Viewbix vs. LinkedTube

Awhile back I posted “How to Add an Affiliate Link to a YouTube Video”, which used the LinkedTube service.

Fortunately, Jon, an NPT reader wised me up to an even better service – Viewbix.

Watch the video below to find out how the Viewbix service is a better option for affiliates and why LinkedTube is sometimes a little weird.

Do you have any suggestions for adding affiliate links to videos? Leave a comment below!




  1. says

    Just tried this today – basically took me less than an hour from signing up to having a tweaked video up via this software.

    I reckon this can only get better. What do you think easy or what!

  2. S. Stevens says

    Oops… sorry for the double post…. forgot to mention that Viewbix works on an iPad while LinkedTube does not.

    Also, thanks Roz for the great info!

  3. S. Stevens says

    I’m surprised to hear some of the negative things about Viewbix. I found it really easy to sign up and use. I guess some of those bugs are because they are still in beta and maybe since I’m new to it, they’ve fixed some of the issues.

    Also, they don’t seem very active, but they do have a twitter account…. maybe if you reach out to them there @viewbix you’ll get a better response…. Just an idea.

    Also, besides affiliate marketing, I’ve used it to make family vacation videos with pictures and stuff to send around to family and friends. I think it’s really fun!

  4. says

    I’ve tried to use both, and I’ve got to say, so far, Viewbix looks like a complete DUD to me, on just about every level. Its really too bad, because it looks like if it worked, it would actually allow a little more functionality. Problem is, doesn’t seem like either the site or the resultant product will work for me.

    I tried to login and use the Viewbix service hours and hours ago, and it still has not sent me the confirmation email so I can confirm my account. I asked it to send it again, and I still haven’t received it. (And yes, I checked my spam folder.) I tried to set up an account using my Facebook account instead, and it wouldn’t let me. I thought maybe it was a browser issue, so I tried an alternative, and couldn’t even get the website to work using Mozilla Firefox, much less get to the point where it wouldn’t let me confirm my account.

    I took the javascript code generated for the one video I tried to make, pasted it into one of my wordpress blogs, and of course, it didn’t work. No video, no embedded code, no nothing. Blank page. Again, in case it was a browser issue, I tried again in Google chrome. Nada again. I used the exact same thing on the LinkedTube site, and I was able to create a video with no problems, and it actually worked on my WordPress site.

    So far, I know which one I think is manifestly better, and I have to agree with Kimberly and Bill, Viewbix doesn’t seem ready for prime time…

    • says

      Oops! I forgot to thank Roz for bringing both of these programs to our attention. I’ve been wanting to embed links in video for the longest time, and to find a FREE program is even better. Woo Hoo! Thanks so much, Rosalind…!

  5. says

    I’ve had problems getting signed up and logged on for this service, In addition, I’ve received limited replies to emails and no response to phone calls (I/m not sure what part of the world they’re in).

    I was assured by one email that my problem had been fixed but the website was not operable when I tried. I forgot my password so I asked for help using their form (twice) and received no response email.

    Has anyone else had problems or am I the only one in the world?

    I agree with the LinkedTube problems but Viewbix has not proven to be a viable alternative yet.

  6. says

    I just tried out the viewbix and I came across a glitch. After I had embedded my video, I decided to make a couple of changes to the size and the button text. The problem is, you don’t get a new embed code, so the changes don’t get updated when you re embed the video to your site.

  7. says

    Yes indeed Linktube is acting weird…LOL

    When someone click your link. When they go back to your blog/website they see the embed code. They have to click the red x button to get the video back.

    Funny because I open up your email like 10 minutes after I post on my own blog about a cool way to promote your affiliate links via YouTube videos. Also work with Dailymotion, Metacafe, Vimeo.

    The website is in french. (I am french canadian) But I did a video that explain how it work in English.

    This tool is a little bit different, never see something like this in English.

    You get your own video page with the YouTube video and Your Affiliate link embeded in the page.

    Your affiliate link is below the video.

    The link to this tool is at:

    And I explain how this work in english at:

    Also today I discover this one….

    But I did not have time to give it a try yet.

    Thank for the Viewbix recommendation 😉

    Cedric Aubry

  8. says

    I’m going to definitely check this out, this is something I’ve been wanting to do, but I have a related question, wonder if you have a recommendation. I wanted to find a good video screen capture program (to make recordings of internet activity, things like showing people how to change their facebook settings, or do Google searches, things like that.) I saw a recommendation for one service, but it only allowed for five minute long videos, and I’d like to have the flexibility to do longer videos.

    May I ask what you use to make screen capture video? Do you have a recommendation? Or can you recommend a video editting software so if I’m restricted to five minute segments, I could at least edit and link the segments together? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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