Jasper Loves Missoula

So do we.

Seriously, I could live here.

Missoula, Montana is a university town in a valley surrounded by mountains – population about 67,000, according to Wikipedia.

We did most of the Missoula historical walking tour in under an hour.The architecture is fabulous – ranging from late 1800’s to 1930’s/1940’s deco to uber-modern.

Seeing the Carousel in action was a treat to behold. We got there just after opening on a glum November Sunday morning and the place was packed with kids and their moms, dads, grand dads and grandma’s. Interesting that now they have to strap themselves in — I don’t remember doing that as a kid.

My favorite place in Missoula is the Bark Park – a 5 acre playground for the doggies on Jacob’s Island which was donated to the city by the First National Bank. The only downside to this park is car parking. The southside entrance comes from the University where permits are required. On the north side there is no big parking lot easily accessible to the bridge. We chanced the University parking twice and had no problem – but that was on the weekend.

Here are some pictures I took in Missoula.

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