Diner Dave Works His Email Marketing Plan

After 1 month of prep time, DinerDave.com has content and, thanks to Juscott Media, a fantastic new look! My next order of business is to build up my subscriber base so I can start sending out articles and promoting my merchant programs in the Diner Dave Digest e-newsletter (using AWeber of course). Obviously, the best […]

Aweber Autoresponder Review

“… still the best autoresponder service available – bar none.” If you’ve been searching for a service that will let you build a list of subscribers, deliver auto-response messages and send broadcast news to those subscribers, then you already know that there are many different options from which to choose. You may be finding it […]

Get More Buyers Course: NOT Another Bogus Review

Were you completely bombarded by emails urging you to buy Michael Rasmussen’s new “Get More Buyers” Video Course on Tuesday? Ya, me too. What really got me was the sheer number of so-called ‘reviews’ that contained exactly the same wording. (Here’s a tip… regurgitating merchant copy word-for-word is NOT how one becomes a Super affiliate.) […]

Traffic Generation Then and Now

NPT reader Sean wrote this week to ask me a whole bunch of questions about how I was able to get traffic to my websites to the extent that I was able to ‘crack’ the $100,000 earnings level. Because I reached that level back in 1999, and my traffic generation strategies have changed considerably over […]