Spring Cleaning for Your Email List

Half my DNA is Dutch, but when it comes to keeping things clean and organized, I am almost 100% Dutch.

“Dutch-clean” is a saying for good reason and growing up in the culture, I embraced the fanaticism wholeheartedly.

It’s a time-wasting curse that I’ve been working to un-do for years — EXCEPT when it comes to my business and especially when it comes to my email list.

Without a doubt, my subscriber list is my most important online business asset.

You’ve probably heard it said many times – “the money is in the list” – and that is absolutely true, even as an affiliate marketer. Simply put, you cannot build a business online (or off) unless you build a list.

That said, really responsive subscriber lists need to be carefully nurtured, fostered and occasionally culled to become really worthwhile over the long term.

One of the best reasons to keep your list clean is because each subscriber costs you money.

For example, Aweber’s pricing plans start at $19 per month for up to 500 subscribers (NOTE: the first month is just $1).

For between 500 and up to 2,500 subscribers, you’ll pay an additional $10 per month AND then an additional $130 per month for between 10,001 and 25,000 subscribers?

Seriously, with subscriber numbers like that, $130 per month is a pittance to pay in terms of how much income you’ll be generating.

However, it’s SUCH a waste of money to pay for names and email addresses of people who have UNsubscribed from your list!

Yup, almost 50 thousand subscribers UNsubscribed that will cost you — well, the ‘contact us’ amount. :-)

That’s why you must take care of your list!

The easiest way to cull your lists is to delete those who are unsubscribed.

To do so, login to your Aweber account, select the list that you want to manage, click the Subscribers tab and then select ‘search’ from the drop-down that appears.

Next, you’ll want to select ‘Stop Status’ is ‘Unsubscribed’ and you’ll get a page resembling the following graphic.

See all those ‘Stop’ statuses? Time to get rid of them! Deleting 152 subscribers is EASY… just click ‘Erase’ at the top right-hand side of the list of unsubscribers, then go to the bottom right-hand side of that list and click ‘Save’.

To save time, select the ‘100’ tab in the same area, to see 100 entries per page.

But if you need to delete thousands or TENS of thousands… then Aweber’s staff can and will do that for you. Just send them a request through your account.

Aweber also offers a number of other methods to delete unproductive subscribers as shown in the following graphic. In this example, I’ve chosen to display those who subscribed from Nigeria.

It’s also worthwhile to delete those that are undeliverable.

For more information on how to keep your Aweber account list(s) clean and efficient, take advantage of their free live webinars and extensive help files in the customer area.

Email Marketing $19/Month!And if you don’t have an Aweber account – check them out now. It’s only $1 to try out their system for the first month. I’ve been using their service for almost 15 years and they get my highest recommendation!

Happy spring cleaning. I’m off to do likewise. :-)

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  1. Tony Nguyen says

    Thank you for this article. Its really need if anyone can remove unsubscribed from the list.. This information helps me very much.

  2. Sue says

    Hello Ros

    Thanks for all the great advice you’ve sent to date. Also, that Spring cleaning advice doesn’t seem like such a bad idea either.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Gail Trahd says

    Hi Ros –

    Spring Cleaning starts early :) This is something I haven’t paid close attention to – thanks for pointing it out. Headed over to take care of cleaning up right now.

    Next, cleaning up the closets in the house – exactly where the kids like to throw stuff so they don’t have to ‘really’ clean up!


  4. says

    It’s good to learn this information early on. I am still at the list building stage… learning new things as I go along. However, I will be sure to monitor those lists as they grow. I wouldn’t want to lose money based on my own negligence.

    Thanks Rosalind

  5. says

    Thanks for the heads-up on that, Ros. I’d always noticed that AWeber counts those unsubscribes as part of my overall payable total, something I always thought was sort of underhanded by them. Good to know that by deleting them outright I can keep my payable subscriber counts realistic.

  6. Bruce says

    Throw a free doggie bone every now and then. Feedburner is 100% free and a great way to build a list.

    • says

      Hi Bruce,

      I do have discussed Feedburner and use it myself… but it is NOT a replacement for a real autoresponder service, especially not if you plan to ‘cultivate’ leads according to specific criteria.


  7. Création site web says

    i’m creazy about cleaning.I can’t leave dirty things around me even for just a second.I like to sit in a clean place.keeping things clean and organized,is one of my hobbies.

  8. says

    Hi Rosalind,

    Thank for the great tips :)

    Once a week I’m deleting my unsubscribe and the undeliverable ( I delete them when they have bounce 4+ time). But i never thought about deleting subscribers by country. Normally when I see someone from Nigeria I delete them right away. I’m curious to go do a research and find how many I could delete. Beside Nigeria, what are the other country that you think has the most “unproductive subscribers”? Bulgaria, China, Russia, India?

  9. Brian says

    Wow! Thanks for the advice. I didn’t realize those dead leads were costing me. Time to kill some list zombies.
    Ros, as always … thank you for caring enough to publish really useful info.

    • says

      I read your newsletter carefully and many of your ideas have worked across the board for me. I do have one problem that is troubling and you don’t seem to be and that is Text-Enhanced ads. How does one stop these annoying ads that seem to be everywhere?

      Thanks Ros

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