Cyber Monday 2008: Second Biggest Online Spending Day Ever

In a December 3rd press release, Comscore resported that Cyber Monday saw $846 million in online spending. Although spending over the holiday season to date ($12.03 billion) is down by 2% from last year, Cyber Monday’s online sales were up by a whopping 15% over 2007 sales. Take a look at the following screenshot where you’ll note that the preceding weekend also saw a jump in online sales by 19% over last year.

With online sales up marginally on Black Friday and significantly on Cyber Monday, analysts are still predicting a decline in the months to come. Considering that the job loss stats out today report 533,000 more jobs in the U.S. were lost in November – the biggest decline since 1974 – the outlook could look pretty grim.

HOWEVER, that depends entirely on what you are selling. For example, this is probably not the best time to start a new jewelry site. Want to know what you should sell? Read 8 Recession-Proof Product & Service Ideas for Affiliates… and stay tuned for more great recession-proof niches and product ideas. Let’s prove the analysts wrong!


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    It’s funny how more people shop online the same day. In brick and morter it is a tradition. I heard that black Monday was big online in the past due to most people waiting till they got to work, to shop before high speed connections were common place at home. I find myself shopping more online due to lower prices and trends toward free shipping.


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    What Amazon was able to do on Monday was amazing. They put up a 20% increase over last year. I would like to find a story on how they were able to boost sales by so much this Christmas season.

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