Writer Help Wanted Review: How to Make Money Writing

Do you want to make money from your writing? Did you know that writers are making tens of thousands of dollars using their writing skills online… and those figures are verifiable on certain sites? Hmmm…. THAT got your interest, didn’t it? Every business needs writers, and finding writing jobs online became easier when job boards […]


Blogging Partners: Two Heads Can be Better than One

What I wouldn’t have given to have a blogging partner (or two) of late. I just moved out of a house that I’ve lived in for 11 years. The 6 weeks preceding the move consumed more mental and physical energy than to which I’m accustomed… much more. Because we hadn’t yet hired a contractor to […]

How to Kill an Affiliate Partnership with Just One Facebook Link

So, I was booking a trip to my hometown of Toronto to surprise my 100-year-old mother with a visit on Mother’s Day. (If you’ve followed me on Facebook for any amount of time, you’ll know that this effort goes beyond the beyond.) I’d chosen a hotel that I’ve stayed at often over the years. As […]


Watch this Copyright Infringing Site Disappear

Since registering his domain in mid-February, James Reinhold has put a LOT of effort into building and marketing his new blog. He has already signed up 1390 subscribers to his newsletter by offering a copy of his new e-book. In the last week alone, James has created a new header graphic, replaced the theme’s standard […]


Get Mobile-Friendly by April 21st or Risk Lowering Your Rankings

In February, Google announced that it would start favoring mobile-friendly sites starting on April 21st. Starting April 21, we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. Contrary to some bloggers’ interpretation of Google’s latest algorithm change, your site will NOT be de-listed if it is not mobile friendly. (Oh yes, all […]


Former Student Hits it BIG

I feel like a proud mama every time I hear how one of my students has taken what they learned from me (and others) and gone on to become uber successful affiliate marketers. In this case, Jamie is a 38 year old musician — but it’s affiliate marketing that has put bread on his table. […]