Subscribers Magnet: You will LOVE this Plugin!

Subscribers-MagnetI’ve uploaded, activated and reviewed a number of different plugins and software applications intended to increase your subscribers – most of which I’ve never told you about.

But Subscribers Magnet is different — in a VERY good way… and the reason I’m telling you about it NOW, is because it is 30% off until but only until October 1st.

First things first, ‘Subscribers Magnet’ is a WordPress plugin, which makes it super easy to install and activate.

See the graphic up and to the right?

Yes, the plugin automatically recognizes and fills in your visitor’s name and email address to encourage signups. You have the option to add your opt-in form all over your blog, and actually ‘seduce’ your visitors to join your list, in a very friendly manner.

Watch this video to see Subscribers Magnet in action.

You can add the form to your WordPress footer or within the post itself.

Better still, you can add a subscription box to the footer and decide how often it will show.

(You might be seeing the footer bar right now.)

Plus, you have full control over the look, feel, location and functionality of your forms and it works with AWeber (my favorite), GetResponse, and other major autoresponders.

The developers suggest that Subscribers Magnet could actually triple your sign-up rate almost overnight, without you having to get more blog visitors than you’re already getting. (I WILL be testing that statement and letting you know how it works. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to report my results before their discount offer has ended. No problem though – they do offer a money-back guarantee).

Suppose the assertion is true and you get 100 unique visitors to your blog on a daily basis and receive a 5% conversion ratio, meaning 5 subscribers. If you use Subscribers Magnet, you should get 15 subscribers instead, from the same amount of traffic.

Just think about it!

If you’re all about the list and optimizing it for better performance (which really should be one of your first priorities), you will love this plugin!

Here’s my caveat. You should NOT buy ‘Subscribers Magnet’…

  1. If, once you finish watching the video, you still don’t see its real value
  2. If you receive less than 10 visitors a day to your blog
  3. If you don’t plan to actually test-drive it on your blog.

On the other hand, you should BUY Subscribers Magnet:

  1. If you want to double, triple and even quadruple your subscription rate ‘overnight’ – and do it over and over again, day and night, week after week, month after month!
  2. If you want optimum list conversion and to get maximum value from your blog’s real estate by placing your opt-in form in strategic, non-intrusive locations, where anybody can see it.

P.S. Here are some other amazing features that I haven’t found on other subscriber plugins:

  • A. You can show the signup form in your footer bar in a highly visible but not obnoxious way. Very good for turning first time visitors into subscribers.
  • B. You can also end “automatic” and highly-personalized ‘thank you messages’ by email on the first occasion someone comments on your blog. Think of the possibilities! In that message you can invite them to join your newsletter or rss feed. It’s another “friendly” reason to create trust with your readers and get them on your list, in a non intrusive way!
  • C. Plus, there’s unique tracking available for each subscription method – you will know which forms perform better than others; with this new found knowledge, you’ll be able to skyrocket your sign-up rate like never before!

P.P.S. Download your copy of Subscribers Magnet PLUGIN now and GET a free copy of “Multiple Hit Strategy” with your purchase. This bonus item is a step-by-step guide detailing how to build your list FAST with this proprietary “multiple hit strategy”.


  1. says

    i have small list but quality people,but every body said the money is on the list, i don’t think so because you can have a large list and not body buy a product, but i like to use GetResponse is work for me and they have very good customers serveses.

  2. says

    One other coding blooper I’ve found – Subscriber’s Magnet leaves your admin email address as an input value in the page source code (near the bottom) so that it can be picked up by any spammer’s email address scraper.

    Got to admit I’m getting less impressed as time goes on and at $97 a throw these are elementary errors.

  3. says

    Hi, Ros!

    I can see it is working – I personally preferred your site without the SM, since you already had the sign up form prominently displayed on each page.

    Plus, already receiving your newsletter, I don’t love being reminded to sign up (again and again!). Maybe SM has a way to take into account those already on your list.

    But, let us know how it does for you, overall. I’m just a little fish in the BIG pond!!

    Thanks for the ongoing info : )

  4. says

    This Magnet thing seems like a pretty good software to have but $97? I don’t think it worth it for that much money.Maybe I am wrong, not sure.

  5. Nancy says

    Actually would be a wonderful program if it was intelligent enough to realize I’m already a subscriber instead of popping up yet another window that I have to close. Yours is now the third website where I’m a subscriber that I have to deal with the annoyance of subscription pop-ups. Thanks.

    What is so wrong with a link that says …. SUBSCRIBE TO MY NEWSLETTER and allow the would-be customer to navigate there themselves instead of force feeding it to them?

    • says

      Hi Nancy,

      I agree. I’ve disabled it on NPT (will install on another site instead) and will speak to the developers about the couple of issues that I’ve had and the concerns that you and other subscribers have raised.


  6. says

    It obviously works Ros but I’d take a look at your latest HTML email if I were you to see why you may need to work on the post meta to make sure the only thing you’re talking about in future ISN’T Subscribers’ Magnet!

  7. says

    I need to get my aweber again. I just wasn’t getting anyone to sign up to the email, but I now know how important it is. Then I’m going to add this plugin thank Ros, always giving out great info to us.

  8. says

    Hi Ros. Thanks for sharing this information. I purchased the plug-in. I’m very impressed. Let’s see how well it works.

    Take care and God bless.

    Tim Hicks

  9. Danka says

    Hi Rosalind

    I’ve just signed up for your newsletter using SM. It must have been 5min since I have done it, but I still have not received email confirmation. Now, i don’t know whether it is cos I’ve been on your mailing list for a few years or the plug in is not doing its job. Also, it didn’t fill in my name and email address for me. I use Chrome and Firefox, both are up-to-date.



  10. says

    Hi Rosalind,
    Thank you for bringing the MaxBlogPress plugin to my attention. I’d heard about it, but couldn’t figure out what was so special in comparison to the standard autoresponder generated form, but having watched the video and seen your implementation of it on your blog made my decision quite obvious. It’s a clear winner.

    Best Regards

  11. says

    hi ros,

    i´m sure this is a great plugin – i´m just wondering: why is that one so much better than the aweber popup you can build into your site? just because it also displays the list on the bottom?
    i guess i definitely need it LOL i just wondered about that 😉

    • says

      Hi Monja,

      The fact that it pre-fills or pre-populates your readers’ name and email address gives added incentive for them to signup for your newsletter… thereby increasing your subscribers… makes it a good choice. :-)


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