Cook Up Success with a Recipe Blog


If you browse around the internet, you’ll notice that people all over the world are blogging and making money doing it! These are people just like you; people with little experience, without a background in computer science, or a big bank account to dig into. They used programs like Google Blogger ( or WordPress ( […]

DinerDave Does Market Research

Note from Ros: This is the 2nd in DinerDave’s series. Click here to read the first, Affiliate Site Case Study: Introducing Diner Dave In order to determine what content to put in the pages and posts of I need to figure out what my target market is looking for on the search engines. Fortunately, […]

Free Entrepreneurial Strengths Survey

If anyone had told me that I was destined to become an entrepreneur with a highly successful online business, I would have scoffed at the notion. Being someone who hates to sell (and STILL hates to sell) I just didn’t see myself as a businessperson. As it was, I became an entrepreneur entirely by ACCIDENT […]

10 HOT Niche Market Research Sites


How do you know what people want buy online? Fortunately, a number of sites make answering that question very simple by publishing weekly, monthly, and annual trends; interest comparisons, top lists and market research reports. Various online services publish the number of times keywords and phrases are searched over a given period of time. Here […]