You Need to Monetize!

I cringe when I come across sites like these — great niche, lots of content, customer reviews — and yet little or NO attempt to monetize.

It’s especially frustrating when I see that the site has been online for a few years, ranks on the first page of Google for some of its targeted keyword phrases and that there are scads of products to market via affiliate programs — yet the webmaster has nothing more than one instance of Adsense per page of his or her site.

Take a look at the following video and if your site looks anything like this one does — you NEED to monetize using affiliate programs!

Comments? Questions? Need help to monetize your site?

Comments, questions or suggestions? Please leave a comment below!



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  1. says

    It was nice to explain monetization with an example. Nine months after starting the blog , this happens to be my present hurdle.

    It would have been better if you could said the possible ways this person can monetize his blog.

  2. Bill says

    Very nice content on the video, just to add up on the monetization, i think one should bring traffic first before you start to monetize your site. A great monetization happens when your niche site is receiving enough traffic that can convert into subscriber.

  3. says

    This site does sell affiliate products – you will see them if you go to “guitar lessons home study” where 10 programs are being sold. Perhaps that is where he makes his money?

    • says

      The point of Ros’ post was that they were NOT using affiliate links on the guitar lesson reviews.

      Do you see affiliate links?

      I simply see a larger image in a new window when I click on the image on a review page. (Same in both Firefox and IE9.)

  4. says

    Do you think it’s necessary to have a ‘buy now’ button on the images in your posts or is it sufficient enough to have a link in the content? As long as they know to click on it.

  5. says

    Good points Roz,

    I come across a lot of sites like these and wonder how well they’d do with a little monetization.

  6. Bob Schmidt says

    It struck me while listening to your video that you could contact him and suggest he might buy SAH. Or you could even be super magnanimous and offer a free copy for a link back to your blog. Or just tell him about your blog. Perhaps he has no idea of the gold mine he’s sitting on.

  7. says

    The first thing I thought when he didn’t have Amazon advertising on his site was that this guy might live in a state that passed the Nexxus tax. Still, he could join eBay and include some eBay listings on his site.

    You just never really know though.

    • says

      Hi Carolyn,

      That’s a great point about Amazon, and I should have made the observation in my video that the domain is registered to an address in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. :-)


  8. says

    Good points however, some people choose not to monetize at all at first to get the maximum number of users and then monetize later. It worked for Google and Facebook. It is a tough road to go though. You really have to wait.

    • says


      Not sure what’s going on with the web site, but they’re doing something right. They live in a $580k, 4br, 4 bath home on a nice street in an East Coast State. (Based on the address on the web site.)

      Maybe this is someone’s hobby site, and they are happy about their adsense income. Although, I can’t imagine not using affiliate links versus the jpg links. They didn’t use AF links even for the simple stuff like the Jamorama and other guitar courses.

      I checked a dozen of the reviews on the site and could find them nowhere else on the internet (Googled), so they are original content and not scraped from Amazon or somewhere else.

      If you click the link to add a review, they’ve got a nice review page setup with a drop-down to select the star rating (even lets you pick a half-star) and example topics to include in the review.

      They are using aWeber, so maybe it is simply lead capture?? Very puzzling since it is a nicely built, plain vanilla web site.

  9. says

    You have a real hidden gem in that video about checking Alexa! I’m going there now to see what other phrases I could make money on in my niche! EXCELLENT!

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