Your Affiliate Program is WAY too Much Work

overworkedSo, I get an invitation to join an affiliate program related to my dating site at

I look at the site and it does indeed satisfy the interests of my audience. Not only that, but it should be a significant contribution to that specific niche, which currently has only 1 offering.

On clicking the link to join their program, I see that they have numerous niche dating sites with affiliate programs, including:

  • STD Dating
  • Millionaire Dating
  • Biker Dating
  • Senior Dating
  • BBW Dating
  • Bisexual Dating
  • Nudist Dating
  • Age Gap Dating
  • and many more…

“Cool”, I think until I notice that instead of having to sign up for just one program to join them ALL — I have to sign up for each individually.

UGH… you’re kidding me, right?

Seriously, we have the technology. If some merchant wants you to sign up for each of 20+ programs which supposedly reside under one banner (business)… just say “NO!”.


  1. says

    I’ve often wondered the same thing, Ros ~ and come to “NO!” just as quickly as you did!
    Please and Thank you: could you share links to some of that “covers it all” technology?

    • says

      Hi Karen,

      Good for you!

      Not quite sure what type of ‘covers it all’ technology you are looking for though. Can you be a little more specific?


  2. says

    You are so right! It wouldn’t take but a second to realize that they are just trying to get more leads, without the work . . .
    Good Call!

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