Video: How to Link Directly to a Clickbank Product Order Page

In this video, I show you how to construct an affiliate link that goes directly to a Clickbank merchant’s product order page… along with rationale for why you’d want to do that.

Here is how to construct the basic link:

Be sure to watch the video for additional important suggestions.

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  1. says

    it’s positive article, and I have tried to make affiliate with clickbank for 1 month. But til to day I have gotten nothing. Please help me

  2. says

    Hello, thank you for this tip, there is a lot of products that I would like to market that have either a free subscription or something of that sort and I have always wandered what to do and this seems to be the right answer to converting the lead but if I wanted to capture their info to build my mailing list, is it a good idea to send them the link to purchase in an email?

    Thanks again

  3. says

    I often wondered why my conversions were so bad despite having appreciable traffic to clickbank advertisers. I decided to quit clickbank because I was not making much. But your explanation of the last “cookie wins” might explain why I wasn’t making anything…I was pointing links to other clickbank affiliates on the same page.

  4. says

    Two Versions of html that work for directly linking to an order page:

    Product: SuperAffiliateHandbookGold


    Include the http:// before this.





    Just two version of the same code, thats all,

    I like to share my accomplishments in html coding;

    Also Rosalind, You don’t go into much detail on what the best way to contact the merchant, do you email, call them.

    And if you don’t what is the penaltys if any.

    I would like to know,

    Thanks, Rosalind,

  5. says

    I am a little confused at this coding, I have tried for about 1 hour with no luck, I have the code,, but I am confused on how to link that, If you can explain this more further. Your video is really hard to look at, can’t really make out what you are doing on this video, with the code, If you could give me the steps so I could understand this, I would appreciate that, Thanks,

  6. says

    Hi Rosalind –

    This is my first time here and wanted to thank you for this post. I agree, many of the ClickBank sales pages are really bad. They are riddled with affiliate links to other products, links to the product owners blog and/or forum, sign up forms for their promotions etc. Any number of ways that the person you convinced to have an interest in a product can be side tracked and you lose a sale.

    The product can be excellent but that doesn’t make the seller a expert at sales copy. The last thing you want is prospective buyer to click through and see what you have shown in this video. Being a ClickBank affiliate I sadly say that it’s all to common to find sales pages just like the one in your example. I also think that many product owners know better but do this intentionally.

    This is one of the most important things to know about as an affiliate. The video instruction and the link structure will help many including myself. If you’re making a blog post, review or landing page this is the magic bullet that protects your sale. Thank you!

  7. says

    Nice video for newbies but I doubt in its effectiveness because prospective buyers normally would want to read more info before clicking the buy button.

    It is a fact that many are smart enough to change the link to get the commission as such no amount of tricks would work particularly if the buyers are online marketers.

    • says

      Hello “DPC”,

      I suggest in the video that to make this technique effective, one MUST write their own sales page to replace the merchant’s sales copy.

      Too, the technique isn’t intended as a ‘trick’ to avoid commission theft or ID swapping. It is designed simply to bypass an ugly sales page or one that contains non-paying links off the page which shouldn’t be there.


  8. Andreas says

    Hi Rosalind.

    I asked Clickbank about this technique and here is what they answered me.

    “ClickBank does not provide a way for you to bypass the publisher’s pitch page. The way ClickBank’s affiliate program tracks referrals is through our hoplink system. When customers clicks through a hoplink, they are taken to the URL that is listed in that publisher’s account. If a customer then decides to purchase the product from that site, you will earn a commission.

    Please be aware that if you use a third party product that changes our hoplink format in ANY way, there is no way for us to verify that your commissions will be tracked properly. ClickBank can only provide our clients with technical support for our own authorized hoplink format.”

    Can you give us some comments please?

    Thank you

    • says

      HI Andreas,

      After making the first blooper video which didn’t retain the affiliate ID, I tried this method every way to Sunday and it keeps the affiliate/publisher ID intact.

      However, anyone who is uncomfortable using such a method shouldn’t use it.

      If that’s the case, in order to bypass the merchant’s sales page… you’d have to sell a different Clickbank product. :-)


    • Andreas says

      I am still confused Rosalind and not sure if I should use this technique.

      There are some really ugly salesletters but the product might be good. So I make a review with a nice looking website and when the visitors see that I am redirecting them to an ugly website they do not buy.

      Are you using this technique to make the most of your sales?
      Is there a better way?


    • says

      Hi Andreas,

      Most of the time I’ll try to contact a merchant first to see whether I can convince them to remove affiliate links from their site.

      If they agree, I send a bunch of traffic, make sales and convince them of the value of leaving the affiliate links off.

      The danger of doing this however is that they might put the affiliate links back up without your knowledge, which is why I usually just do a one-time blast while I know that they’re off.

      However, I will use the order page technique on occassion if they won’t remove the affiliate links or the sales page is too ugly.

      It’s an option of last resort, considering there are usually good products available in most categories.

      Hope that helps!


  9. says

    Many thanks for this excellent tip, Rosalind!

    I’ve been selling Clickbank products for some time now but have not been very successful. Your tip certainly comes in very useful.

    I shall be adopting your method right away!


  10. Anna Borisenko says

    Excellent video!!

    I’d never even given by passing the merchants page a thought before.

    Many thanks.


  11. says

    I’ve often wondered about this – as Jon above – if I drive traffic to a Clickbank sales page and their optin is obtained. When the new subscriber purchases through a link in an email who gets the commission?


  12. Jon says

    Good video Rosalind. What I liked best was the reason for bypassing the merchant’s page, since so many have affiliate links to other products or other “distractions” which are stealing my traffic.

    Another thing I’ve always wondered is if the merchant is grabbing my visitors’ email addresses, with a free report or something like that, and my visitor buys the product 10 days later by clicking a link from their autoresponder… am I still getting credit for that sale?

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