Traveling to the U.S. from Canada?

I’m heading down to #asw (Affiliate Summit) in Las Vegas on Saturday and after checking both the Air Canada and sites, realized that my wheeled laptop case would not be accepted as carry-on luggage — they would demand that it be checked.


I’ve seen how baggage handlers launch bags (and guitars) onto the conveyor and after having airport security break one Vaio, I’m not about to let those guys take a crack at wrecking another one.

So, I bought a cheapo Certified Data laptop bag at London Drugs today, similar to the one shown below from eBags.

Simply Portable 30 62560 15.4

Here are the allowances as posted on the Air Canada site.

1 or more personal items
Maximum weight of 10kg (22lb).

Important: Please consult Transport Canada guidelines or visit the CATSA website for details on permissible carry-on items such as:

  • small purseor pouch: 25cm x 30cm x 14cm (10 in. x 12 in. x 5.5 in.)
  • book, magazine
  • small electronic device such as cell phone or MP3 player
  • diaper bag
  • laptop computer (in regular carrying case)*
  • camera
  • musical instrument
  • cane, crutches, walker, special needs item
  • medical device
  • medication

*larger purses, briefcases, attaché cases and laptops in suitcases or ‘on wheels’ are not allowed.

Pictures of what’s acceptable are available through this PDF on the CATSA site.


  1. Hi Ros,
    There’s a market! There has to be a safe secure solid quick way to prove we’re not terrorist! It has been a while since I flew. I have no problem with flying as far as phobias. I wear a leg brace made of plastic and metal on my left leg and have screws and metal staples inside my right leg & foot. I will drive where I want to go here in the US but cannot imagine what I would go through now at either border. I did however have a Sony Vaio last time I flew, it hit the deck and is still kicking cannot imagine what they did to your’s. I’ll drive thanks.

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