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If you browse around the internet, you’ll notice that people all over the world are blogging and making money doing it! These are people just like you; people with little experience, without a background in computer science, or a big bank account to dig into. They used programs like Google Blogger ( or WordPress ( […]

Keyword Tools: Google vs. Wordtracker

In response to Q and A: Pay Per Click Search Engine Marketing, Joe asked “Doesn’t Google Adwords keyword tool give you the same info regarding number of searches as wordtracker? What’s wordtracker’s advantage that you don’t get with Google?” Those are good questions to ask, especially when you might be thinking about buying a subscription […]

Q and A: Pay Per Click Search Engine Marketing

Curious about pay per click search engine marketing? Here are some of the most common questions that I regularly answer on the topic: What is Pay-Per-Click Advertising? Does Pay-Per-Click Advertising Really Work? Should I Bid the Top Spot? How Many Keywords Do I Need? Where Do I Find Merchant Keyword Lists? How Do I Do […]

Wordtracker Announces Beta Tool

I received the following from Wordtracker yesterday morning about their beta version of the new Wordtracker tool. We’d like you to try out the new tool and tell us what you think, as your feedback will help us prioritize what still needs to be done. You’ll discover: (i) A new dashboard feature that allows you […]

DinerDave Does Market Research

Note from Ros: This is the 2nd in DinerDave’s series. Click here to read the first, Affiliate Site Case Study: Introducing Diner Dave In order to determine what content to put in the pages and posts of I need to figure out what my target market is looking for on the search engines. Fortunately, […]

Free Entrepreneurial Strengths Survey

If anyone had told me that I was destined to become an entrepreneur with a highly successful online business, I would have scoffed at the notion. Being someone who hates to sell (and STILL hates to sell) I just didn’t see myself as a businessperson. As it was, I became an entrepreneur entirely by ACCIDENT […]

10 HOT Niche Market Research Sites


How do you know what people want buy online? Fortunately, a number of sites make answering that question very simple by publishing weekly, monthly, and annual trends; interest comparisons, top lists and market research reports. Various online services publish the number of times keywords and phrases are searched over a given period of time. Here […]