Troubled Trip

On May 8th, Ed and I left Penticton with Jasper in our RV to visit my Mom in Toronto.

After tens of thousands of miles on the road with our RV, who could have guessed this would be THE trip fraught with problems?

  1. Presented itself within 5 minutes of our border crossing into Oroville, Washington. Only 3 of the 4 packages I’d ordered were available at Ship Happens. We picked up the 3 and arranged to have the 4th sent ahead to our next closest border destination in Saulte Ste. Marie Michigan, when and IF it ever arrived.
  2. We were alerted to this one by a bus driver while passing through Bozeman, Montana. He indicated that one of our bikes had escaped its tether and was dragging along the ground. Sure enough, upon stopping we saw that the gears, handlebars and saddle on Ed’s bike were completely chewed up. Our estimate of 400 bucks in repairs proved accurate.

    Troubled Trip


  3. The power cord that connects the truck to the RV disconnected enroute.


  4. Ed’s GPS goes a little nuts at times. So, instead of taking us through Brainerd, ND and the Detroit Lakes area of Wisconsin enroute to the south shore of Lake Superior, it took us almost ALL the way to Minneapolis before heading north again. Note: I am NOT a fan of GPS without maps AND I’m not a fan of arguing the finer points of navigation, so I let this one go and we ended up losing a day on the road and ending up in Hinckley, Wisconsin instead of on the Lake Superior shore.
  5. After spending the night at the casino RV park in Hinckley, I noticed a big wet patch underneath the front end of Ed’s Ford 350. He checked the fluid, which appeared to be coolant. Fortunately, we had an Internet connection and were able to make an appointment to see a Ford dealer in Moose Lake the following day. We headed up to Moose Lake State Park, where we spent a brilliant day and got the leak fixed the next.
  6. On arrival at Brimley State Park just outside of Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, it took Ed and I almost an hour to get the 5th wheel unhooked from the truck. This has been an ongoing issue with the hitch since it was installed back in 2010, but never had it taken so long for us to get the RV unhooked. Despite 3 winters away, Ed prefers to swear about the hitch rather than take it in to have it fixed. Yup, this is the guy who NEVER gets pissed off… swearing blue bloody murder at a hitch that doesn’t work and yet doesn’t do anything about it.

    Troubled Trip

  7. Jasper had SO much fun running along the beach and into Lake Superior that he sprained his tail. Therefore, when we arrived in Toronto to visit mom and the cousins (one of whom isn’t crazy about dogs), he didn’t appear too friendly, inasmuch as he could not wag his tail.

    Brimley State Park

  8. I subsequently sprained my arm.
  9. We went to pick up the package containing the screen door that had been missing back in Oroville (#1) and it was mangled to the extent that it was useless.
  10. Ed’s truck fails at passing expeditiously. Seriously, a Ford 350 even with a 10K pound RV attached should pull out to pass with power to spare. NOT so. Instead, it decides to chug, chug, chug along to the point where it can’t be trusted. (In retrospect, after ANTHER $500 in repairs, it turned out to be bad diesel that we picked up enroute.)

    Troubled Trip

  11. We hit a BIG bump on the road somewhere along the way. We’ve hit others in the past and have done our best to secure cupboards and drawers to prevent flying dishes. However, this time, the High Country cap covering the slide mechanism simply dropped off its tether. SO grateful that no one happened to be sitting underneath it at the time.
  12. The place we stayed at near Toronto (Indian Line campground) was a dump… will blog about that soon.

    Indian Line

That may have been all the issues, but somehow I doubt it. :-)


  1. Grant Goodwin says:


    the bottom line is, are you three having any fun, yet?

  2. Bonnie B says:

    WOW…you were in Wisconsin…now if you would have slid all the way down to the central part, I could have got some great advise on becoming a great Affiliate marketer.
    But it sounds like you were having so “much ” other fun, that you may not have liked to have had an opportunity to give advise.
    I sure hope the next time y’all come through Wisconsin, you would come down to Watertown, it would be nice to meet you, Ed and Jasper.

    • Rosalind Gardner says:

      Thanks Bonnie… I’ll keep that in mind. LOVED Wisconsin, what little we saw of it. :-)


  3. I sympathize with you, Ros. Sounds like the trip from hell with just a few bright moments here and there. Hope you had a quality visit with your mom anyway since that was the reason for the trip. On the positive side you can always hope you got all the kinks for the year out of the way in one go.

    • Rosalind Gardner says:

      Hi Tracy,

      ‘Getting the kinks’ out is the way I looked at it… and another opportunity to look at different 5th wheels. LOL


  4. May Mickelow says:

    Sounds like the trip from hell is for sure, hoping that the visit with your Mom was good though, and to be perfectly frank, either get a new 5th Wheel, or a new pickup, what do you expect from a Ford?! My brother used to say, this is Ford Country, what are you pushing? I agree being as I prefer Dodges:) Having said that, it sounds like you are a pretty easy person to travel with:)

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