Where are the Jobs?

As it is highly unlikely that U.S. Congress members will see past their differences during the current term to pass the Jobs Bill and put people to work, I did some research to find out what types of jobs are available.

Fortunately for those of you interested in making money online, the news is good!

I did a job search at SimplyHired each of the terms I selected showed an increase between 77 and 722 percent since November of 2009.

Here’s the graph…

And here are the terms I searched…

  • Blog jobs increased 722%
  • blogging jobs increased 106%
  • web Design jobs increased 76%
  • facebook jobs increased 375%
  • wordpress jobs increased 734%
  • social Media jobs increased 257%
  • affiliate Manager jobs increased 132%
  • marketing jobs increased 77%

Hmmmm…. the 2 terms with the largest increase? Blog and WordPress.

That alone should tell you that there are jobs out there for those with writing (blogging) and WordPress design skills.

You got ’em – USE ’em to earn some coin.

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  1. says

    All the proposed newest stimulus package, aka ‘Jobs Bill’ will do is:

    1) Take money from you and me, the taxpayers, so the government can hire people for TEMPORARY jobs. There were stats on the last stimulus bill where these jobs ended up costing millions of dollars per job. Yes, I said per job. At that rate, it would be cheaper for the government to just hand the money to the people.. Oh wait!! They/we the taxpayers already do that with entitlement programs.

    2) Allow the gov. even more money to hopelessly mismanage. >> Don’t even get me going on this one.

    3) Put the U.S. into further debt and even more beholden to China. I’m sorry, but I was taught not to spend what I don’t have.


    • says

      Hi Dee,

      Not only is the plan fully paid for but it decreases taxes for middle income families, so I’m not sure how you come up with points #1 and #3.

      In addition to the response provided to Jeff – the Act will preserve teachers’ and first responders jobs (full-time jobs) as well as expand access to broadband wireless, the latter of which enhances infrastucture which in turn creates incentive and investment.

      Have you read the Jobs Act? If not, you can find lots of information at

      We should always arm ourselves with the facts before making statements that misinform.


    • dee says

      Rosalind.. With all due respect (and I DO respect you):

      ” We should always arm ourselves with the facts before making statements that misinform.” right back at you..

      We have a polar opposite value system, such as IF by chance there happens to be extra money laying around, I believe it should be spent paying down our debt to China.. NOT more spending.

      It’s just a difference in what we believe is right and wrong.

    • says

      Hi Dee,

      Not sure that we have different value systems – just different perspectives on economics…

      If all I had was $100, I would use some of that to pay the interest owing on my credit card, but the majority would be used as an investment (PPC, autoresponder service) to earn more.


  2. says

    This is such a positive article – you are just showing people where the growth is, and it is not in reviving old manufacturing or extinct industries.
    We should be moving forward and evolving towards these more flexible delivery jobs.

  3. says

    Funny you posted this at a time when my friend Eric Charsky is working for a Aircraft Jobs site. They have tons of jobs available and no one to fill them. Seems this is an Airline industry wide problem.


    They tell me over there that there is a huge number of openings in the Aerospace industry due to so many mechanics still overseas or in the military. So if that is a job that any of you are qualified for, there are placement services dying to help you get a great job now. Bet there are more in many industries but we just don’t know about them.

    • says

      Hi Jeff,

      Fixing all those broken bridges and bumpy roads would open some jobs. So would the modernization of at least 35,000 public schools across the country.
      The $4,000 tax credit to employers for hiring long-term unemployed workers — AND expanding job opportunities for low-income youth and adults through a fund for successful approaches for subsidized employment, innovative training programs and summer/year-round jobs for youth. There’s also the payroll tax cut by 50% the first $5 million in wages.

      If you’d like to know about the other incentives in the plan, there’s a ton of information on the ‘Net. :-)


  4. says

    I would love to know the best places to look for jobs like this. Are their online sites with lists of jobs in this field? I’m asking for my son who is looking for a job – he has a degree in webdesign. He worked for a local retailer and managed their website and wrote the content for their blog for several years, and was laid off last week. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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