Wordtracker Announces Beta Tool

I received the following from Wordtracker yesterday morning about their beta version of the new Wordtracker tool.

We’d like you to try out the new tool and tell us what you think, as your feedback will help us prioritize what still needs to be done.

You’ll discover:

(i) A new dashboard feature that allows you to manage all of your keyword projects.

(ii) A quick summary of the number of lists, keywords and the total number of searches in each project.

(iii) That we’ve increased the pool of raw searches from which our data is drawn—from 288 million to over 700 million searches. This represents data collected over a period of 365 days rather than 160 as at present. And it means…

(iv) That we’ve increased the number of unique keywords from 24 million to 152 million keywords, giving you many more long tail keywords.

Note that last statement.

If you’re using PPC marketing, having more long tail keywords means you can get more visitors to your site for less money.

I checked out the new interface yesterday afternoon and definitely prefer the top-to-bottom structure to the original side-to-side. Seems more fluid and user-friendly. You can copy your existing keyword lists and projects from the Keyword Universe and Keyword Researcher into the new keyword tool and then access them all from the Dashboard – with numbers of lists, keywords and searches available at a glance.

Wordtracker does admit that many “features are missing from this new user interface” and that they are working hard to add more functionality.

So far, so good, I’d say – and I look forward to seeing what they have planned as “Alternative ways of assessing competition”.

Visit Wordtracker.


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    I get great results from the Google keyword tool and the best part is if Google suggests keywords for your particular page then the quality score is almost always good.

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    I’ve never used tracker before, I normally do all the calculations manually and using the Google Adwords Tool. However, this is taking me longer and longer to do so I am going to have to look at a new system sooner or later.

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    I used to have an account with WordTracker as well, but I find the Google’s Keyword Tool works MUCH better, and plus it’s free. It just ocmes directly from Google and is very accurate. WordTracker may be very good for a beginner, though, and it does teach you a lot about working hard to find good content. Hats off to them.

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    I get those same emails from wordtracker since i used to have an account with them. There are a lot of tools like this, but do you think it’s worth the monthly fee when there are so many free tools out there like Google Keyword Volume and just using tools to analyze your competitor’s keywords?

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    Sounds pretty promising, but honestly it makes me a little nervous as well. I have worked with WordTracker on a few occasions but from this message you received (although sounds like some promising enhancements), it sounds like the prices of their services are going to increase. Do you know if this will be the case?

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      I honestly have no idea whether Wordtracker plans to increase their prices. My hunch would be ‘no’ as they’ve got alot more good competition out there nowadays.

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    Interesting and definitely a big boost in the number of keywords. I have used word tracker before and found it to be extremely useful at providing keywords, I should say long tail keywords, that I had never thought of. The cost of it does leave a little sour taste in my mouth, but perhaps with these upcoming changes it make be worth another look?

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    I also don’t really see the advantage with using Wordtracker compared to using the free Google keyword tool.

    I get great results from the Google keyword tool and the best part is if Google suggests keywords for your particular page then the quality score is almost always good.

    Roz, maybe you could talk about Wordtracker vs the Google keyword tool.


    The Model Train Club

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    Hey, Roz.

    My feeling is that third party tools like wordtracker and keyword discovery are flawed because they spit out keywords that may or may not produce results for your specific website. plus, the data is available to everyone on the Web, so where’s the competitive advantage?

    For my money, the data from your own “private” server logs is arguably the most reliable source for keyword analysis and keyword discovery.

    With that in mind, we at WordStream have created a Keyword Management Solutions Tool that harvests the keyword query data from your own private server logs and streams it into an actionable platform so you can discover new, proven, highly-relevant keyword opportunities each day. I think it’s the ultimate keyword research tool.

    If you’re interested, check it out and let me know what you think. WordStream is a new keyword tool, so I’d love to get your feedback on the software.

    Ken Lyons

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