WHO Ranks #1 on Google for “Super Affiliate”?

Amit Mehta and I were exchanging some friendly super affiliate banter during the Affiliate Summit over whose site ranked #1 in the Google search results for the keyword phrase “super affiliate”.

Amit said his SuperAffiliateMindset blog ranked number #1 and I was quite sure that it was my Super Affiliate Handbook site.

Well, here are the graphic results. (And remember, we’re comparing a blog to a one-page site… the blog should win hands-down!)

Super Affiliate with quotes…

Google Search Listing for "Super Affiliate"

Super Affiliate WITHOUT quotes…

Google Search Listing for "Super Affiliate"

That’s OK, Amit. I still love ya. :-)

Of course, in the long-run, it doesn’t really matter how either of us ranks on Google for the term ‘super affiliate’, because here’s what Wordtracker has to say about how many folks are really searching for the term…

Wordtracker Results for Super Affiliate

Hmmm… a whopping maximum total predicted traffic of 9 searches for all of the major directories, search and pay per click engines today.

And here are the keyword phrases we both should be targeting.

Wordtracker Results for Affiliate

BTW, I have no doubt that someone will respond with graphic images showing Amit’s site in the #1 spot. That’s OK, but my version of Google is better. :-)


  1. says

    It really doesn’t matter where YOU rank, Ros. YOU are number ONE in my book! Your Super Affiliate Hanbook is without a doubt the most exceptional course on the internet. I should know, I’ve purchased just about every other book out there. I can’t believe how much time I’ve wasted on the other drivel and half truths that have permeated the internet. Thanks for sharing the wealth and helping the rest of us lost souls toward the finish line! I wish you all the best, because you ARE the best!!


  2. Paula says

    Hi Ros & Everyone,

    This is my first ‘speak my mind’ so I just wanted to introduce myself. I’m Paula, new to Affiliate Marketing and have got to say that The Super Affiliate Handbook is one of the best books I have read regarding the subject. Other material I have read has just been bits and pieces, kinda patchy if you know what I mean. Whereas Ros’ material is so well organized.

    I can’t see anyone else being #1 in this field. You’re the best to me Ros!!

    All the best and thank you so much for doing what you do,

  3. Anson says

    Hi Ros,

    I agree with Tatiana Escalada that alot of so-called “Internet Marketing Gurus” out there who keep emphazing that they are ranked No.1 for their selected keywords on Google, where in actual facts their keywords have little searches online…! I agree that we should target good keywords that are highly searched on the major search engines and one excellent keywords tool is the Wordtracker!

    With Regards,

  4. Iman says

    I like to use long tail keywords to grab the top ranking at Google. And make money online!! This way is easy!! =)

  5. James Dorans says

    I read your Super Affiliate Handbook and to be honest I learned more from that then most other programs I joined like Wealthy Affiliate and Affiliate Classroom combined.

  6. Tatiana Escalada says

    Ros, like always you are dead honest, love that about you.

    Funny how a lot of “internet marketers”, claim they are number one in the search engines for keywords that have little or no searches. LOL

    The important thing is not the bragging but what you should be targeting.

    Great point!

    • says

      Hi AJ,

      Unlikely that I’ll get traction on the term ‘affiliate marketing’ with a one page sales letter that I don’t plan to change unless Google does a dance just for me. :-)


  7. Robert Tutsky says

    Why should anyone really care? You are both going to receive rewards being where you are in Google. Good luck to you both.

    • says

      Hi Robert,

      You’re exactly right. I was really just having a little fun with Amit to see whether his renewed efforts at blogging included checking his pings and returning the linky love. I guess he must be too busy at the moment. :-)


  8. says

    It’s still one of those phrases that it’s just neat to dominate. Don’t forget different SERPS are served for different geographic locations, so his site could very well be ranking #1 in his area, while yours does in your area.

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