of which is that buyers can copy and paste one or more of their successful Google Adwords campaigns.

I took a quick look at their sales page and because I thought the copy (and videos) could mislead those who are new to affiliate marketing, I chose not to buy or review it.

However, after seeing all the hoopla and hype delivered about copyNprofit over the last few weeks, I thought it best to investigate further, so I bought copyNprofit today, thoroughly investigated the product and what follows is my review of the copyNprofit system.

copyNprofit Sales Pitch

Let’s start with that copyNprofit sales page which opens with…

Copy the exact campaigns that make up to $94,133 in 30 days on autopilot.

You won’t need to “learn” anything …. Just COPY these. No margin for error… just a template that’s already profitable for you to duplicate.

The “no need to learn anything” theme continues again down the page with…

“Stop trying to give me a fishing pole, just give me the fish – seriously!”

Well, seriously, I could go off on a lengthy tangent here about how trying to debunk “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime” is just plain wrong — but anyone with half a brain and a modicum of life experience understands the truth in this old Chinese proverb.

But there are more problematic issues still…

In the video on the salespage, Jamie answers prospective buyers’ most common questions including (and I’m paraphrasing) – “If everyone copies these campaigns will they work any longer?” and “Do I have to spend money?“.

Jamie’s answers are “Absolutely” and “No!” and where I take serious issue with the copyNprofit sales pitch.

Let’s look at the second question first. The product is about copying successful PPC campaigns. PPC advertising costs money. Yet Jamie says that you don’t have to spend money because you can still use the program using other techniques (such as article marketing).

Well, let’s just say that the teaching of those other techniques is scant at best.

copyNprofit Contents

For example, the 44-page ‘manual’ included with the course describes – in one paragraph – how affiliate marketing works and then summarizes as follows:

  1. You post an ad promoting a product
  2. Someone visits your ad, clicks & buys the product
  3. You get a commission!

The “Learn Affiliate Marketing” video is likewise short – barely 2 minutes in length. (You’ll get a much better overview from my “How Affiliate Marketing Works” video which is free to view.

Speaking of videos – Most of the videos in the copyNprofit are very short in duration and the screen size is too small to properly see the application being explained. On occasion, you are directed back to the manual for more information on the Google Keywords Tool, but when I searched the manual for that information, not only was it never mentioned by name, but there was no link to it.

OK, so the product is (in my humble opinion) definitely not suitable for someone who is brand-new to affiliate marketing – but what about someone who understands how affiliate marketing works and is just looking for profitable niches?

Well, let’s go back to the first question answered on the video – “If everyone copies these campaigns will they work any longer?

copyNprofit Niche Evaluation

There are 38 niche products inside the copyNprofit package listed under 8 categories that include Society & Culture, Weight Loss, Computing & Internet, etc.

I immediately hopped to one of two product recommendations that was most applicable to my primary niche – online dating. (To be fair, I can’t say exactly which product it is – let’s just say that I’m very familiar with the topic and product).

The copyNprofit interface promises $49.00 per sale on this particular product.

Here are the numbers from the Clickbank interface for that product:

$/sale: $16.71 | Future $: – | Total $/sale: $16.71 | %/sale: 70.0% | %refd: 66.0% | grav: 23.87

As nothing is listed under Future earnings this is a ONE-time sale – NOT recurring… so I don’t know how they figure $49.00 in earnings per sale.

Regardless, I set up the campaign as recommended – 50 cents per click, a budget of $30.00/day targeted at Canada, Australia, the U.K. and the U.S. and ran it through the Google Traffic estimator.

Here’s what was returned.

copyNprofit Campaign

I’d be spending 2 – $5 a day for 4 – 9 clicks given the keywords provided because the search volume is so low. Assuming a 2% conversion rate, it might take 50 clicks to garner a sale at a cost of $25.

Spend $25.00 to earn $16.71. Hmmmm…

Because I like to run volume and use up my set daily budget to test a campaign properly, I tested until I found a campaign that promised to deliver enough clicks to exhaust the budget.

Then I ran the campaign through Google Cash Detective and counted the number of campaigns for the primary keyword.

There were 113 campaigns!!!!!!!!!

OK, granted not all those campaigns are running right now. However, that fact in itself is pretty telling — MOST of the campaigns for those keywords had only run for a day or two and then been suspended, indicating really low profit potential. Moreover, the ONLY campaigns that indicated serious profitability were those running by the Clickbank merchant themselves.

Too, consider this.

If there are a multitude of Adwords ads direct linking to the same destination URL, the ads will be rotated… and yours will be rotated out of view because Google doesn’t like “thin affiliates” – those that direct link to merchants and provide no additional value to visitors.

What happens to “thin affiliates”? They are charged MORE for their Adwords Ads. Instead of 50 cents, you could get charged $5.00 a click or even 10 bucks a click.

So, now that both questions are answered honestly… here are my copyNprofit summary findings

copyNprofit Review Summary

For anyone wanting to learn affiliate marketing from scratch, this $77 one-technique wonder product is NOT the answer. You’d be MUCH better off investing $47 in the Super Affiliate Handbook which is the industry’s standard training manual for new affiliates and actually teaches affiliate marketing techniques from the ground up.

However, for more advanced affiliate marketers, I’ll say this…

I was surprised by some of the niche market products that I found listed in copyNprofit. From that standpoint alone, copyNprofit is worth $77, ’cause we both know that you’ll make your money back in no time flat with a relatively untapped market and product — and it would cost you more than that in time to find that niche on your own.

Click here to learn more about copyNprofit.


  1. says

    WOW. Thanks for the powerful info on this site. I thought of buying CNP and trying it without using Adwords. But from what I have read on this page, I have my decision! Ros, Jamie and all the others, thanks for a great review – the best I’ve ever come across and read. And great pieces of advice for us newbies too!

    • says

      Hi Sampson,

      I re-read the review and debate today. WOW! Regarding article marketing, we have always had one of the most comprehensive article marketing instructional systems available. Unfortunately I think Ros missed a few chapters and videos. :(

      Anyhow, alot has happened since this review was published!

      We now have released 2.0 which includes the members forum where I coach members personally, success stories are flooding in and we have added 50 more campaigns. CNP Articles is also going to be released soon as well.



  2. says

    …seems she may have been sucked in by some of the “moving the free-line” pre-launch promo materials out there..(my take on her post anyway)…speaking of which, can all you big players out there give the Walker stuff a rest?

    I know you have to play the JV game of “u mail 4 me And I’ll mail 4 you”, but Jeff seems to re-release Product Launch Formula “for the last time” every 2 friggin’ months….and what really bugs me is, nice guy that he may be, the lazy ass just uses the exact same tired old case studies and accompanying videos and materials launch after launch after launch…after launch.

    With Kindest Regards and Deepest Respect…
    Michael Rytter
    “Just Google My name!…and while you are at it, pay my property taxes! LOL!”

  3. May Mickelow says

    It really is too bad that newbies don’t understand that nothing is free, and in order to make money on the internet, you have to spend money usually about $1000. just to get started and then if they don’t understand how to do something that these so called “free” websites advocate or set up they don’t earn a single dime but they have spent lots, most of which they have paid to the “free” website owner because they are the affiliates promoting all of those not so free add-ons that newbies don’t understand or can’t figure out how to use correctly. Again, I don’t care how many times they state that their services are “free” and “you will make money if you sign up” I’m truely sorry, but it ain’t so!

    To all newbies, your best bet is to purchase Rosalind’s Super Affiliate Handbook, read it front to back, read it again and if you still don’t understand some part of it, or can’t figure out how something works, ask, ask and keep on asking, someone will understand what is going on and be able to help you figure it all out.

    Thanks Rosalind, I look forward to your newsletter where I always find more than one topic of interest, some humour and tons of answers every time I receive it!

    • says

      Hello May,

      I’m likewise curious about the $1000 investment.

      Seriously, to start publishing a blog as an affiliate marketer all you need is a domain, a web host and an autoresponder – and you don’t even have to have the autoresponder – you could use Feedburner, but I highly recommend building a list through Aweber.

      Total cost – about $26 bucks a month.


  4. says

    Wow Ros, by the looks of the replies, it looks like our “debate” was a hit. :)

    I did not expect that. Holy Moly!

    Michael (Guitar wood) brought up the KING of all concepts. Perhaps later in the week we can agree on that together. :)

    Thank you Vern, Michael & Kishore for checking it out.

    Thanks again Rosalind.


    Jamie Lewis

  5. says

    I agree wholeheartedly with Kishore, in that this is, in my estimation, one of the best ‘teachings’ on IM that I have read. Not only in blogs, but in totally written ebooks and/or other columns.

    Normally I ‘skim’ or ‘speed read’ columns like this [sorry Ros, even yours], but when I started reading the ‘in-depth’ information here, I wanted to ‘study’ it. So, I have actually copied this so that I can use the info as a reference for my own learning curve. Great teaching.

    Thanks to you both, Ros and Jamie. I don’t think you did this on purpose, but you’ve just “made my day”.

  6. says

    Hey Ros..Pls. forgive the keyword spamming! (LOL!) That’s the price I extract in exchange for sharing my great wisdom with your readers :-)!

    I agree with Kishore Dharmarajan! This Is great! This debate could result in better info than most of the PPC courses out there! (LOL!) (Ther sure is a sudden proliferation of PPC courses out there again…it seemed to die off for a couple years, but now…..)

    Anyway…back to MY review…of the debate! LOL!

    The only thing that both these “Titans” missed, is that while they both talked about traffic generation…buying it, getting it with articles, cost etc..etc..newbie vs, experienced..yada…yada…neither one seemed concerned with the most important aspect of traffic…QUALITY…..volume isn’t as big a deal as quality, whether you are buying traffic or generating it manually (either way, realise it or not, you ARE still paying for it!)….and neither of these “titans” bothered mentioning that. And what exactly is “quality traffic”?

    Quality traffic is what allows me to make a great full time living from home with ONE website that gets….wait for it….wait for it….an average of about 100 unique visitors per day. Now if EITHER of these two highly respected titans could teach you to do that…they would really be on to something! (And yes, I really do have the greatest respect for Ms. Gardner. Her old newsletter and now her blogs have been the spark for me for more than 6 years!)

    • says

      Hey Michael,

      You’re absolutely right – it’s a point that we didn’t discuss in this venue.

      I do however discuss that point with regularity.

      Driving targeted traffic to landing pages loaded with highly relevant quality content gets people to sign up for your high quality newsletter… with which you start making money as a publisher. :-)


  7. Kishore Dharmarajan says

    It takes the argument of two IM titans to bring out all the hidden clues of making money on the net. A couple of harrangues like this and we have the best ebook written on internet marketing.

  8. says

    Thank you very much for making this blog, I was looking to purchase this produce, when I searched for a review for it on blogsearch and came across your website.

    Looks like it would have been a waste of money, so you saved me.

  9. says

    Hi Rosalind!

    First, let me say thank you for purchasing copyNprofit. Second, I would like to thank you for taking the time out of your day to write a review on our product.

    When I discovered affiliate marketing back in 2004, You and Chris Carpenter were a big inspiration to me. I can honestly say that I got into affiliate marketing because I found your ebook, SAH and Chris Carpenter’s Google Cash. I thank you guys for publishing this information.

    Back then, there was a part of me that did not trust the concept, simply because it seemed to good to be true, but boy was I wrong.

    I have to say that I credit you and Chris with revealing the information to me. You and Chris were the spark which ignited my flame. See, what had happened was I got an internet connection for the first time, at the same time as losing my job, and decided to do a search for “work at home” on the computer.

    I hope you did not still hold onto your preconceived notion that my product was any less than superb, when you finally did decide to purchase the product, I feel this would influence your every move inside the members area and then finally affect your opinion when writing your review.

    I actually have never “approached you” but would love to meet you in person.

    Anyhow, back in the day I found the super affiliate handbook & Google cash. I also found the survey sites as well, and I lost a few days venturing down that dismal vortex of spam. Anyhow, a lightbulb went off in my head after reading Google Cash, and I dove right in. The only problem was that it totally did not work. Now the thing is, I knew in my heart that it was eventually going to work for me, but It would not happen overnight. It wasnt until a year later, after speaking with many people, posting on Ewealth with all the guys, that I learned the correct way to use PPC, I narrowed down my errors and began to see results. Later on I learned Bum Marketing (Niche article marketing) from Travis Sago.

    That is my background and how I started out. It was NOT easy! Sure you guys made it seem easy with all of your examples of “Quitting your job” but it definitely wasnt!

    Through the years after, I perfected my skill with adwords, and became a Clickbank top 100 client. Clickbank has published case studies of my products and I have done multiple interviews online, including a very in depth history on, my favorite marketing forum. I have published many websites and enjoy innovating.

    So anyhow, I have always been the type of guy who comes up with new ideas, and to tell you the truth, my aspirations are of those who innovate beyond human capability.

    The CopyNprofit homepage is in rebuttal to the many websites that offer secret “information.” When I mention “information” I mean the type of publication that is targeted towards people who are already somewhat familiar with affiliate marketing. Although I do take these ebooks at what they are worth, simply intellectual value, there is alot of the time; no soul or intellectual depth to them. I have had arguments in Vegas with young entrepreneurs who outsource the writing of these ebooks and I despise this practice not because of personal emotions, but out of contradiction. These people live in a total hypocrisy. Their justification for publishing one file for such a high price is “because they can” and at the end of the day, it does not deliver. Not to mention, it’s one freaking file! See, there is no need for that Rosalind Gardner “spark” anymore, these products are targeted towards people who have already started a fire, although contain methods that you know are easier said than done.

    So, back to the page, I do not think my apprentice Lance meant to “debunk the fishing Chinese proverb.” He was explaining an actual conversation he had with me in where he expressed his feelings using that analogy, since what I was teaching him went through what you could call “Digital degrees of separation.” I think a good way to compare this to a modern day situation is the difference between going to a library, and doing a search in google. One takes more time and will be more accurate, less biased, and at the end of the day, one of the methods has less of a chance of error in application. The choice is yours. Some people choose the library, billions choose google. I do not however see much point in debating the Chinese fishing proverb since we offer 20 ebooks, a pretty darn good FAQ and 20 or so videos on top of actual campaigns, but I agree with you. If someone were to actually shoot down that beautiful quote, they should be slapped.

    You had made reference to my movie in your review and I was impressed you had taken the time to pick it apart a bit. The funny thing is, I decided to do this movie as more of a disclaimer and communicational mechanism. It is not a sales tool at all, although I do believe honesty when you have a great product does help sales! See, many of our users get their passwords and jump right into PPC, when the template of every campaign does NOT only contain PPC format, but shows an anchor text example and provides summaries of the product, as well as benefits. This is as “CopyNPaste” as you can get, but at the same time, allows users to customize their article, classified ad or other platform of promotion.

    In this movie I state “No these campaigns will not cost you money” then DIRECTLY afterwards I immediately explain, “PPC COSTS MONEY.” Then encourage users to expand their horizons by venturing into Article marketing as well, especially if they do not have money to spend on PPC. I do not encourage people to sell their car, live in the street, etc in order to purchase ads from google. Clickbank and Commission junction send checks weeks after you make your first sale. If they have the initial $77, get our product before you get ANYTHING ELSE and I mean that! CNP is all you need.

    Now you might ask, why do I include a 3 step “simple” explanation of article marketing? Because affiliate marketing newbies had asked for it. When a user asks for something, I will upload it. I had a few users ask for it because someone who is not only new to the internet, but a computer as well, has expressed having difficulty with the standard article information. The 3-step explanation acts as the “Spark” and then article marketing is explained in much more depth gradually throughout the course. Clickbank has also published one of my lessons in article marketing on the Clickbank blog, which I include inside the CNP members section as well.

    You could argue that “The product is about copying PPC though” and it will not transfer to Article marketing. These are indeed actual PPC campaigns of ours and we tested them using PPC. You will need to use judgement when writing an article, creating a landing page, optimizing the system for SEO purposes and so on, but what a great head start you will have that will actually work! The FAQ in CNP actually packs much more in depth information on PPC, using CNP, article marketing and more than many of the ebooks on the market today. You should be able to see from my video, My intention (Aside from sales) is to address alot of the questions I recieve.

    Regarding the number of campaigns, there are indeed 38 Campaigns in the members section. 14 In adwords editor format, 21 in HTML TEMPLATE format.

    Now I am not sure if you may have heard or not, but I do answer questions personally through our customer service interface if people ask for me. I get tons of real, positive feedback regarding our customer support interface, and I am proud of the way we set it up, it makes alot of sense.

    I was surprised to see that you put so much trust in the google projections when creating the campaign, when everyone knows that you will NOT be paying anywhere near the 43 cents. I know this exact campaign you are referring to as well, since this is one of them where you have the potential of making back end sales, but you heavily regarded the Clickbank averages. But again, I was most surprised to see you based your opinion on the Google mechanism without test driving a campaign. I feel this is a bit similar to visiting a car dealer, sitting in the driver’s seat of a car, then writing a review that projects estimations of acceleration based on how they designed the speedometer. That particular campaign is one of the most affordable niches to advertise that I have ever seen. We have newbies who have not even read our ebooks, watched our videos and then ontop of that, plug our campaigns directly into another PPC advertising service like Miva, and still make a sale. I do not recommend changing PPC services, since some have different ad editing limitations, traffic & search results, as I state inside the members section, but my point being I do not see the problem in the reality that these campaigns are properly set up, tested and then presented in an easy to understand format as a threat to how you run your business with Super Affiliate Handbook. People will always respect what you do, since you are a true pioneer.

    I think everyone is looking for what we have provided them. We could debate back & forth all day about how 113 campaigns for one niche that did not work out for one reason or the other is proof that our work is obsolete, but there is a bit of contradicting information and comparison out there. What I mean is, when I first purchased Chris’ Google Cash in 2004, he had an example that used “Mortgage.” Now do you know how competitive “Mortgage” is? Forget 113 campaigns, lets just say that what you call a $5 to $10 mandatory charge, I call a “google slap.” where I do not recommend ever paying, no matter what the commission. Why? Click fraud. With Chris’s mortgage example I would start off at $5. Most of our niches when advertising with PPC cost under a dollar, a dollar at most. It was not the easiest thing in the world for us to create, because our google score is better than some newbies. We have recently suggested to Newbies that they shoot for a certain placement when starting their campaigns. This is by far, much more than any other “ebook” on the market provides.

    Im sorry if I seem a bit defensive of your review Rosalind, I respect you very much. Please understand In your review some of your examples have me at a protest at the first sentence since they will spawn new assumptions, when the initial problem you are presenting is easily solved, within the CNP control panel, although it looks as if you skimmed a bit through it.

    I believe in updates because I want our brand to excel and grow. Building a profitable business requires supplying a demand, and after you supply it, you need to deliver it. Although I do attribute my initial spark (Affiliate marketing) to you and Chris, at the end of the day, what you delivered to me was a spark. Now even though it was only the initialization of my learning process, that in itself (to me) was worth much more than the $50 I paid for the ebook, even in all of its basic attributes.

    When my apprentice Lance explained to me that he was making more than I was with my own campaigns, I did not see a “gold mine” or jump at the opportunity UNTIL I thought to myself, why on earth are none of the other publishers releasing examples that are in HTML format, or better yet; AEA files which you can directly upload to save time! At the same time as similar to the way Chris & you release version 2.0, 3.0 etc. Something that effects the way my updates are released is my user feedback, which is alot of the time very complex. When you are constantly making improvements to something, the challenge is to balance the flow of information and usability between experienced marketers and those who are just starting out, so a change to suit an advanced marketer can confuse a newbie, and a change to suit a newbie can frustrate an advanced marketer. We strive to balance, and we are succeeding!

    We are going to be releasing a new interface soon which is used within CNP, as well as external, which provides campaigns for EVERY product on Clickbank. They aren’t our actual campaigns, like in CNP, and there aren’t 20 videos and an informative ebook, but there is nothing like this out there and it will blow your mind. We also have an article marketing product coming soon as well!

    It would be great to hear from you some time.

    Thank you so much for the review the honest ending endorsement.


    Jamie Lewis

    • says


      Thank YOU for your considered reply to my review of your copyNprofit program.

      My apologies for the typo on the number of products included in the program. I will correct that immediately.

      About the test that I did yesterday. Obviously, I would have stopped the campaign daily and adjusted my bids lower as the CTR increased. However, I have in the past run a campaign for a similar (yet more popular) product in the Clickbank marketplace and quite frankly I found it a costly bust as compared to promoting it to my rather sizeable list in that market. 1/2 an hour to write the review, the cost of the autoresponder and the rest was pure profit.

      And although I’m thrilled to have helped ‘spark’ the careers of uber-successful search arbitrage affiliates such as yourself, Jeremy Palmer and Amit Mehta (to name just a few), I will always lean towards the publisher model of affiliate marketing as opposed to search arbitrage for so many reasons, not least of which include long-term sustainability and the sheer personal satisfaction of being able to share and contribute – or, ‘add value’ as it were. Even Amit Mehta stated (on our panel at the last Affiliate Summit) that eventually all affiliates should go the publisher route simply from the perspective of building a long-term business.

      Having said that, I suppose I should be more trusting that those who might want to try the arbitrage game will play ‘safe’ and not throw hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of dollars down the toilet in trying to make it work. Having been around the block once or twice in this game yourself, you know that peril exists because the whole process can be as addictive as gambling,

      I wish you and your customers all the success in the world with the copyNprofit system – and perhaps some day when you’re not quite so busy, you might want to revisit / review the Super Affiliate Handbook (get the latest revision) and recommend it to those of your clients who might want to quit the ‘job’ of Adwords campaign construction and move on to a more sustainable and rewarding approach to affiliate marketing. :-)


    • says

      Hi Rosalind!

      Good to hear back from you! So I picked up your new snazzy revised version of SAH and WOW! Very impressive! I definitely would recommend SAH as a resource, especially to one who is looking to build an affiliate site.

      In fact, I am actually spearheading a few services myself where one can get ahold of an affiliate website, and in the case of an affiliate driven website.

      I have never been afraid to even spell out the blueprint for affiliate driven websites, since that model worked for me in the early days when the beginner ebooks failed! But as I teach my students, Either find traffic first, whether it is a youtube page with 50 million views that you can purchase for $1000, or monetize ONE profitable thing. Like in CNP, build an empire using the proven, profitable blueprint. Most people don’t have 3 years to spend learning it, like I did, but thats because I am a bit obsessive.

      Love the “Amazon table of contents trick” and I agree that is probably the most important aspect to affiliate marketing. Learn your niche! Although its probably the best ebook on affiliate marketing I have seen, we know the sad thing is that 96% of the SAH readers do not IMPLEMENT IT! Or they will but it will not work. That is a long road, and sometimes you need to experience real ROI before you spend a month building a site. I believe the issue is trust. Your audience is looking for an income, brand spanking new to it, sees the treadmill example and jumps on it, but once they dive in, spend a month creating a site and then one thing goes wrong and they FEEL like they have wasted alot of time. This is simply because they are new to it, I sure wish you guys GAVE me a real life campaign or two to try back in the day when I first started out, but were not living in 2004, so Im happy. :)

      I put alot of emphasis on traffic generation, since It is being demanded. People want traffic, they want to learn how to generate traffic and many do not know the secrets of timing, which niches need to be turned off after 8 hours, which niches respond to content and which niches are straight up DULL.

      Gambling is not my cup of tea. You must follow guidelines with certain niches. I have had 1000% ROI one day direct linking, then the next, I turn off the ads until the dust settles. Others I can keep on because the traffic buys ONCE. Why doesnt anyone talk about this! Sure, re-write ads, but if its repeat offenders, your losing money! This enigma occurs because of other factors as well and I share this with my students. People dont like nebulous advice that sounds easier said than done, they want results, or in other words, to get behind the wheel.

      Turning to Google for answers is not everything. Google will show you stats that look like a dream come true and then you build a website, launch it and you find out that it does not convert even at a low price point and affordable to advertise. This is also for a variety of reasons, but the most common is that there is too much “free” competition, or for instance your example in which you identify a good niche by the fact the niche has significant advertiser competition is a trojan horse style trap.

      One of the challenges of a publisher AFFILIATE website is traffic generation. You usually are in a situation where affiliates will not drive you, and unless you do everything right (perfect niche investigation, build a mailing list, good navigation, headlines, perfect touring systems and a budget for adwords) your not going to make any money. This, and also the reality of affiliate marketing becoming a bit more well known and a trusted practice, is probably the reason why we see all of the “All those ebooks are scams, you can find that for free anywhere” comments all over the web, and the top 3 pages of Clickbank marketing are all software products. Its because thats what people want. Now unlike my product, most of the software products on Clickbank do not work, but it does not change the fact that information is ever more abundant, the web is now saturated with information, and what people are looking for now is AUTOMATION.

      Im not only a successful affiliate marketer, but a product creator as well, and I feel a healthy mix of teaching and implementation is the key to success. I have family and friends who are having a hard time in the economic situation we are going through, so I have a personal interest in first inspiring the people I care about, and then showing them how to do it. Its actually more than that, I feel I am forced to not only show them but make them. For the first four years while I was earning up to $100,000 a month, I would explain it to them and they would shake their heads. They blew it off like it was impossible. Things have changed. I ask them, It’s 2009, do you know where your automation is? 😀

      So its been great talking with you. I hope to see you at the next affiliate summit, I hear from Lance that it was a great time. I was out here in NYC in the freezing cold! Best of luck for 2009 Rosalind!


      Jamie Lewis

    • says

      Hi Dennis,

      In part, yes. If you’re looking for some untapped niche ideas – you will find a few good ones in there. I don’t know that I’d necessarily go for the same products that they’re recommending though as there are probably products in the same niche markets with better brand recognition or, conversely, something that hasn’t been all tapped out.

      Hope that helps.


    • says

      Tuesday, April 07, 2009, at 3:28 P.M., E.S.T., From: The Eastern Shore of Virginia:


      I just purchased your “Super Affiliate Handbook” and really have dug into Lance’s and Jamie’s “CopyNProfit”, and found almost identical analyical conclusions and recommendations.

      I am brand new to Affiliate Marketing, and as you well know there are tons of material, out there both hyped and otherwise, and out of 27 (twenty-seven) 27 offerings, materials and supposively unique time-saving software, I seem to always return to your “Super Affiliate Handbook”. I have always been just ‘keep it simple, understandable and straight to the point’, and your book flat out accomplishes that. You are to be commended!!!


      Buddy Hickman, C.E.O. and President
      National CommonWealth Corporation
      Commercial Investment Division
      2281 Old Neck Road
      Exmore, VA 23350

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