Affiliate Promotions on Craigslist


Well, I’ve just come across another example of an affiliate marketing coach who charges through the nose for training that takes people down a path leading to nothing more than a waste of time and effort. In this case, the affiliate ‘coach’ teaches his students how to place ads for Clickbank products on Craigslist. If […]

Facebook Stalker Spam


Good grief. What’s up with the Facebook Stalker app (and all the idiots that are promoting it)? Folks, it’s just another way that scammers are getting you to give up your Facebook password. Don’t fall for it! First of all, if your Facebook security is good (no telephone numbers, addresses or real birth years), then […]

BizOp Market: NOT a Nice Niche


Are you a newbie thinking about starting the next great ‘’ blog to rake in big bucks from the Internet marketing business opportunities niche? Think again!! PLEASE think again. I’ve had numerous discussions with my colleagues throughout the many years I’ve been involved in the Internet marketing space — and we’ve all talked about ditching […]