Aweber Feedburner Integration

Aweber announced yesterday that their RSS-to-email tool now integrates with Feedburner’s tracking and publishing service. By result, bloggers who use both services and convert their feeds to email newsletters using Aweber’s Blog Broadcast will now see their subscriber statistics within the Feedburner interface. They will also see a spike in subscriber numbers displayed on the […]

Holiday Greetings: Justin Makes a Great Point

Sure… we all appreciate our clients and customers and want to send them our very best wishes for a happy holiday season. But SHOULD we send those greetings as a separate email? Or, are our SinterKlaas, Christmas, Hanukkah and New Years greetings better received as an inclusion within a regular newsletter? Justin Premick posted a […]

Is Your Site Ready for Paid Traffic?

Don’t Pay for Traffic Before Your Site is Ready… New affiliate marketers often tend to fixate on getting “traffic, traffic and more traffic” to their recently launched content sites. However, in their rush to start earning commissions, some affiliates make costly errors when they pay to drive traffic to sites that are not yet ready […]

AWeber Live Webinars

One of the biggest mistakes affiliates make is that they aren’t building subscriber lists – and the main reason (excuse) appears to be that figuring out how to build an autoresponder series is either too much work or too confusing. Well, no more excuses. Whether you’re just starting your site and need to know how […]