An excellent source of reference for novices

Message left on Rosalind's Facebook account Hi Rosalind, Glad that I found you. Just wanna to tell you that your super affiliate handbook is an excellent source of reference for novices. Loh Chee Mun … [Read more...]

“genuine value and a very good read…”

This comment about the Super Affiliate Handbook was posted to our Support Desk... Hi Rosalind, It's very refreshing to purchase an e-book online which is of genuine value and a very good read - which yours is. ~ John Key … [Read more...]

“handbook is starting to look tattered…”

Comment Posted to on April 1st, 2008 at 3:51 pm Love your blog Ros and your handbook is starting to look tattered by constant review. ~ Pete Safe … [Read more...]

“Rosalind has a special place in my heart…”

This is Karen's review of the Super Affiliate Handbook. They all do it. Did you know that? Who? All the top earners in the internet marketing industry, that's who. Sure, they have their own products. You may have purchased some already. But, without a doubt, all of them earn a substantial portion of their online income from affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing simply means you … [Read more...]

“the book that got me started in this business…”

Hi Ros, Thank you for all the valuable information that you keep sharing on your blog and through your Super Affiliate Handbook. That's the book that got me started in this business. My name is Nick Dalton. I was the technical architect behind some rather large automotive websites here in the US:,,,,, to name a … [Read more...]