Affiliate Marketing in September: You Can Sell More than School Supplies

Affiliate Marketing in September

Back to school supplies are perhaps the most advertised and promoted items in September, particularly by mommy bloggers and any affiliate whose audience includes parents or college students.

Back-to-school supplies may consist of:

  • arts and crafts materials
  • backpacks
  • binders
  • clothing
  • highlighters
  • iPads or other tablets
  • laptops
  • paper
  • pens and pencils
  • planners
  • printers
  • shoes
  • textbooks

Most of the affiliate networks post specific links to merchants who have back-to-school promotions. The following graphic shows Shareasale Upcoming Holidays list, which can always be found on their main login page.

Upcoming Holidays on Shareasale

But there is way more happening in September than just kids going back to school…

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