Webmaster Radio: Women of Affiliate Marketing

Last Thursday, Linda Woods hosted the first of a two-part series on Webmaster Radio profiling the women of affiliate marketing – or, more accurately, a few of us ‘old timers’ who were featured on the cover of Affiliate Summit’s FeedFront Magazine back in January.

In addition to Linda (Partnercentric) and I were our esteemed colleagues Carolyn Tang of ShareaSale, Melissa Salas of Buy.com; Hammock Ventures, Industry Consultant Lisa Riolo; and Allegiance Director of Merchant Accounts Kathleen Lindsay. Rachel Honoway of Lurn.com was to have joined us, but apparently she got stuck on an airplane somewhere.

Topics included how we all got started in affiliate marketing, the good and bad old days in the business, what’s different now, how it’s rewarding (or not), challenges and a few horror stories.

You may listen to the show here.

Part 2 airs this Thursday at 3PM Eastern.


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