148-Point Affiliate Marketer / Blogger Checklist

This might be the world’s longest checklist for bloggers and affiliate marketers.

Don’t let that stop you from becoming a blogger, as many items on the checklist need only be done once (i.e. install your blog), while a number of others are tongue-in-cheek, i.e. eat and sleep. :-)

Most items on the checklist are linked to blog posts on this site where you’ll find more information about the topic.

Important list items WITHOUT links (i.e. choose your niche, assess affiliate programs, create an autoresponder series, etc.) are covered in detail in both my book and multi-media course.

I hope this helps and Happy Blogging!

  1. Determine whether you really want to be a blogger
  2. Learn and understand industry terminology, i.e. do NOT say ‘affiliate’ when you mean merchant!
  3. Ask LOTS of questions!
  4. Consider your interests (food, going green…)
  5. Assess / research markets for profit potential
  6. Confirm that there are products to sell in your niche
  7. Consider the state of the economy
  8. Choose your niche (be happy, stay out of BizOp)
  9. Decide whether to use your real name or a pseudonym
  10. Think up a good name for your business / blog


  11. Protect your computer against spam and viruses
  12. Arrange computer backups – backup power unit or at Carbonite (or both)
  13. Register your domain name
  14. Arrange web hosting
  15. Familiarize yourself with host’s operating system, i.e. cPanel
  16. Learn and exercise patience
  17. Confused? Evaluate educational opportunities
  18. Be careful to avoid scam artist ‘teachers’
  19. Setup email forwarding addresses, i.e. me @ mydomain.com
  20. Install WordPress
  21. Install Akismet for blog spam protection
  22. Install WP Firewall Plugin
  23. Install Login Lockdown plugin

  25. Install a professional WordPress theme
  26. Design or hire a professional to create a logo
  27. Install multiple web browsers to review blog design
  28. Configure your blog backup schedule
  29. Setup comment moderation preferences
  30. Write a Comments Policy
  31. Add a ping list
  32. Setup user registration preferences, subscriber vs. author, etc.
  33. Get a Gravatar


  34. Write your Author bio
  35. Setup a PayPal account for commission payments
  36. Get a Google account
  37. Set up a Google Feedburner feed
  38. Sign up for Google Adsense
  39. Set up an autoresponder account to build your list
  40. Create an autoresponder series
  41. Install autoresponder code on blog
  42. Setup Blog Broadcast functionality with Feedburner feed info
  43. Setup a Facebook Profile (here’s mine)


  44. Setup a Facebook Page
  45. Install Facebook code on blog
  46. Register at LinkedIn
  47. Setup Twitter account
  48. Install Sexy Bookmarks to allow readers to share your posts
  49. Install the Contact Form 7 plugin
  50. Create a Contact page
  51. Create an AboutUs page
  52. Add Disclaimer page
  53. Add Disclosure page (to keep FTC happy)


  54. Create blog categories
  55. Write blog category descriptions
  56. Get a text or HTML editor to write your posts offline
  57. Write a series of ‘starter’ posts
  58. Install multiple browsers to see how your blog appears in each
  59. Tag posts with relevant keywords
  60. Buy graphics / images to enhance posts
  61. Use your own images with a Flickr account
  62. Add Google Adsense code
  63. Join Amazon affiliate program (if able)


  64. Join Clickbank
  65. Join other affiliate networks, e.g. CJ, ShareaSale
  66. Supply networks with direct depost information
  67. Apply to affiliate programs
  68. Appeal to merchants directly if declined
  69. Evaluate and compare affiliate offers
  70. Choose best offers and products to promote
  71. Organize your affiliate information
  72. Learn how to cloak your affiliate links
  73. Write product reviews


  74. Get affiliate code from merchant
  75. Install affiliate links in product reviews
  76. Monitor sales statistics
  77. Confirm commission checks and bank deposits are accurate
  78. Set a goal to double earnings each and every month
  79. Assess why commissions may not be as high as expected
  80. Tweak posts to increase conversion rates
  81. Review sales statistics again
  82. Monitor list for unsubscribes after publishing posts
  83. Assess best ratio of promotional to informational posts


  84. Create a publishing plan to follow
  85. Continue writing informative articles
  86. Create a swipe file to prevent writer’s block
  87. Buy and use PLR content when writing bores you
  88. Respond to blog reader comments (good and bad)
  89. Use reader comments to get ideas for content **
  90. Build relationships – respond to Facebook friend comments
  91. Setup a polling plugin
  92. Create polls to get reader feedback
  93. Send out a press release with poll results


  94. Create an Android or iPhone app for your blog
  95. Build trust – respond to email submitted via Contact form
  96. Write standardized responses to frequently asked questions
  97. Create a F.A.Q.
  98. Check email regularly for new affiliate offers
  99. Monitor website traffic with Google Analytics
  100. Use Google Reader to stay abreast of industry news
  101. Comment on relevant blogs to build traffic through backlinks
  102. Comment on relevant forums for backlinks
  103. Set up a Yahoo! account


  104. Make video product reviews (you’ll Flip for this)
  105. Upload videos to YouTube and post to blog
  106. Connect your YouTube and Facebook accounts
  107. Monitor and respond to YouTube user comments
  108. Add monetization to YouTube videos
  109. Assess popularity of blog posts
  110. Create a list of popular blog posts
  111. Create a list of your best blog posts in a single category
  112. Sign up for Klout to check your ‘influence’
  113. Check your ‘bounce rate’


  114. Write additional articles for placement on article directories
  115. Re-invest earnings in software and hardware upgrades
  116. Buy PPC advertising on Google Adwords
  117. Perform WordPress and plugin updates (but not TOO quickly)
  118. Figure out which plugin is causing blog bloat
  119. Fret over database errors and other traumas
  120. Prepare for possible server outages
  121. Clone your blog
  122. Check site for broken links
  123. Look for links that still work but do not go where intended


  124. Link posts together with relevant keyword phrases for better SEO
  125. Hold a contest to encourage reader feedback and additional traffic
  126. Invite guest bloggers to write articles
  127. Guest post on other peoples’ blogs
  128. Write stellar responses to questions on Yahoo! Answers
  129. Find out how much Klout you have
  130. Take a course or buy software to improve your copywriting and writing skills
  131. Tackle and take down copyright thieves
  132. Attend an industry conference
  133. Implement lessons learned at conference


  134. Turn your blog into a membership siteI did
  135. Translate your site
  136. Get success tips to stay inspired, focused and motivated
  137. Learn how to manage your money
  138. Subscribe to industry trade magazines
  139. File your taxes
  140. Sign up for an affiliate marketing / blogging course
  141. Celebrate and monetize the holidays
  142. Eat
  143. Sleep


  144. Get some exercise
  145. Have some fun
  146. Make time for your family
  147. Give to others
  148. Enjoy your disposable income
  149. Wash, rinse, repeat

Have I missed anything? Comments, questions or suggestions? PLEASE let me know by leaving a comment below!




  1. Bertha says

    Hello Rosalind,

    I actually got your book two years ago, but only now have I started to do something about it.
    Just today I chose a domain name with blue host as you recommended, but I wanted to ask you if you would also recommend the additional services blue host offers such as:
    SiteLock Domain Security- $14.99 per year,
    Site Backup Pro – $12.95 per year
    Search Engine Jumpstart – $14.99 per year, and
    Domain Whois Privacy-$9.99 per year


  2. Cristina says

    Hi Rosalind,

    I noticed that on this list and in your Super Affiliate Handbook you don’t mention registering your site with like Google or Yahoo. Is this not a necessary step?



    • says

      Hi Cristina,

      If you’re following the program, you don’t need to ‘register’.. you’ll get listed automatically in Google. If you want to list with Yahoo!, then by all means, go ahead.


  3. Justin says

    Another thing Rosalind,
    No Im not intending to sell my own items. Im planing to do an affiliate programe. Which I actually read from your book. strategies methods and stuff. i mean I do have a concept of what I want to do and sell. Its just I’m not so computer savy that makes me unsure how to start with. ok back to SBI. is it still ok to do affiliate with SBI?


  4. Justin says

    Hi I am thinking of enrolling with SBI. are they good does it realy help beginners? im pretty much at the beginning stage where i dont realy know much. at the moment.


  5. says

    …very good…I appreciate the ‘list’ I will do my ‘checklist’ from it so that I can be sure to maximize my ‘connection’ opportunity (with people) and my maximal income potential…I do believe people need what I have to offer, so why not ‘learn’ and be reminded how to make sure they get it in the most effective and accurate way possible…thanks for sharing Rosalind!

  6. says

    Hi Rosalind
    A pretty comprehensive list. I will have to keep coming back to check what I am doing and what I am not doing!
    A very informative post as always

  7. says

    Great list. I think you covered it in your book as well, although I lost it along with the laptop it was downloaded on. You could actually double your list by having every even number as being “organize what you’ve done”. I find myself spending more time looking for things that I should have easily accessible in one place. Just starting, I thought I only had a few things to keep up with. Now it’s just confusing.

    Always a fan,

  8. says

    Great list very thorough Rosalind. I would also like to add do not think you will get rich over night blogging is a business and it takes work like any other business to succeed. But stick with it and be persistent and you will eventually. Happy 2012 Rosalind.

  9. says

    Hey Ros:

    This is a pretty big and comprehensive list. There are quit a few ideas that I need to start implementing.

    I really like #93 – Create an Android or iPhone app for your blog. I never really thought about doing something like this (I must have missed that post). I did check out you post on this and Bloapp does look pretty easy to use.


    – Rick

  10. Larry pelley says

    Hi Rosalind

    Thanks for this list…

    I wonder if it will all fit on my computer!!:)
    I have one down and 147 to go…
    Item #129 course



  11. says

    Hi Rosalind,

    What a great, fun list! I’m looking forward to testing myself against it. Bet I haven’t even done half!

    57 and 26 seem to be duplicates – Installing multiple browsers for testing.


  12. Paras says

    Thanks so much. This list is sure to remove a lot of confusion about what to do when, instead of just going around in circles.

    Wish you’d create a downloadable PDF of the list too so that we can print it out and stick it at some place where we can see it all the time.

  13. says

    Hi Ros

    I love that list – so methodical.

    One thing that struck me is that there is no overt mention of keywords SEO and link building etc other than a reference to Article writing and guest blogging – to be honest if the focus is on properly structuring the blog and greatcontent then that is very refreshing – but is it enough?

    Another is testing – 147 actions are a lot if you don’t keep an open mind about whether you are fishing in the right pond?

    Best wishes


  14. Jim Scott says

    Thanks Ros for the great 148-point checklist. I printed it out and keeping it on my deck.

    Thanks again
    Jim Scott

  15. says


    Great list and just shows I have learned a lot from you and others in the last few years. Only a few on the list that I wasn’t aware off (Wp plugins) and a few I’m guilty of just not doing.

    This will probably get posted on my wall above my monitor.

    Thanks. Monna Ellithorpe

  16. says

    Wow! So much information all in nice neat order. No wonder my head swirls at times wondering what I’ve missed.

    I see alot of things here I do, things I should do and haven’t, and things I slack on too much.

    All in all, a wonderful list to refer to as a refresher, and I’m hoping (but have no doubt) some good detailed instructional information I need badly on a few specific subjects.

    Thank you Ros so much! This is great.

  17. says

    Loving the fact that Eat is #139 and Sleep is #140, we’re all cut from the same cloth! although I think I would have started with #1 make your self a Coffee!

    Great list, as a WordPress developer, can I add to the WP section

    Install WP Firewall Plugin
    Install Login Lockdown plugin

    Both critical for security and best done at the start before it’s too late

    Matt Houldsworth

  18. says

    A most comprehensive list that I can hardly wait to dig into and go deeper. Although some I can check off, others will give me more options and topics to consider. Thank you for taking the time to put this all together!

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