How to Trounce Your Competitors and Climb to the Top of Google


I’d like to start by sharing a backlinking strategy that works even after Google Panda and Penguin updates, but before that there are some vital things that you must pay attention to. As we all know, building links in a natural manner is more important than ever, right? So below are a couple of things […]

Subscribers Magnet: You will LOVE this Plugin!


I’ve uploaded, activated and reviewed a number of different plugins and software applications intended to increase your subscribers – most of which I’ve never told you about. But Subscribers Magnet is different — in a VERY good way… and the reason I’m telling you about it NOW, is because it is 30% off until but […]

Recommended Autoresponder Services

Research has shown that the average person needs to be exposed to an ad at least 7 times (and often many more) before they will buy a product. You therefore need to remind visitors to come BACK to your site, making an autoresponder service essential for your online business. Below I’ve listed those autoresponder services […]

Aweber Autoresponder Review

“… still the best autoresponder service available – bar none.” If you’ve been searching for a service that will let you build a list of subscribers, deliver auto-response messages and send broadcast news to those subscribers, then you already know that there are many different options from which to choose. You may be finding it […]

Get More Buyers Course: NOT Another Bogus Review

Were you completely bombarded by emails urging you to buy Michael Rasmussen’s new “Get More Buyers” Video Course on Tuesday? Ya, me too. What really got me was the sheer number of so-called ‘reviews’ that contained exactly the same wording. (Here’s a tip… regurgitating merchant copy word-for-word is NOT how one becomes a Super affiliate.) […]

Feedburner FeedCount: Be Patient

The first time I installed Feedburner’s FeedCount* on this blog (after integrating the Feedburner feed with Aweber) I uninstalled it almost immediately after seeing that it showed only a few hundred subscribers. Ugh! How embarrassing! Especially considering that there are places on the site where I tout the fact that NPT has tens of thousands […]