Canadian Affiliate Marketers: Did You File GST on Those Commissions?


Now that we’re 2 weeks past tax day in Canada (April 30th), I thought I’d write about an issue that directly affects Canadian affiliates and online merchants. So, be warned – for the purposes of this post the spelling may seem a little weird, like ‘cheque’ and ‘humour’ and I might even have to throw […]

Train Your Affiliate Managers Better


So, the other day I receive the following comment on my blog from an affiliate manager asking me to participate in a launch. Note: Identifying comments, names, etc. have been removed. Hi owner, My name is ____ and I am ____’s affiliate manager for his _____ Formula. ( ___ told me to contact you […]

15 Ways to Sell More of Your Products on Clickbank


Are you a Clickbank merchant? Are your sales of digital information products or software dismal? Perhaps you haven’t seen even one affiliate sale of your Clickbank product? Then listen up… As a Super Affiliate I’ve visited a TON of Clickbank merchant sites over the years and of those that I review, only about 10% are […]

Does the Merchant Site Pass this Super Affiliate Test?

How do you convince Super Affiliates to promote your products? Wooing a Super Affiliate over drinks and dinner with offers of significantly higher-than-advertised commission rates and exclusive landing pages will definitely get their attention. And showering them with free product samples (especially if they’re expensive) is fairly effective too. However, wining and dining alone will […]

How NOT to Recruit Affiliate Marketers

One morning back in March, I hit ‘Check Mail’ on my email client and was horrified to see more than 300 emails downloading. When all was said and done, about 20 of those emails were valid. 285 of them however were all the same – see the screenshot below. The email came from an adult […]

Podcast: What Merchants Do to Mess Up Their Affiliate Programs

Linda Woods, host of the weekly “Affiliate Marketing Insider” podcast on Webmaster Radio invited Kathleen Lindsay of Allegiance Marketing Resources and me back this week to talk with her on the subject “What Merchants Do Wrong to Mess Up Their Affiliate Programs“. As Super Affiliates, all I can say is that Kathleen and I had […]

Jobs, Jobs and MORE Jobs…


What? Me say that dirty word – J.O.B. – not once, but THREE times? I know, I know, but what with the Big 3 bailout on its last legs today (unless the White House steps in), my guess is that more than just a few NPT readers will be among the 1.6 million workers affected […]