Reinventing Email Marketing: From Interruptive to Disruptive


Emails are an interruptive form of marketing. They are on the top with TV and radio ads when it comes to annoying customers. Month after month, these emails find themselves in trash bins of unsuspecting human beings who collectively select promotional mails and simply delete them. You do that too, don’t you?

Darlene Ford of SunTrust Bank had this to say:

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Affiliate Marketing in September: You Can Sell More than School Supplies


Back to school supplies are perhaps the most advertised and promoted items in September, particularly by mommy bloggers and any affiliate whose audience includes parents or college students. Back-to-school supplies may consist of: arts and … [Continue reading]

10 Good Reasons to Cloak Your Affiliate Links


Affiliate links are completely obvious. For example, here is my affiliate link for Fiverr International: When I cloak that link on this site, it ends up … [Continue reading]